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Are you ready for a tailored ERP approach on force.com?!

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Following an on-premise best-of-breed approach is almost impossible because it requires a strong integration platform and a huge degree of openness of involved applications.

Integration-in-the-cloud, however is a lot easier. A best-of-breed approach using solutions available on the Force.com platform can be done smoothly.

Some best-of-breed already working combinations are:

- Rootstock - FinancialForce and PropelPLM

- Rootstock and SalesForce CRM - Rootstock

I believe that the 'customer-to-customer' processes of a manufacturing company can easily be automated with a best-of-breed approach. Best-of-breed becomes a simple configuration act - in the same way that we configure a bike using the best components available.

Check out the components in the process flow.

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Are you ready for a tailored ERP approach on force.com?!

  1. 1. Best of breed on Force.com platformsupplychain manufacturer manufacturer marketing product development & engineering handle outbound logistics handle quotes production - planning BOM / Formula Routing / Recipe Classification Data ProductsProduct Concept handle sales quote sales orders delivery invoice production orders products customers quotations configurations sales warehousing & logistics manufacturing planning purchasing purchase orders handle inbound / production logistics handle shipments - carriers accounting service shipment / bill of lading finance shop floor control service contract automation contract shipments & transports Tax systems systems ERP-SystemPLM-System CPQ-Suite Propel PLM SteelBrick RootstockTax Mngt Sytem Avalara Ship Mngt System Zenkraft or Akatia systems systems WMS Accounting System FinancialForce SFC-SystemERP-System Rootstock Akatia Service Mngt System ServiceMax