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What is an Albergo Diffuso

An “Albergo Diffuso” is substantially two things:
An original model of hospitality
A model of sustainable development

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What is an Albergo Diffuso

  1. 1. What is an Albergo Diffuso? Giancarlo Dall’Ara 09/09/2015 Giancarlo Dall'Ara giancarlo.dallara@gmail.com 1
  2. 2. 2 1. An original model of hospitality 2. A model of sustainable development Giancarlo Dall'Ara giancarlo.dallara@gmail.com 09/09/2015 An “Albergo Diffuso” is substantially two things:
  3. 3. The history of hospitality model called “Albergo Diffuso” • Where does it come from? – the name: the region of Carnia (Friuli Venezia Giulia), in north-eastern Italy – the original hospitality model: Giancarlo Dall’Ara’s 1982-1989 self-financed concept- testing – the first project applying the original hospitality model San Leo (central Italy), 1989 – the first national convention of AD’s: Campobasso, Region Molise, 2004 – the first official acknowledgment: Sardinia (Italy) 1998 3 Giancarlo Dall'Ara giancarlo.dallara@gmail.com 09/09/2015
  4. 4. Overview of the Albergo Diffuso The name “Albergo Diffuso”* and the first idea were born in 1982, in Carnia *“Scattered Hotel” but please don’t translate; the name must be in italian language (G. Dall’Ara, M. Droli UNDP brochure, 2008) Giancarlo Dall'Ara giancarlo.dallara@gmail.com 409/09/2015
  5. 5. Overview of the Albergo Diffuso: the hospitality model • An hotel which is not built, which offers to their guests the experience of “going local” • An which provides all the services of ordinary hotels (G. Dall’Ara,M. Droli UNDP brochure, 2008) Giancarlo Dall'Ara giancarlo.dallara@gmail.com 509/09/2015
  6. 6. Giancarlo Dall'Ara giancarlo.dallara@gmail.com 609/09/2015 The hospitality model of Albergo Diffuso Tks to Yasushi Watanabe
  7. 7. Albergo Diffuso: the hospitality model The rooms are scattered inside the village 7 Giancarlo Dall'Ara giancarlo.dallara@gmail.com 09/09/2015
  8. 8. Overview of the Albergo Diffuso: the hospitality model • guests don’t feel like tourists, but like “temporary residents” • The hotel provides the sensation of “being local” • it responds to the demand which is more attracted by the authenticity than by the international quality standardsGiancarlo Dall'Ara giancarlo.dallara@gmail.com 809/09/2015
  9. 9. The AD model 1. Hotel services and standards 2. Unified management 3. Rooms are scattered in several and pre-exisiting buildings 5. Reasonable distance between units and the reception/common areas (200 meters) 6. Integrated into a host community (not in empty villages) 7. Catering linked to the territory 8. Authentic environment 9. Distinguishable features 10.Management style fits the territory and its culture 9 Giancarlo Dall'Ara giancarlo.dallara@gmail.com 09/09/2015
  10. 10. Strengths • a strong appeal toward the media and tourist markets • it creates a new hotel without new buildings, using unutilised dwellings • an italian model of hotel hospitality • a model that can be exported 10 Giancarlo Dall'Ara giancarlo.dallara@gmail.com 09/09/2015
  11. 11. AD International Press National Geographic Traveler http://travel.nationalgeographic.com/ travel/italy-hotels-traveler/ The New York Times http://travel.nytimes.com/2010/05/23/tr avel/23journeys.html?scp=1&sq=albergo %20diffuso&st=cse International Press http://www.albergodiffuso.com/intern ational-press.html 11 Giancarlo Dall'Ara giancarlo.dallara@gmail.com 09/09/2015
  12. 12. 09/09/2015 Giancarlo Dall'Ara giancarlo.dallara@gmail.com 12
  13. 13. International awards (a selection) • Inclusive opportunities for the local community: – Global Tourism Award 2010, London, World Travel Market • For the hospitality model as developed by G. Dall’Ara • Sustainability: – 2008, Best Ideas, Budapest, EBN- UNDP • (G. Dall’Ara, M. Droli and G. Dichter) EBN - European Business & Innovation Centre Network UNDP - United Nations Development Programme Giancarlo Dall'Ara giancarlo.dallara@gmail.com 1309/09/2015
  14. 14. – G. Dall’Ara, Il Manuale dell’Albergo Diffuso, Franco Angeli Milano, 2010 – «Ripartire dalla Bellezza» M. Droli, G. Dall’Ara http://www2.cleup.it/product.php? productid=61298255 – www.albergodiffuso.com – www.alberghidiffusi.it – http://albergo- diffuso.blogspot.com – Twitter: @AlbergoDiffuso – http://www.facebook.com/pages/A ssociazione-Nazionale-Alberghi- Diffusi/268168846562052 TKS to M. Droli Giancarlo Dall'Ara giancarlo.dallara@gmail.com 14 More details