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Secure Productive Enterprise from Microsoft and Atidan

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Secure Productive Enterprise
The most trusted, secure, and productive way to work that brings together the best of Office 365, Enterprise Mobility + Security, and Windows 10 Enterprise.

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Secure Productive Enterprise from Microsoft and Atidan

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  2. 2. http://www.slideshare.net/d501159/microsoft-secure- productive-enterprise-video-68669090
  3. 3. Secure Productive Enterprise Plan Overview Secure Productive Enterprise Plans E3 $32/per user/month E5 $57/per user/month Authoring Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote X X Sites & Content management SharePoint, OneDrive X X Mail And Social Outlook, Exchange, Yammer X X Meetings & Voice Skype for Business PSTN Conferencing, Cloud PBX X X X Apps & Device Management Microsoft Intune, Azure Active Directory Premium P1 Windows Store for Business, Microsoft Desktop Optimization Package, VDA X X X X Analytics Power BI, Delve Analytics, Personal and Org Analytics X Security & Compliance Office 365: Encryption, Data Loss Protection, Rights Management Windows 10 Enterprise: Enterprise Data Protection, Windows Hello, Credential Guard, Device Guard, App Locker EMS: Microsoft Advanced Threat Analytics, Azure Information Protection P1 Office 365: Advanced Threat Protection, Advanced Security Management, Customer Lockbox, Advanced eDiscovery Windows 10 Enterprise: Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection EMS: Azure Active Directory Premium P2, Microsoft Cloud App Security, Azure Information Protection P2 X X X X X X X X X Enterprise Plan Add-ons PSTN Calling** Skype for Business
  4. 4. Built into Windows, cloud-powered No additional deployment and infrastructure Continuously up-to-date, lower costs Behavior-based, post-breach detection Actionable, correlated alerts for known and unknown adversaries Real-time and historical data Rich timeline for investigation Easily understand scope of breach Data pivoting across endpoints Deep file and URL analysis Unique threat intelligence knowledge base Unparalleled threat optics provide detailed actor profiles first and third-party threat intelligence data
  5. 5. • Unified view of security across your Azure resources • Central management of security policies • Integrated security event logging and SIEM integration • Security policies tailored to meet your needs • Recommendations help address vulnerabilities • Rapidly deploy controls from Microsoft and partners • Continuous analysis of security events • Microsoft threat intelligence informs analysis • Prioritized alerts provide attack insights and recommendations for remediation
  6. 6. Contact us for demonstration, briefing and special deployment offers office365@atidan.com