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Microsoft SharePoint

SharePoint and OneDrive play a special role in Office 365, by connecting the workplace with intelligent content management and intranets.

Today we’re going to focus on key areas where you can leverage our innovations to achieve significant benefits. Specifically, how you can:
Share and work together inside and outside your organization through anywhere access to your content and seamless collaboration experiences.
Inform and engage people by connecting them with the resources they need to do their jobs and fostering open conversations.
Transform business process by automating repetitive tasks and streamlining workflows.
Harness collective knowledge by making it easier to find information and expertise right when it's needed, and to encourage best practice sharing.

All with the with full confidence that you can protect and manage your organization’s content as well as extend and develop on SharePoint to meet your unique business needs.
SharePoint powers content collaboration across Microsoft 365
SharePoint is the foundational service in Microsoft 365 that powers content collaboration across the suite, enabling people and organizations to:
Store, access and share files from anywhere with OneDrive
Collaborate on Office documents in real-time
Work together on shared content in Microsoft Teams and within Outlook
Build dynamic and engaging intranet sites enriched with Yammer and Stream
Automate business process and build no-code apps with PowerApps and Flow

Advantages of storing and sharing content in Microsoft 365

Storing and sharing content (Office docs, photos, PDF’s, 3D images, etc.) in Office 365 has the following benefits for end-users and for IT:
End-user benefits:
Simple, consistent and secure file access and sharing experiences across O365 apps and devices
Office document co-authoring with the latest Office desktop clients, mobile apps, and Office Online
AI – intelligent features like personalized search and discovery, recommended content, most recently used, trending sites, viewing insights
Benefits for IT and developers:
Intelligent, built-in security consistent across O365, including DLP, conditional access, ATP, ransomware recovery with Files Restore, etc.
Unified management – common admin, governance and management across users, apps, devices and services
Extensibility – since SharePoint files, sites, lists and pages are available in the Microsoft Graph, developers can use the single Graph API to connect to 3rd party services and build custom solutions

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Microsoft SharePoint

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