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Logitech Video Collaboration Solutions for the Next Normal

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Transform collaboration with simple, affordable, and beautifully designed products from Logitech and Microsoft® for businesses of all sizes. Logitech and Microsoft allow you to easily and affordably connect wherever you are so everyone can work together as if they’re in the same room.
Logitech Room Solutions for Microsoft Teams include everything you need for video meetings. Available in small, medium, and large configurations, these pre-configured systems include a mini PC, Logitech conferencecam with RightSense™ technologies, PC mount with cable retention, and the Logitech Tap touch controller.

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Logitech Video Collaboration Solutions for the Next Normal

  1. 1. Work as we know it has changed…
  2. 2. Meet today’s new workday interruptions
  3. 3. and our new work companions.
  4. 4. It hasn’t been easy…
  5. 5. ..but there are perks!
  6. 6. We are doing our best with what we have
  7. 7. and appreciate any tools from IT!
  8. 8. It’s time for a redesign to the next normal.
  9. 9. Does everyone return to work?
  10. 10. Or do we embrace remote working?
  11. 11. Or find a hybrid?
  12. 12. Provide the right WFH tools
  13. 13. Keep employees in offices connected to remote team members
  14. 14. Improve customer service with face-to-face virtual connections.
  15. 15. You are key to the next normal transformation
  16. 16. Provide employees with kits to perform
  17. 17. Put health and safety first for hot-deskers
  18. 18. Equip meeting spaces with video solutions
  19. 19. Focus on evolving…
  21. 21. Find solutions for every workspace Personal Workspace Meeting Spaces
  22. 22. Solutions for your environment CLOUD VIDEO PC ECOSYSTEM AV & DESIGN Not all partners are represented on this slide
  23. 23. USB familiar devices that provide choice and versatility Workspaces Personal workspace Mobile workspace Shared collaboration spaces Small to large conference rooms Personal devices Keyboards and Mice Headset Webcam Shared devices Room Solutions Conference Cameras WhiteboardingPresenters The Logitech Solution
  24. 24. Create video-first experiences
  25. 25. Vision Sound Smart technology with RightSense
  26. 26. Management made easy with SYNC
  27. 27. Contactless collaboration made easy “Hey Alexa, start my meeting.”
  28. 28. Collaboration for Evolving Workspaces Contact Razor Technology for a full range of Logitech conference and remote work solutions! www.razor-tech.com