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case study: maxon motors' social media performance (part2: handout)

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This is an exercise that I was given during a job interview--to diagnose maxon's social media performance. It is NOT a real pitch. I didn't get the job even though I tried my best.

The presentation is designed to come with an audit of maxon's social media performance. That is to say, the slides show the main argument (use a human voice), while the handout shows the details.

Please search:
case study: maxon motors' social media performance (part1: slides)

I want to hear from you what can be improved. Thank you in advance.

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case study: maxon motors' social media performance (part2: handout)

  1. 1. Auditing the Social Media Performance of maxon motors USA (Part 1)  What works well SEO  What needs to be improved The corporate website  Top spot in Google for some of the keywords (not all)  Neat page titles that incorporate the keywords  Short and declarative meta descriptions  Identified keywords The corporate website  Failure to identify the keywords your audience use to search for you  Not descriptive filenames for images  No “alt text” tags for images The blog  No on-page SEO tactics are employed Blogging User Experience  Responsive blog template  User-friendly content categorization and internal search  Helpful blogroll User Experience  Poor use of the above-the-fold space  Redundant navigation bars  No link to the blog from the corporate’s homepage  Not-relevant Youtube ads Social Setting  Email and social subscription available  RSS Feed set up  Social sharing buttons following each post Content Generation  Monopoly of voice (lack of diverse insights from bloggers inside and outside of the organization)  Lack of a human face  Omission of the use of Google Authorship (results in low click-through rate)  Failure to use internal links to maintain engagement  Failure to provide contextual information on the attached videos in posts  Lack of a sense of humor Content Generation  Highly-relevant and informative posts  Diverse forms of media  Content built around the identified keywords  Update on a regular basis
  2. 2. Auditing the Social Media Performance of maxon motors USA (Part 2)  What works well Social Media  What needs to be improved Content Generation  Videos that offer meaningful comprehensive information about your products and services  Webinars that provide industrial and corporate insights  Contests that increase audience engagement  Highly-relevant Fb posts and Tweets  Ever-green content (maxon academy) that keeps the audience engaged  driven magazine available for iOS and Android The Voice  Use of a promotional language instead of an authentic human voice  Lack of a sense of humor Content Promotion  Content tailored for different platforms  Update on a regular basis  Videos are mobile device-friendly Engagement & Interaction  Lack of conversation with the audience  Lack of interaction within the bigger community Content Generation & Promotion  Failure to increase click-through rate (e.g. no brief intro on the attached links, no image on Twitter, no call-toaction, non-shorten links )  Contest not helping spreading the word  No activities on Linked-in Incorporation into other marketing strategy  Failure to list all of the social media accounts on the corporate website and the blog  Failure to use social media for product reviews, FAQs, etc.  Absence of hashtag for the ongoing campaigns across all the platforms  Absence of social media DURING trade shows and events Lead Generation Contact Form and Catalog Request Form easy found on the corporate website and the blog   Blog posts and social media feeds with no links to forms In the forms, no further inquiry about the potential leads’ company name and related needs
  3. 3. In a nutshell… maxon motor USA has done a great job in terms of SEO and creating informative content across different social media for the audience. However, the brand simply sees these platforms as a new channel to broadcast their information to the audience. The brand has yet to notice social media is a place for dialogue. To listen, to understand the audience, and to talk back with an authentic human voice is the only approach to prepare them for doing business with you. Note that it is you, a human being—not your logo. But even if the potential customers have found maxon USA , read some of your posts, and viewed your videos, it doesn’t mean they are ready to purchase. What’s worse, your monopoly of voice and poor engagement with the audience leave them stuck in your broadcast funnel. They need you, and some diverse voices to walk them through the process by keeping them consistently engaged, and cultivating trust in a gradual manner. Furthermore, the current social media strategy isn’t making the best of the platforms. There is no encouragement for spreading the good word about your products. There is no interaction within the community. And social media is not incorporated into other marketing efforts. Last but not least, maxon should take advantage of the forms to learn about the needs of the potential costumers. Based on the understandings, customize your content for them in your email campaigns.
  4. 4. How to improve? Develop the personality of maxon motors as a brand and show it in social media • Based on the understanding of the audience persona and how you identify yourself with them • Based on the understanding of the experiences the customers have with the brand • Be authentic and consistent Bring the blogging strategy to the next level • Improve blog structure and content quality • Create a blogging culture within the company • Broaden the diversity of the voices (opinion leaders and bloggers in the field ) • Employ SEO plugin and Google Authorship to increase traffic Drive engagements and conversations across social media platforms • Increase the reach rate and the click-through rate of each post • Have the well-connected, well-known people of the company share and retweet the content • Host post-webinar online discussion • Put tech people on social media regularly to answer questions from the audience • Invite opinion leaders in the field to join the conversation on your platforms • Join the conversations in the relevant communities • Incorporate social media into other marketing efforts Increase visibility in general • Improve the organic search performance • Incorporate Youtube Ads and Twitter Promoted Trends into the long-term social media strategy