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Webinar - The Future of Drupal

In our first webinar on June 25th 2020, experts from Acquia, Cyber-Duck, SureCloud and The Drupal Association talked about the future of Drupal. Attendees discovered how, when and why their business should upgrade to Drupal 9.

Watch the full webinar here: https://cybrd.uk/drupalwebinar
Download our Drupal white paper here: https://cybrd.uk/drupal9

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Webinar - The Future of Drupal

  1. 1. The Future of Drupal CMS Presented by
  2. 2. Agenda 1. Meet the panellists and house rules 2. Drupal 9 - Why it’s time to upgrade presented by Tim Lehnen 3. Upgrading & Migrating presented by Alan Botwright 4. Authoring Experience presented by Duncan Worrell 5. UX & Content Strategy presented by Meera Rao 6. Drupal 9 Security presented by Luke Potter 7. Q&A Session
  3. 3. House Rules The webinar will run for 1:15 hours. Please submit any questions you may have throughout the webinar and they will be answered by the panellists where possible. There will be some time at the end for a final Q&A. The webinar will be streamed on Zoom and YouTube.
  4. 4. Together, we transform digital For over 15 years, clients have trusted us to transform complex websites, content and applications. Our ISO certified UX and Web & Mobile Development methodology includes user research and change management. We also undertake data and technology auditing and strategy. Established in the UK, our remote-first team gives us unlimited scale, breadth and depth.
  5. 5. What Drupal users are saying
  6. 6. Tim Lehnen Chief Technology Officer
  7. 7. Drupal 9 - Why It’s Time To Upgrade
  8. 8. Feature Comparison Drupal Adobe Experience Manager Sitecore Security As an open-source project, Drupal has the advantage of scrutiny from thousands of developers worldwide, as well as a dedicated team of security experts collaborating around the globe. Security coverage is provided only by Adobe's proprietary, internal team. Security coverage is provided only by Sitecore's proprietary, internal team. Performance & Scalability Drupal is highly scalable and performant - and can be customized for a variety of needs. Using its built in performance features combined with a modern CDN provider, Drupal serves some of the most highly trafficked sites on the web¹. AEM scalability requires an expensive investment in Adobe Cloud, or extensive expertise in certain technologies that may not translate to other technologies, and are therefore hard to hire for2. Sitecore's primary recommendation for scalability  is sharding of the application3. While this is a functional approach, it may be difficult or expensive to maintain.  Flexibility Drupal is not only a CMS. It is also used and suited for e-commerce, social networks, collaborative portals and even headless applications where Drupal can be a powerful content store for experiences beyond the web, such as in-flight entertainment, AR/VR, and more. Any end-user can influence Drupal's contributed modules or even core roadmap. While AEM is known for flexibility in its proprietary context, it does not have the thousands of contributed plugins and inherent extensibility that open source applications offer. As a proprietary solution, end- users are limited in the ways they can extend AEM functionality. While Sitecore has a module marketplace, it offers less than 1000 modules4 , while Drupal has more than 7x that for version 8 alone. As a proprietary solution, end- users are limited in the ways they can extend Sitecore functionality.
  9. 9. Feature Comparison Drupal Adobe Experience Manager Sitecore Maintenance As an open source project, all Drupal users have absolute access to all the source code they might need to maintain and enhance their Drupal installations. Maintenance fixes, security releases, and new features are all provided by a collaborative, global community, at no cost. Ongoing maintenance typically requires a support contract - an additional expense beyond licensing fees. Ongoing maintenance typically requires a support contract - an additional expense beyond licensing fees. Vendor Lock-In Because Drupal is open source, there is a healthy, international ecosystem of Drupal service providers who can support a Drupal installation at any scale. Teams may also choose to build internal expertise, for even less reliance on vendors. AEM sites must maintain license compliance at all times. Adobe has certified fewer than 100 partners¹ who can help implement AEM. Sitecore sites must maintain license compliance at all times. Sitecore's Silver and Gold partner tiers do not require participation in their 'competency program'2; it is an optional extra. Total Cost of Ownership Drupal has no license fees, which means no recurring cost to keep the software you already have. Drupal also has a competitive service provider ecosystem, making finding a vendor to provide support a very cost-effective proposition. According to one estimate3, license fees alone for AEM average $2 million dollars annually. According to these sources, the minimum cost of entry for a sitecore website is in the range of $80,000 for the first year4, scaling up rapidly5 as the number of servers and traffic increases.
  10. 10. Drupal 7 will be supported until November 2021 2018 2019 2020 2021 DRUPAL 9 Release window WE ARE HERE Drupal 8 end-of-life Drupal 7 end-of-life
  11. 11. Updating to Drupal 9 8 9 1. Ensure your environment is compatible with Drupal 9. 2. Keep Drupal 8 core up-to-date. 3. Update contributed projects to their latest versions. 4. Remove deprecated API use in your custom projects. 5. Update the core itself to Drupal 9.
  12. 12. Top 200 Projects
  13. 13. Upgrade Status
  14. 14. Upgrade Rector (Drupal-Rector)
  15. 15. Questions for Tim We have time for one question
  16. 16. Alan Botwright Master Solutions Architect
  17. 17. Drupal 9 - Upgrading & Migrating
  18. 18. How Acquia can make upgrading smooth
  19. 19. Drupal 7 still makes up the majority (~64%) of Drupal’s User Base
  20. 20. Both Drupal 7 & 8 EOL are coming
  21. 21. Migration from Drupal 7 is expensive
  22. 22. Migration Automation with Acquia Reduce (not eliminate) pain in all of these areas, bringing total cost/effort down
  23. 23. Questions for Alan We have time for one question
  24. 24. Duncan Worrell Technical Lead
  25. 25. Drupal 9 - Authoring Experience
  26. 26. What’s Better About Drupal 8? Once upon a time… •The goal was to launch a new website Just the start of the story… •How will our site grow and evolve over time? •How will we create new sections? •How will changing goals require us to think differently? •How can we use our content across multiple platforms? •What’s the best use of our budget? Drupal 8 and 9… •Empowers content creators to create great content •Frees developers to develop new functionality and design elements to support editors
  27. 27. New Editor
  28. 28. In-Place Editing
  29. 29. Layout Builder
  30. 30. Media Manager
  31. 31. Workflows, Moderation & Revisions
  32. 32. Front-End Considerations •Re-consider who the website is for and whether it’s working for them Your upgrade project is a great opportunity to: •Refresh the look and feel of your website •Prune old content •Address accessibility issues
  33. 33. Questions for Duncan We have time for one question
  34. 34. Meera Rao UX Strategist
  35. 35. Drupal 9 - UX & Content Strategy
  36. 36. It’s always a good time to review your website’s user experience, content strategy and accessibility
  37. 37. User Research Qualitative researchAnalytics Usability testing
  38. 38. User Journey Mapping
  39. 39. Content strategy Users first Make sure there is a user need Give users easy access to the content they need, not the content you think they need Where content cannot be rewritten, add summaries, structured headers, high quality tagging, layouts and styles to: - use all terms needed for SEO - break up content to enable users to scan more easily Re-use consistent design elements, so when a user arrives on a page they know what to expect from a particular layout
  40. 40. Content Strategy Be ruthless Think what you really need to keep and maintain MoSCoW to retire content that does not have user needs and acceptance criteria - with stakeholders User research to test assumptions around high and low traffic Use analytics Bottlenecks and backlogs of stakeholder sign off will be one of your biggest issues
  41. 41. Accessibility Visual Auditory Motor Cognitive
  42. 42. Accessibility Accessibility for all Conduct accessibility audits Navigation
  43. 43. Conduct accessibility audits Navigation Content hierarchy & structure Accessibility Accessibility for all
  44. 44. Conduct accessibility audits Navigation Content hierarchy & structure Text, images, videos Inaccessible images and elements that are only being used to make content look ‘different' Accessibility Accessibility for all
  45. 45. Questions for Meera We have time for one question
  46. 46. Luke Potter Director of Cyber Security
  47. 47. Drupal 9 - Security
  48. 48. SureCloud • SureCloud is a GRC, Risk and Cyber-Security company. • SureCloud partner with Cyber-Duck and deliver security assistance and expertise to both Cyber-Duck and their client base. • Focus on Migration and ensuring business as usual security and wider attacks to consider. • Migration to ensure security - D7/8 support ends in Nov 2021. UPGRADE to D9 is the priority.
  49. 49. Migration Security Considerations • Selecting a provider • OWASP/Security Best Practice Experience - Trained Developers • Migration Process
  50. 50. Wider Attacks to Consider • Social Engineering Phishing, Vishing, Smsing. • Website Cloning for Wider Attacks. • Physical Attacks. • Third Party Attacks/Compromise.
  51. 51. Business As Usual Security • Define security responsibilities • Penetration testing • Vulnerability assessments • Patching core and plug-ins • Web application firewalls and content delivery networks • Best Practices
  52. 52. Questions for Luke We have time for one question
  53. 53. Q&A Session We’ll be answering your questions from Zoom and YouTube
  54. 54. Concluding Remarks Upgrading to Drupal doesn’t need to be complicated - Cyber-Duck and our partners are here to help you upgrade your websites to Drupal 9 Download our white paper here on upgrading to Drupal 9 here: https://www.cyber-duck.co.uk/insights/resources/get-ready-for- drupal-9 Want to learn more? Join us for our Drupal: Masterclass to Upgrade webinar on July 16th 2020!
  55. 55. Thank You For Attending