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Miki Braniste - The Cultural Management Academy

The Cultural Management Academy

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Miki Braniste - The Cultural Management Academy

  1. 1. The Paintbrush Factory (Cluj) and Goethe Ins:tut (Bucharest)
  2. 2. Cultural Management Academy - a regional network of knowledge
  3. 3. What is it? •  a regional post- graduate program in 4 countries •  a one-week intensive educa:onal course •  3 days conference and network mee:ng •  Seed funds for collabora:on projects
  4. 4. Who made it possible ? •  Ini:ators: Goethe Ins:tute Sofia, Bucharest, Thessaloniki and Sarajevo. •  Partners: Eunic Cluster, Municipali:es of Sofia and Bucharest, universi:es, local NGO`s
  5. 5. Strategy 4 local curators Relevant thema:c and program Engaging an ecology of partners Empowering a local partner Good professional level of par:cipants
  6. 6. Goals •  build capacity and increase the competences of the cultural operators in the region •  engage par:cipants from both public and independent sector •  establish cross-border interna:onal network •  exchange of know-how and good prac:ces and interna:onal collabora:on
  7. 7. Why heritage in 2018? European Year of Cultural Heritage Need to renew the teams Need of professionaliza:on for young cultural operators Lack of community awareness Need to change the perspec:ve on heritage as community binder Need of educa:on on heritage for young audience
  8. 8. What I found while researching Everything is urgent: •  Correla:on of laws (poli:cal will) •  Human resources (educa:onal and cultural sector) •  Funds (poli:cal will) •  Awareness and advocacy for heritage (local representa:ves and locals)
  9. 9. What we proposed in the seminar Support the change of perspec:ve on heritage as resource for the community Build trust with the stakeholders Keep a restored place alive Communicate be^er our values Involve the local community Use the digital opportunity
  10. 10. Conference and network mee:ng Program with keynote speakers, group work, workshops, mee:ngs and visits. Exchange good and bad prac:ces. Support innova:ve approaches in heritage. S:mulate the cross-border collabora:on and fund projects with 5000E/project. Create a plaborm where par:cipants find more about their colleagues. Realize a publica:on with the contribu:on of par:cipants. Results: 20 texts for the publica:on and 13 applica:ons !
  11. 11. How it was in Bucharest
  12. 12. Thank you for your interest!