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Bcycle case study

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Bcycle case study

  1. 1. CASE STUDYB-CYCLE BIKE SHARING KIOSKS CHALLENGE: The B-cycle vision was to provide a self- service bike share solution that would profoundly change the behavior of local commuting citizens across the nation. Improving the Culture of Transportation SOLUTION: with Bicycle Sharing Kiosks KIOSK worked closely with the B-cycle team, B-cycle’s automated bike rental platform provides a creating a fully custom rental and return convenient and affordable transportation alternative platform: to local commuters and tourists. While enhancing • Flexible rental and docking stations to citywide infrastructure, B-cycle delivers a network accommodate various infrastructure of bike sharing stations enabling easy bicycle rental needs and return. Users have the option of either becoming • Integrated RFID technology for bike an annual “B-Connected” member with unlimited use tracking and faster release mechanisms privileges for a nominal annual fee, or they can rent • Software development that optimized bikes at the kiosk on an as-needed basis. user flow and network management B-cycle was formed by the combining efforts of three • Solar, off-grid power functionality major American companies: • Humana • Trek Bicycle Corporation BENEFITS: • Crispin, Porter + Bogusky • Convenient bike sharing with simple These partners shared one common goal: to change rental and return the way commuters get around. Their fundamental • Outstanding citizen adoption and usage objective was to provide a convenient, affordable, and rates fun citywide infrastructure enhancement that would profoundly change the behavior of its commuting – Created over 15 U.S. bike sharing citizens. The solution became a network of bike sharing networks - 250 stations, totaling 3,250 stations. bikes and counting continued >
  2. 2. CASE STUDY B-CYCLE BIKE SHARING KIOSKS B-CYCLE FEATURES B-cycle has installed more than 250 bicycle stations in over 15 U.S. cities, town, and corporate / university campuses totaling 3,250 bikes and counting. Each deployment consists of two main components - a fixed kiosk rental station with associated bicycle docks, and an inventory of 10-12 Trek bikes. It also includes a convenient, intuitive user interface designed to enhance the user’s B-cycle experience. Over 90% of the B-cycle project technology is custom designed. B-cycle docking stations can be configured as a single or dual sided linear layout to accommodate releasing the bike in seconds. The docking station existing infrastructure limitations. There are LED indicator lights tell users when they can take interlocking, docking station base plates that install the bike (green) or if the card / bike is not allowed temporarily for short-term, high demand events (red). (i.e. Olympics / political conventions ) or bolted permanently to the concrete (long-term). B-cycle stations are designed with RFID technology for intelligent inventory control and return Each bicycle docking station houses a custom placement balancing. Users can return a bike at controller board, a proprietary locking mechanism, any B-cycle station and RFID tracks all rentals and LED user notification, and an Radio Frequency returns, updating the software user interface with Identification (RFID) reader for inventory control. valuable real-time asset information. This allows First time or non-members rent at the kiosk using users to locate nearby B-cycle stations with rental the simple user interface; however B-Connected or return availability. Card Holders can bypass the kiosk and check out at the docking station by swiping their membership KIOSK’s Application Development Team authored card (with an integrated RFID chip) over the reader, sophisticated rental software providing a simple, self-serve transaction flow with fast processing for bike rental and return, ensuring a positive customer experience in the unattended environment. B-cycle’s software application also provides important inventory tracking and network management capabilities, enhancing the overall solution reliability.
  3. 3. Improving the Culture of TransportationB-Connected card members also enjoy an added B-cycle’s solution provides cities, towns, andbenefit. Each bicycle is designed with an integrated campuses with:handlebar computer that logs miles ridden, calories • Enhanced citywide infrastructureburned, rental duration, and the user’s personal • Manageable interface design and back-endcarbon offset contribution. This data is fed to the support“B-Connected” member’s personal B-cycle webpage (membership perk). • RFID technology for inventory control and return placement balancingGREEN SOLUTION • Configurable docking station platform to accommodate infrastructure limitationsKIOSK’s current generation of B-cycle units utilize • Solar powered stations optimize for long-termsolar power (independently or in conjunction performance and efficiencywith AC grid backup) which optimizes long-termperformance and efficiency. In strategically placed B-cycle’s solution offers consumers:outdoor deployments, up to 100% of the solutionpower can be solar-based. • B-Connected RFID member card access for easy bike rental and returnDesigned for outdoor use, the B-cycle kiosk houses • Uniform, user-friendly interface and applicationa low-power outdoor touch screen display, credit / designmember card reader and wireless communications • LED and audible notifications for bike releasecapabilities all integrated into an industrial PC • Accessible city-wide docking stationssolution. Plus, it’s fully weather sealed and coatedwith graffiti-resistant powder coat paint. And thebikes are designed to be rugged, lightweight, andvery low maintenance.B-CYCLE SOLUTION BENEFITSB-cycle’s network of bike sharing stations allowscommuters convenient and affordable access to analternative transportation solution.
  4. 4. KIOSK QUICK INFO • Founded in 1993 and headquartered in Louisville, Colorado, KIOSK Information Systems provides expertise in design engineering, application development, integration, manufacturing, and field support. • KIOSK is the largest producer of kiosks in North America.• KIOSK provides design and manufacturing of both custom and standard model kiosks with successful deployments in virtually every self-service vertical market. ADDRESS: 346 SOUTH ARTHUR AVENUE · LOUISVILLE, CO 80027 PHONE: 303.466.5471 · TOLL-FREE: 1.800.509.5471 · FAX: 303.466.6730 EMAIL: SALES@KIOSK.COM · WWW.KIOSK.COM