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Most Contagious 2011

The team at Contagious Magazine spends its days finding, filtering and reviewing the most innovative exercises in branding, technology, and popular culture, and delivering our collective wisdom to our beloved subscribers.

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Most Contagious 2011

  1. MOST CONTAGIOUS 2011 Cover image: Take This LoLLipop / Jason Zada
  2. most contagious / p.02 / mosT ConTagious 2011 / subsCripTion oFFer / 20% disCounT FuTure-prooFing your brain vaLid unTiL 9Th January 2012 offering a saving of £200 gBPchapters / Contagious exists to find and filter the most innovative01 / exercises in branding, technology, and popular culture, andmovemenTs deliver this collective wisdom to our beloved subscribers.02 / Once a year, we round up the highlights, identify what’s importantproJeCTs and why, and push it out to the world, for free.03 /serviCe Welcome to Most Contagious 2011, the only retrospective you’ll ever need.04 /soCiaL It’s been an extraordinary year; economies in turmoil, empires05 / torn down, dizzying technological progress, the evolution ofidenTiTy brands into venture capitalists, the evolution of a generation of06 / young people into entrepreneurs…TeChnoLogy It’s also been a bumper year for the Contagious crew. Our07 / Insider consultancy division is now bringing insight and inspirationdaTa to clients from Kraft to Nike, and Google to BBC Worldwide. We08 / were thrilled with the success of our first Now / Next / Why eventaugmenTed in London in December, and are bringing the show to New York09 / on February 22nd. Grab your ticket here.money We’ve added more people to our offices in London and New10 / York, launched an office in India, and in 2012 have our sightshaCk CuLTure firmly set on Brazil. Latin America, we’re on our way. Get ready!11 /musiC 2.0 We would also like to take this opportunity to thank our friends, supporters and especially our valued subscribers, all over the12 / world. We look forward to another great year together.video13 / The more information there is out there, the more the filters arereTaiL important – and we like to think Contagious is the best filter in the Contagious / Full of Tomorrow / ad business. Future-proof your brain with the Most Contagious. Magazine / Online / FEED / Special Reports / Consultancy / Events /14 /gaming Think about it. Talk about it. Share it with everyone you know. Special Offer to readers of the Most Contagious 2011 report – Enjoy! Subscribe to Contagious Magazine/Online before 9 January 2012 and save 20%.15 /pubLishing Visit http://shop.contagiousmagazine.com/subscriptions.php to subscribe now / The Contagious Team www.contagiousmagazine.com / E: sales@contagiousmagazine.com /16 /design supported by
  3. most contagious / movements / p.03 01 / mosT ConTagious / movemenTs / The new worLd orderchapters / What a year. It’s difficult to grasp what caused UK, a group of disenfranchised young people The internet did not create the Arab Spring, or01 / such momentous change around the world took to the streets to burn and steal, for reasons the riots in London, or even Occupy Wall Street.movemenTs this year, but it’s certainly been contagious... still not entirely clear. (The operative failure of However, there’s no doubting it has forever02 / government, education, policing, the family and changed the ways in which we make ourselves One by one, most power structures cameproJeCTs society as a whole can be a difficult thing to pin heard. Initially, the web provided a discussion under pressure from the torrent of information, down.) platform for like-minded souls to connect. Then,03 / collaboration and distribution afforded by theserviCe it was a communication tool, as protestors web. First came the music industry, where frantic As governments, police forces and armies around the world took to Twitter (and in the04 / attempts to ringfence a product widely available faced their own citizens, other smaller reminderssoCiaL case of the UK riots, BlackBerry Messenger) to for free led to the establishment of newer models of the new world order have come to light. The rally and organise. We then turned to the web to05 / and younger players amid talk of its own demise. fact that a man as powerful as Rupert Murdoch rationalise events happening in the real world,idenTiTy Then, the news media, which was forced to can be held accountable and forced to answer faster and more thoroughly than before. The06 / share the limelight with digital-only players, to his own board, as well as a government Guardian’s timelines of the Arab Spring and liveTeChnoLogy some of whom are now more influential than inquisition, for the phone-hacking scandal taking coverage of the phone hacking scandal set new07 / the stalwarts they were created to usurp. Then place at one of his myriad publications sends a standards for the reporting of intricate and fast-daTa Hollywood. Then the TV networks. Then the high very clear message: nobody is untouchable. moving issues. street. Then. Then. Then.08 / photo / haydn / www.flickr.com/photos/wheelzwheeler/6255028088augmenTed 2011 will be remembered as the year this gradual09 / disintegration shifted away from entertainmentmoney and consumerism towards something altogether10 / more profound.haCk CuLTure The motivations for this shift are extremely11 / complex. Throughout the ongoing Arab Spring,musiC 2.0 in Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, and the other Middle12 / Eastern nations in which uprisings occurred,video years of oppression forced political and13 / ideological change, sparked, in part, by thereTaiL democratisation of technology.14 / Meanwhile, Occupy Wall Street and the othergaming happenings it spawned have been criticised for15 / being unfocused, but, over time the discourse ofpubLishing wealth distribution, the 99% versus the 1%, has16 / become the dominant organising ideology. In thedesign Supported by
  4. most contagious / movements / p.04 Many web pundits were the first to lay out From a brand perspective, the implications of all They don’t actually embody any of those things. in simple terms why, exactly, the Wall Street this are obvious. When everything is changing, They just emulate. It’s scary man, this simulation Protesters were so very angry. Others followed, be consistent. When everyone is confused, be life that we’re living. It scares me.’ essentially creating a coherent narrative on behalf transparent. And when the world seems bleak, Pitchfork’s analysis of the Tumblr phenomenonchapters / of those too busy trying to garner consensus to be good. is recommended reading. The argument against do it for themselves.01 / Tumblr / is that Tumblr could wreak as much intellectualmovemenTs damage as it provides dumb entertainment. In September, blogging/reblogging/image-02 /proJeCTs sharing platform Tumblr announced that it had Democratisation – be it of technology, reached its 10 billionth post, up from one billion information or pictures of cats on trampolines –03 /serviCe one year previously. That’s ten times as much apparently always comes at a price. content in the space of one year, created on04 / In the meantime, be distracted by the rise 28.5 million blogs and averaging 36 million postssoCiaL of single-usage Tumblrs – blogs created to per day. In the same month, Tumblr also closed aggregate images around one theme only. From05 / an $85m round of venture capital, valuing thisidenTiTy ‘Accidental Chinese Hipsters’ to ‘Shit that Siri moodboard machine at close to $1bn. Says’, we’ve aggregated as many as possible06 /TeChnoLogy The appeal of Tumblr is obvious. Essentially a over here. Enjoy: http://singleusage.tumblr.com curated channel of bits and pieces that you find07 / (For next year’s niche-gone-mainstream As the global pendulum swings towards the around the web – images, other Tumblr posts,daTa technology, look no further than image-sharing rising BRIC countries, Western nations, faced music, video – it’s an easy way to project the kind08 / network Instagram’s iPhone app; it has been photo / guney Cuceloglu / www.flickr.com/photos/guneyc/6208557363 with the decline of their own industrial heft, of person you are, or the kind of person you’d likeaugmenTed downloaded 14 million times, and an average of are focusing their efforts on the burgeoning to be, with very little effort. Never one to ignore a 50 photos per second were uploaded over the09 / Innovation Economy. All of this is happening popular platform, Barack Obama has launchedmoney recent Thanksgiving holiday in the US. Not bad while a generation comes of age having taken his own crowd-sourced Tumblr to grab images for a company with a staff of six. Anxious Android10 / its moral code not from the individual laws that and sentiment from the 2012 campaign trail.haCk CuLTure users can expect their own version next year.) govern the country in which they live, but from But there’s always a flipside to popularity. To11 / a more collective and instinctive mindset that get an idea of why it’s so popular, you couldmusiC 2.0 prevails online. This is a generation that grew do worse than read confessional hip-hop artist12 / up with the internet, has two decades worth of Drake’s comments, posted on his own blog invideo conviction that global warming is real and entered November this year: ‘I’m really scared for my13 / the job market in the middle of a global financial generation, you know. The thing that scares mereTaiL collapse. Faced with undeniable evidence that most is Tumblr. I hate what Tumblr has become…14 / the people in charge – politicians, bankers, Instead of kids going out and making their owngaming educators – have failed to adapt, millennials are moments, they’re just taking these images15 / harking back to concepts of pride, community, and living vicariously through other people’spubLishing honour, labour and decency instead of the flabby moments. It just kills me. Then you’ll meet them consumerism that ate their boomer parents. and they’re just the biggest turkey in the world.16 /design Supported by
  5. most contagious / projects / p.05 02 / mosT ConTagious / proJeCTs noT Campaigns / born To Live, noT buiLT To diechapters / Our Projects not Campaigns category recognises a new strain01 / of marketing in which the brand, agency and consumer workmovemenTs together to reach a tangible, meaningful goal. As a decade02 / of digital interaction gives way to socially, collaborativelyproJeCTs organised initiatives, brands and marketers have been less03 / inclined to accept the traditional campaign as their defaultserviCe strategy in the battle for consumers’ hearts and minds.04 / It’s a sign of the times. Having evolved to suit the tightly definedsoCiaL media options of yore, a campaign is the end product of the05 / creative process, fine-tuned and finished before it goes out of theidenTiTy door; concept, realised. Media, bought. Backs turned. A project,06 / on the other hand, is the beginning of something, not the end. ToTeChnoLogy borrow the title of a presentation delivered by David Lee, digital07 / executive creative director at TBWAWorldwide, at the FuturedaTa Flash conference in Canada in May, projects are about ‘creating things that are born to live, not built to die’.08 /augmenTed A project needs to be nurtured and encouraged. It relies09 / on engagement, feedback and input. It is collaborative andmoney communal, and requires constant monitoring. It is undoubtedly10 / more challenging, but potentially much more rewarding. And,haCk CuLTure crucially, it plays to the strengths of the new media landscape in11 / which the flow of information is two-way, not top down, and canmusiC 2.0 be experienced, echoed and amplified in real time.12 / The appeal of creating a project is clear: not only can itvideo encourage deeper engagement and forge social connections, but pepsi / sound oF FooTbaLL13 / it also gives brands the chance to nail their colours to a particularreTaiL mast and show what they stand for by effecting change in the real14 / world. Advertising has woken up to pop culture’s favourite cliché:gaming it really is about the journey.15 /pubLishing16 /design supported by
  6. most contagious / projects / p.06 Patagonia / Common Threads Initiative on the selling-on of second-hand goods, a into a surround-sound landscape. The result is As a brand, Patagonia has always favoured process which happily involves no additional a kind of sonic image that helps participants a long term approach, and this year partnered manufacturing. In fact, eBay’s Green Shopping identify and locate other players, the goal, the with eBay on an extraordinary mission to reduce portal touts the universal truth that the greenest sidelines and ball.chapters / excess consumption, creating a resale website product is the one that already exists. The technology advances the current blind01 / where people can buy pre-owned Patagonia However, it’s a riskier step for Patagonia, which football game, whereby players wear bells tomovemenTs outdoor clothing and kit. The Common Threads doesn’t directly profit from the eBay sales, but alert each other to where they are, and use a02 / Initiative asks would-be buyers and sellers to benefits instead from the less tangible value specially weighted ball. The mix of innovation,proJeCTs take a pledge that fundamentally redefines the of practising what it preaches; the website imagination and human interest is also earned-03 / role of the consumer and also clearly delineates demonstrates the brand’s own dedication to media catnip: Discovery Channel is creating aserviCe the responsibilities that Patagonia embraces reducing, repairing, reusing, and recycling, by, 30-minute documentary charting the project.04 / as a manufacturer. It states: ‘Patagonia agrees for example, donating unsold goods to disaster to build useful things that last, to repair what Akestam Holst and Society46 are determinedsoCiaL victims or encouraging customers to return worn breaks and recycle what comes to the end of to extend the magic of the technology to other goods to Patagonia stores to be recycled into05 / its useful life.’ Consumers undertake ‘to buy only sports and situations, and Pepsi is encouragingidenTiTy new fabrics. This bold strategy reached a peak what I need (and will last), repair what breaks, the public to pitch in their own ideas for further on the shopping armageddon of Black Friday06 / reuse (share) what I no longer need and recycle ‘Sound of’ projects. See Contagious 29TeChnoLogy when the brand ran a full page ad in The New everything else.’ www.thesoundoffootball.com York Times saying simply, ‘Do not buy this jacket’.07 /daTa See Contagious 29 www.patagonia.com/us/common-threads08 /augmenTed Pepsi / Sound of Football09 /money 2011 saw Pepsi’s Refresh Project rolled out in other regions, with this iteration from Sweden10 / leaving Contagious staffers slack-jawed withhaCk CuLTure admiration and wondering where the hell were11 / Nike and adidas when this idea came up?musiC 2.0 Ad agency Akestam Holst, Stockholm,12 /video creative technology experts Society46 and The Swedish Association of Visually Impaired13 / From almost any other brand this idea would Youth collaborated on a system that allows blindreTaiL seem optimistic at best and, at worst, offensively football players the ability to ‘see’ with sound.14 / sanctimonious. But Patagonia’s track record The system relies on TRACAB 3D trackinggaming as a champion of sustainability throughout its technology, originally used in fighter planes, to15 / business enables the brand to stake a claim on capture data on players’ positions, how far theypubLishing the moral high ground. It’s a perfect PR match-up have run, etc, but Society46 has pushed the16 / for eBay since the auction site was predicated technology further, translating the informationdesign Supported by
  7. most contagious / projects / p.07 Chipotle / Back to the Start Norte / Best Excuse Ever to boost the counter. More than 50,000 minutes US restaurant chain Chipotle Mexican Grill In Argentina this year, lager brand Norte (34 days) worth of good deeds were accrued collaborated with legendary country music discovered that nothing says ‘Corporate and the campaign gained sufficient coverage in crooner Willie Nelson, creating a heart-rending Social Responsibility’ like an icy cold bottle of print, radio and TV to mitigate any unease aboutchapters / animated film to promote its commitment to beer. Having no doubt thoroughly researched its ‘do it for the community’ approach to drinking01 / sustainable farming. the market, Norte discovered that wives and beer. Contagious 27movemenTs girlfriends were constantly overriding the www.cervezanorte.com.ar02 / carefully laid social plans of their menfolk (i.e.proJeCTs going to the bar) with worthy alternatives. Nike / MAG03 / The feelgood campaign of 2011 has to beserviCe Nike’s limited edition release of the futuristic trainers worn by Michael J. Fox in Back to the04 /soCiaL Future Part II. The power-lacing, self-illuminating Nike MAG shoes were specially designed by the05 /idenTiTy brand for the 1989 film, in which Marty McFly visits the year 2015.06 / Back to the Start tells the story of a farmer whoTeChnoLogy transforms his family farm into an industrial animal07 / factory, but then has a change of heart and revertsdaTa to sustainable farming practices. The soundtrack08 / to the film is a cover of Coldplay’s The Scientist,augmenTed performed by Nelson and available on iTunes for $0.99 with proceeds going towards the Chipotle In retaliation, the brand hit back with a booze-09 /money Cultivate Foundation, which funds sustainable fuelled CSR campaign that offered men ‘The agriculture, family farming, and culinary education. Best Excuse Ever’. Every time a man drank a10 / Norte beer at a bar, he could drop the bottlehaCk CuLTure Chipotle’s preference for sustainably grown cap into a counter box. For each bottle cap, the11 / ingredients and food ‘naturally raised with brand promised that one minute of good deedsmusiC 2.0 respect for the animals, the land, and the farmers – repairing schools, improving parks, restoring For the 2011 iteration, only 1,500 pairs of who produce the food’ echoes Patagonia’s12 / monuments, planting trees and cleaning lakes – shoes were made, sold in batches of 150 pairsvideo considered approach, but stops short of would be carried out by a team of Norte workers. per day on eBay. Prices ranged from $3,500 to suggesting that customers pledge allegiance13 / $10,000 ensuring that a substantial sum was to the cause. On a related theme, Chipotle also To put the campaign firmly in the public eye,reTaiL raised for The Michael J. Fox Foundation for commissioned Abandoned, a short film about Norte, through Del Campo Nazca Saatchi14 / Parkinson’s Research, set up by the actor when the hardships faced by family farmers trying & Saatchi, Buenos Aires, ran a series of wrygaming he was diagnosed with the disease. to compete with industrialised agriculture. It commercials and installed counters on streets,15 / features another Willie Nelson track, this time tracking the total on its website and Facebook, YouTube clips featuring Fox, Saturday NightpubLishing covered by Karen O of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. and posting details of its good works. Facebook Live star Bill Hader and Christopher Lloyd, who16 / See Contagious 29 www.chipotle.com users could also click an ‘I’m going out’ button played Doc Emmett Brown in the original movie,design Supported by
  8. most contagious / projects / p.08 hyped up the auction and drove fan donations Dulux / Own a Colour Ones to Watch / to The Fox Foundation. A perfect storm of brand Paint brand Dulux partnered with UNICEF on We’re expecting to see this trend for Projects loyalty, fan culture and fundraising, the MAG Own a Colour, a charitable project which lets not Campaigns continue throughout 2012, project, through Wieden+Kennedy, Portland visitors to the website buy one of the 16.7 million particularly as the final quarter of 2011 spawnedchapters / and produced by @radicalmedia, Los Angeles, colours that smartphones, tablets and computer two stand-out examples. In October, JWT Madrid01 / served as an acknowledgment and celebration screens are able to display. escorted seven residents from the land-lockedmovemenTs of the shoe’s enduring cult status, matched Chinese village of Bulin to the sea for the first only by the affection still felt for Michael J. Fox Each colour costs £1, and buyers are able02 / time on behalf of Mexican beer brand Corona, and his role in a pop culture phenomenon. to tag it with a name (e.g. ‘Tanya’s Teal’), thenproJeCTs its Experience the Extraordinary philosophy See Contagious 29 supply some text explaining why they chose it. and inherent love of the beach. And in the final03 / The website is a retina-blasting motherlode ofserviCe www.back4thefuture.com nikemag.ebay.com countdown to Christmas, Coke Philippines, via polychromatic options that allows visitors to McCann Worldgroup, fixed it for three OFWs04 / OMO / Super Nice Training Center view trending colours and see popular shadessoCiaL (Overseas Filipino Workers who work abroad to by gender or country. At the time of writing, the Sao Paulo-based interactive agency F.biz support their families back home) to make it back05 / campaign – which was kick-started with celebrityidenTiTy Brazil applied a project-based approach to help for the holidays. Continuing Coke’s global series contributions from Roger Moore, Jemima Khan, launch the Unilever brand OMO Líquido Super of campaigns that ask ‘where will happiness06 / Matt Dawson and Duncan Bannatyne – had Concentrado (super concentrated liquid) in strike next?’, the Filipino version and EnglishTeChnoLogy raised over £88,000 for UNICEF. Brazil, showing that projects, not campaigns can subtitled versions together have broken 1 million07 / work wonders for FMCG brands. Although deeply reminiscent of the infamous views on YouTube in five days. Three cheers fordaTa Million Dollar Homepage, this celebration of colour the real thing. The target audience was Brazil’s large08 / is perfectly on brand for Dulux. Contagious 29augmenTed community of maids, a group accounting for 19% of the country’s working women. F.biz set www.ownacolour.com09 /money up the Super Nice Training Center, a blog and website offering a series of free lessons10 / about housekeeping and home economics. ThehaCk CuLTure tutorials could be watched online or downloaded.11 / As well as learning key cleaning skills, tips weremusiC 2.0 offered on how to write résumés and check12 / housekeeping job vacancies. The guides alsovideo cited the importance of using sustainable cleaning13 / products and awarded a study certificate to thosereTaiL who completed the course.14 / This campaign not only offered training forgaming a sector not exactly renowned for career duLux /15 / development, but also showed consistentpubLishing respect for the people who use Unilever’s16 / products on a daily basis. www.omo.com.br Corona /design Supported by
  9. most contagious / marketing / p.09 03 / mosT ConTagious / markeTing as serviCe design / meeTing The unmeT needchapters / With brands more adept at tapping into the rich wells of01 / data which consumers now leave in their wakes, many aremovemenTs becoming increasingly able to spot the gaps, or unmet needs,02 / in people’s lives. Addressing these was previously trusted toproJeCTs token utilities such as mobile apps; however, a recent study ConTagious / issue 26 / sneakerpedia: so good we puT iT on our FronT Cover in q1/1103 / by Deloitte found that a 80% of branded apps have beenserviCe downloaded less than 1,000 times. Today, consumers expect something wholly more relevant, enabling and ultimately04 /soCiaL less self-serving. This is where marketing becomes genuine service design.05 /idenTiTy Foot Locker / Sneakerpedia06 /TeChnoLogy Based on the simple insight that footwear retailer Foot Locker’s core demographic – sneakerheads – have ‘enthusiasm beyond07 /daTa reason’ for their collections, SapientNitro, London, built a crowd- sourced holy grail of a platform in the shape of Sneakerpedia.08 /augmenTed The Wiki-esque website enables users to create a profile and then upload pictures of all the cool kicks in their collection –09 /money complete with a brief history and info on the make, model, material etc. This tagging helps the site to then archive each model10 /haCk CuLTure correctly, creating a vast and infinitely navigable database of every significant sneaker ever bought and cherished.11 /musiC 2.0 Creating a platform from scratch, rather than piggybacking an12 / existing social network or fan portal, was a bold move on thevideo part of Foot Locker. Even braver, however, is the distinct lack of overt branding on the site, which adds to the sense that this is13 /reTaiL somewhere enthusiasts can come to share their passion, not be marketed to. However, by stepping out of the frame and putting14 /gaming users at ease, Foot Locker is able to draw rich social data about what makes/models are popular etc. It has even been encouraging15 / new floor staff in stores to join up and immerse themselves in thepubLishing culture as part of their training.16 /design supported by
  10. most contagious / marketing / p.10 Proof that the platform has struck a chord with scanned with smartphones, transformed the devices sneakerheads around the world is evident in initial into venues for the Hidden Live gigs. What’s more, results: In beta format alone, Sneakerpedia reached audiences could interact with the bands in real time, more than 6.7 million fans online and delivered more and even buy the albums directly from their phones.chapters / than $1 million worth of free media exposure. See More than 10,000 attended the online festival each Contagious 26 www.sneakerpedia.com01 / night and, better still, Zoo Records sold out 80% ofmovemenTs Flair / Fashiontag the albums for the performing bands. Leo Burnett,02 / Hong Kong was responsible. See Contagious 27proJeCTs Working on the insight that women take fashion inspiration from their friends’ wardrobes, Belgian www.zoo-records.com03 / fashion weekly Flair launched a Facebook applicationserviCe Orange / Glastonbury 2011 App that lets users request information on specific outfits04 / Telco provider Orange continued its impressive track FLair / in uploaded photos.soCiaL record of muddy field-based branded utility, with a05 / Flair Fashiontag, created by Duval Guillaume, mobile app developed by M&C Saatchi Sport &idenTiTy Brussels, lets users tag an item of clothing or Entertainment London for the Glastonbury Festival. accessory that they’d like to know more about and06 / post it to their friend’s wall. All Fashiontags and All the handy functions from previous incarnationsTeChnoLogy responses are then displayed in a gallery on the Flair were present, such as performance schedules,07 / page and the best tags are published in the weekly planners, and maps. New additions included a seriesdaTa print magazine. of ‘smiley’ symbols through which users could specify08 / – and geo-tag – their mood. This data was used toaugmenTed Fashiontag is a perfect example of how creating build a collective mood map, plotting the buzziest (or successful Facebook apps is all about spotting and indeed most cold, wet and skint) areas of the site.09 /money then augmenting existing behaviours. After launching A news feed also pinged regular write-ups directly on 22 March the application increased the number from the Guardian, as well as any must-know festival10 / Zoo reCords /haCk CuLTure of Flair fans on Facebook in one week by 35%, from updates from organisers. 17,000 to 23,000. See Contagious 2711 / The improvements resulted in the app beingmusiC 2.0 www.flair.be downloaded 100,000 downloads in a single month,12 / Zoo Records / Hidden Live amounting to 70% of the festival audience – a 75%video increase on previous years. See Contagious 28 In March, Hong Kong-based indie music store Zoo13 / Records staged a music festival – Hidden Live – http://glastonbury.orange.co.ukreTaiL featuring eight bands across four nights. What made14 / it unique, however, is that the performances were onlygaming accessible via mobile.15 /pubLishing Two hours prior to the event, free tickets were made orange / available in-store and for download on Facebook. A16 /design hidden code was printed on each ticket, which when Supported by
  11. most contagious / social / p.11 04 / mosT ConTagious / soCiaL and beyond / aLways on(Line)chapters / It’s the tail end of 2011, and 96 out of the to recognise the airline’s heritage. And in KLM’s activity, in conjunction with Tribal01 / top 100 advertisers in the US are spending September, it promoted its social media policy DDB Amsterdam, forms part of a new schoolmovemenTs money on social media, with the rest of the of answering every tweet and post in person, of marketing and branding that sees the02 / world not far behind. However, the profound within the hour, day and night, by assembling brand committed to exploiting existing socialproJeCTs changes wrought by social media on the ways a ‘living alphabet’ of employees who answered platforms to improve the user experience.03 / in which we interact go much, much deeper online queries using letter boards. For 12 hours Contagious 28 and 29serviCe than advertising. Facebook in particular is the airline replaced normal Facebook and www.tileyourself.com becoming the black hole of the web, absorbing Twitter typed responses with a team of 500 https://twitter.com/kLm04 /soCiaL ecommerce, content distribution, CRM and KLM volunteer crew members who answered by www.youtube.com/kLm marketing budgets into its gravity field. This running around and assembling the answer live http://bit.ly/kLmLive05 /idenTiTy year saw social mechanisms incorporated before your eyes, inside 60 minutes. The Live into everything from supply chains to Reply videos were hosted on YouTube.06 /TeChnoLogy customer service to product design. As data mining becomes increasingly sophisticated,07 / we can expect social channels to registerdaTa highly on everyone’s radar, from the CMO to08 / the teenager at the checkout.augmenTed In this section, we salute the brands committing09 /money most fully to Mark Zuckerberg’s vision of a future that is ‘social by design’.10 /haCk CuLTure KLM / All Social, All the Time11 / You’d be hard pushed to find a brand, or company,musiC 2.0 that has committed more wholeheartedly to the12 / integration of social media than Dutch airlinevideo KLM. In January, KLM laid on a special direct13 / flight to a dance festival in Miami at the TwitterreTaiL behest of an aspiring raver, on the understanding14 / that he help fill the plane with 351 dance musicgaming professionals. He did, and KLM fulfilled its part15 / of the bargain. In June, it covered a plane withpubLishing its fans’ Facebook profile pics, transformed into traditional Dutch blue ‘tiles’ for Tile & Inspire,16 /design Supported by
  12. most contagious / social / p.12 Domino’s / Pizza and The Art of War Burberry / Tweetwalk Since 2009’s Pizza Turnaround campaign, Burberry is fast becoming the Terminator of luxury Domino’s, America’s largest pizza delivery chain, has branding. It just doesn’t stop. As competitors struggle been aggressively pursuing a policy of transparency to execute the most basic of digital functions –chapters / with regard to its product and service. In July this ecommerce, for example – this British powerhouse01 / year, the pizza chain took this further by broadcasting has demonstrated an uncanny ability to embrace newmovemenTs comments from customers – regardless of whether platforms and democratise the brand without selling02 / they were positive or negative – to thousands of out any of its aspirational exclusivity. At LondonproJeCTs onlookers via a digital billboard in New York’s Times Fashion Week in September, Burberry tweeted03 / Square. This was to promote Domino’s tracker backstage Twitpics of every look before they wereserviCe system for quality maintenance where customers can sent down the runway, allowing its Twitter followers04 / follow their pizzas online, giving feedback throughout to see the Spring/Summer 2012 collection before thesoCiaL the process. The campaign was masterminded by fashion bigshots on the front row. Take THAT, Wintour. Crispin Porter + Bogusky, Boulder.05 / During the Tweetwalk, Burberry’s InstagramidenTiTy CMO Russell Weiner claimed earlier this year that account was taken over by photographer Mike06 / Domino’s strategy was inspired by a story in Sun Tzu’s Kus, the most-followed Instagram user in the UK,TeChnoLogy The Art of War, in which he advises that the best way to and Burberry streamed the show – complete with07 / win a war fought on an island is to blow up the bridge celebrity arrivals – live in HD through Burberry.comdaTa yourself. That way, your army will fight for their lives, and Facebook. As if that weren’t enough, Burberry08 / as they have no option of retreat. This combination once again offered a ‘Runway to Retail’ service, withaugmenTed of bravery and insanity is working. The company the collection available to purchase for one week after announced that same-store sales growth increased the show. Viewers can also download the catwalk09 /money 10.4% between 2009 and 2010, and rose a further soundtrack through the iTunes on-demand service. 2.3% in the first quarter of 2011. Contagious 28.10 / What makes this Contagious? Simplicity.haCk CuLTure www.dominos.com Christopher Bailey, the brand’s creative director,11 / said: ‘We are now as much a media-content companymusiC 2.0 as we are a design company, because it’s all part of12 / the overall experience.’ He’s right. None of the socialvideo technologies Burberry has employed are complicated, but the benefit of feeding this content to growing13 /reTaiL legions of fans is immense. See Contagious 2914 / www.burberry.comgaming15 /pubLishing16 / burberry /design Supported by
  13. most contagious / social / p.13 Kraft / Mac&Tweets Essentially an online notice board to which you Kraft gets an honourable mention for embracing can pin pictures and items of interest, Pinterest Twitter more than most. As well as taking a leaf has quickly racked up an estimated 3.3 million out of the Old Spice playbook, incorporating unique users and secured $27m in fundingchapters / comments from its Twitter followers into ads earlier this year. Ideal for moms, DIY enthusiasts,01 / that were subsequently broadcast on TV, Kraft’s events organisers and anybody looking to create,movemenTs Mac & Cheese brand also invited internet share or aggregate pictures around a certain02 / sensation Ted Williams – a homeless man with theme, brands like Whole Foods are already onproJeCTs an extraordinary voice for radio – to be the voice board to share recipe suggestions.03 / of its advertising. This was done through Crispin http://pinterest.comserviCe Porter + Bogusky in Miami. See Contagious 2604 / www.youtube.com/kraftmacncheesesoCiaL Ones to Watch /05 /idenTiTy The ‘wishlist’ is a fundamental part of the ecommerce experience – where you keep track06 /TeChnoLogy of stuff you like, but perhaps can’t afford to buy yet. The UK-based startup, Fantasy Shopper,07 /daTa aims to recreate the emotional experience of real world shopping online. After collecting virtual08 / paydays to get hold of some pretend cash,augmenTed players can put together outfits and shop for high09 / street brands to create a virtual wishlist. Looksmoney are shared with the community, or users can click10 / through to buy clothes from the stores in real life.haCk CuLTure Currently available in the UK, the service has11 / items from 300 real shops, including New Look,musiC 2.0 Topshop, UNIQLO, Reiss and Harrods. Users12 / create outfits from a wardrobe of purchasedvideo items, and follow other users to comment on13 / purchases and creations. Additional cash can bereTaiL earned in a variety of ways, including introducing14 / others to the platform. Fantasy Shopper launchedgaming in October 2011, and could prove an interesting indicator of the social future of ecommerce.15 /pubLishing See Contagious 29 www.fantasyshopper.com kraFT /16 /design Supported by
  14. most contagious / identity / p.14 05 / mosT ConTagious / idenTiTy onLine / This one has my FaCe on iTchapters / As we spend an increasing amount of our01 / waking days online, it is becoming hardermovemenTs to distinguish between what we would02 / previously have referred to as our ‘digital’proJeCTs and ‘physical’ lives. The reality, of course,03 / is that the lines between the two are nowserviCe constantly shifting and blurring. Emphasising the fact that we no longer exist online in a04 /soCiaL separate, anonymous capacity, brands have been exploring the notion of the digital self05 /idenTiTy – holding mirrors to consumers and helping them visualise, celebrate or simply make06 / sense of their own identity.TeChnoLogy07 / Intel / Museum of MedaTa arms delicately pluck pictures of your friends of all time via his production company, Tool of Semiconductor powerhouse Intel took an from the air, arranging them into a mosaic which North America.08 / ambitious step towards changing its image from eventually forms your own profile photo.augmenTed that of a technology company into one of a lifestyle Take This Lollipop shows the dangers of09 / brand, via the interactive website Museum of Proof that personalised experiences often result sharing your identity online by using Facebookmoney Me. Built by Tokyo-based Projector (of Cannes in increased levels of engagement, more than Connect to scrape information before revealing Titanium Grand Prix-winning UNIQLOCK fame), 440,000 people created their own museums a creepy man poring over your profile page. You10 /haCk CuLTure this site uses Facebook Connect to draw in the three days following launch. More than then see the man calculate your actual location personal content from each user’s page, before 150,000 users took advantage of the built-in by verifying server addresses etc, before driving11 /musiC 2.0 presenting it to them in a virtual tour of their own one-click sharing mechanisms, by publishing their to your house with your Facebook profile picture personalised museum. exhibition catalogues directly to Facebook. In total, taped to his dashboard. The film ends with12 / more than 21 million impressions were recorded a timer set for an hour and lists which of yourvideo The resulting video pans elegantly through a on the social network. See Contagious 28 Facebook friends ‘is next’.13 / minimalist interior, in which onlookers peruse www.intel.com/museumofme/r At time of writing, the app had been likedreTaiL a series of exhibitions including your photos, friends, Liked content and geo-located check-ins. Take This Lollipop / Jason Zada over 11 million times on Facebook. Not bad14 /gaming A digital billboard even filters, in real time, through for something which took just one month to Director Jason Zada – the man behind Office everything written on your wall before finally produce… See Contagious 29 and the front15 / Max’s Elf Yourself website – proved that he hasn’tpubLishing displaying the most common word. The tour cover of this report. lost his touch for creating insanely viral content, ends in a cavernous space where two robotic www.takethislollipop.com16 / by unleashing the fastest-growing Facebook appdesign Supported by
  15. most contagious / identity / p.15 Pedigree / Doggelganger Coke Zero / My Life As A Game In an attempt to raise awareness of dog food brand Coke Zero created a particularly compelling and Pedigree’s Adoption Drive for shelter dogs, Colenso interactive expression of one person’s everyday life, BBDO, Auckland and Auckland-based production by translating it into a playable advergame.chapters / company NEC created the gleefully compelling Digital agency Gringo, São Paulo, first launched a01 / Doggelganger website, which plays to the endearingmovemenTs search via popular blog Jovem Nerd (‘young nerd’), observation that people often look like their pets. before finally selecting entrant Lucas Dias as the basis02 / for the character. His mission? To have more time forproJeCTs his life outside work, and in particular his girlfriend.03 /serviCe The final video-game was called Minha vida de game (‘My life at stake’) and was created by São Coke Zero /04 /soCiaL Paulo-based Hive Digital Media. Dias was filmed and photographed before the images were projected on05 /idenTiTy a 3D scanner and then rendered to build the game. See Contagious 2606 /TeChnoLogy http://bit.ly/game_cokezero07 / Lynx / StreamdaTa Unilever-owned male grooming brand Lynx took a08 / break from the female-fleshed theme of its regularaugmenTed advertising, with a rather nifty mobile app that lets Visitors are asked to either upload a picture of their09 / users plot, document and share a night out. The Lynxmoney face, or capture one directly via web cam. Facial Stream requires a group of friends to create an event mapping technology then measures the precise10 / via the app, which then aggregates all photos, videos, position, shape and size of key features, beforehaCk CuLTure tweets and check-ins from that night into one single, cross-referencing the information with a database of11 / chronological thread. genuine shelter dogs. It will then unite them with theirmusiC 2.0 own, personal ‘Doggelganger’. By logging on to the Lynx Stream site the next12 / morning (coffee and aspirin in hand), the group canvideo There is the option to make contact regarding a then watch and share their own video stream – even genuine adoption request; however, recognising that13 / deleting any particularly private or compromisingreTaiL the majority of users will feel an affinity with their pooch ‘occurances’. Razorfish, New York was responsible. but not realistically be in a position to acquire a new14 / See Contagious 27 Lynx /gaming pet, there is also the option to make a donation. Of www.thelynxstream.com course, Doggelgangers can also be shared directly15 / via Facebook, Twitter, Digg, etc. See Contagious 27pubLishing www.doggelganger.co.nz16 /design Supported by
  16. most contagious / technology / p.16 06 / mosT ConTagious / TeChnoLogy / hiding The wireschapters / The technology section in last year’s Most pre-installed on the iPhone 4S in October. Siri actually01 / Contagious was, in our own words, packed with originated outside of Apple, having been spun out ofmovemenTs ‘digital complexity’ to ‘boggle your mind’. So it’s developers SRI International back in 2007 as Siri02 / telling that this year, some of the most remarkable Inc. The company launched a voice activated personalproJeCTs pieces of tasty tech are rather the opposite… assistant app of the same name on the App Store in February 2010 and was acquired by Apple just a few03 / For a while our consultancy division, ContagiousserviCe months later. Insider, has been tracking examples of ‘experience04 / over innovation’ – where technology is used to reduce Siri can complete a wide array of tasks throughsoCiaL friction in people’s lives. Apple’s voice activated Siri voice activated commands. In addition to sending05 / and Jawbone’s movement monitoring wristband UP, text messages and emails, it can, for example, bookidenTiTy for example, place advanced technology in people’s restaurants and find locally recommended services.06 / hands but with a user experience that ‘makes the Over time, it even learns your preferences and tailorsTeChnoLogy wires disappear’: it’s simple, effective and focused on its responses accordingly. benefitting the customer first and foremost.07 / It courted controversy recently, however, when itdaTa With Google executive chairman Eric Schmidt was found to be able to locate local brothels, but not08 / bemoaning the level of computer science being nearby abortion clinics – an app with a pro-life agendaaugmenTed taught in UK schools, it’s been fascinating to see proving difficult for many users to swallow.09 / the emergence of hardware and software kits, such http://bit.ly/oJynhcmoney as Raspberry Pi and Twine, which are designed to10 / provide anyone with an interest in computers with Twine /haCk CuLTure the building blocks required to make coding and We’ve long been fans of all things Arduino, the11 / programming more accessible. popular open-source microcontroller. However, amusiC 2.0 We included 3D printers in Most Contagious 2010, recent project on the crowdfunding site Kickstarter12 / but the technology has continued to amaze this year, aims to get more people tinkering with electronics andvideo most recently with the 3D printing of bones through hardware at home. Twine is a small wireless module Washington State University and the generation of a and online service that help people to connect their13 /reTaiL functioning kidney during one extraordinary TED talk. household objects to the internet.14 / Mary Shelley should have something to say about that. Sensors within the Twine module detect, amongstgaming Apple / Siri other things, changes in temperature and movement.15 / These can be programmed through Spool, a web app One saving grace for Apple fans when the rumouredpubLishing which communicates messages via SMS, email and iPhone 5 wasn’t released earlier this year was the social network. So, if you want to be warned if a door16 / success of voice activated service Siri, which camedesign Supported by
  17. most contagious / technology / p.17 is opened in your home while you’re at work, you is going to be available in the UK through the can programme Twine to inform you via Twitter. Raspberry Pi website, and the charity reports that Or if your basement is prone to flooding, you can a range of people are interested; from education, programme Twine to send you a text message if to technology companies and individual softwarechapters / it detects moisture on the floor. developers. www.raspberrypi.org01 / Developed by MIT grads David Carr and Ones to Watch /movemenTs John Kestner of Cambridge, MA-based New York-based developers Kyle McDonald02 / Supermechanical, the project has beenproJeCTs and Arturo Castro demonstrated their real-time pledged over $220,000, easily exceeding the face substitution app, using face tracking and03 / original goal of $35,000. http://kck.st/uuhljtserviCe cloning. Their software swaps faces, allowing Raspberry Pi / anyone to masquerade as Brad Pitt or Barack04 / Obama (at least while their webcam’s switched Twine /soCiaL When he visited the UK earlier this year, Google on). Contagious 2905 / bigwig Eric Schmidt pointed out that too manyidenTiTy schools continue to teach pupils how to use In Issue 28 we covered Japanese confectionery software, rather than the building blocks to brand Ezaki Glico which used an advert to06 /TeChnoLogy create it. introduce a new member of pop band AKB 48, Aimi Eguchi, with the help of Dentsu07 / The Raspberry Pi Foundation, based in Kansai, Osaka. Actually a computer-generateddaTa Cambridge, is a UK registered charity that aims composite of existing members’ facial features,08 / to address that issue, by creating low cost the new member sparked a flurry of excitement,augmenTed computers specifically for teaching computer with Eguchi even appearing in Japan’s Weekly programming to children.09 / Playboy.money ‘We perceived that in the UK, the reduction in But fans began to get suspicious when Eguchi10 / access to programmable hardware to children went straight from trainee to starring in thehaCk CuLTure was leading to a reduction of the number and raspberry pi / commercial for the confectionery company’s Ice11 / quality of applicants to University and in turn no Mi candy. Some particularly observant fansmusiC 2.0 number of graduates for the industry,’ says Eben even noticed that her birthday, 11 February, is12 / Upton, one of the foundation’s trustees. the date that Ezaki Glico was founded.video PCs and other machines make learning ‘Their hunch proved right and they solved the13 / coding tricky, as they’re focused purely on endreTaiL mystery quite rapidly,’ said creative director user experience. Raspberry Pi’s development Toshitaka Nakao. After a few days, Ezaki Glico14 / philosophy has been to place education and released a ‘making of’ video revealing that Eguchigaming coding skills front and centre. was a sophisticated hoax, created entirely by CGI.15 / Its first computer is set to launch imminently, atpubLishing http://vimeo.com/29279198 a cost of just £25 and has been developed with http://vimeo.com/29348533 eZaki gLiCo /16 / open source principles. The initial run of 10,000design Supported by
  18. most contagious / data / p.18 07 / mosT ConTagious / daTa / The Fine arT oF meaning-makingchapters / As the assembly line otherwise known as ‘progress’ pushes01 / us forward through the information age, and past themovemenTs connected era, humans are creating sophisticated tools to02 / sort the deluge of information we generate. We have nowproJeCTs entered the age of the algorithm.03 / These logical sequences are increasingly responsible forserviCe shaping our world beyond the computer. The biggest companies04 / are built on them. They control what you see on Facebook, andsoCiaL how and when billions of dollars of shares are traded on markets.05 / Brands are using them to evolve their marketing. For an excellentidenTiTy discussion on the importance of algorithms, check out Kevin06 / Slavin’s TED Global talk here.TeChnoLogy Clive Humby, founder of shopper marketing firm dunnhumby,07 / is widely credited with the 2006 observation that ‘Data is the newdaTa oil’ – exceptionally valuable when refined. However, there’s still an08 / immense amount of room for us to build and tweak the structuresaugmenTed governing how data is distributed, which represents a new frontier09 / in marketing: how will we take command of the natural resourcemoney of the information age?10 / The Privacy CrunchhaCk CuLTure As marketers’ relationships with data evolves, now more than11 /musiC 2.0 ever brands need a firm understanding of how they’re protecting customer privacy.12 /video It’s no longer enough just to design programs to fuel massive amounts of data harvesting. The creeping liability inherent in these13 /reTaiL efforts comes as consumers get smarter about their own data and its privacy, and will hold your business more accountable in its14 /gaming gathering and storage. bLueFin Labs /15 / BlackBerry and Research In Motion have been pilloried forpubLishing releasing data; Twitter lauded for retaining it. Google was in16 / the spotlight when The Wall Street Journal announced the USdesign supported by
  19. most contagious / data / p.19 government had a secret court order to turn over the But it’s only recently that a series of technological files of Wikileaks supporter Jacob Appelbaum. and cultural forces have come together to see an explosion of such activity – the radical transparency But what’s lost in the idea of data as oil is that and sharing ethos of social media, the growing data, in many cases, is personal. The oil is made ofchapters / concern among people about health and wellbeing, tiny bits of our lives. The data is the colour of your and the prevalence of sophisticated devices packed01 / first car, the grade you got in college chemistry, ormovemenTs with sensors, recording and monitoring devices such the flirtatious comment you left on a facebook photo. as GPS, cameras, microphones and accelerometers02 / As the Facebook Timeline is a mainline to our past,proJeCTs – cheap convenient and ubiquitous enough to make personal data is loose bits of unrefined nostalgia. this widespread. This is most recognisable in the form03 /serviCe Your company already has a privacy policy of the smartphone, our most intimate, and frequently somewhere. Is it time for a revision? Should you put used piece of technology.04 / it into plain English and prove you understand yoursoCiaL Total shipments of smartphones in 2010 were responsibility? Should you post it on the front door?05 / 302.6 million units, up 74.4% from 2009, accordingidenTiTy Take Ritz-Carlton as an example. It’s taken big to IDC, with smartphones making up 21.8% of all steps in the hotel and hospitality sector using the data handsets shipped. 89% of smartphone users confess06 /TeChnoLogy it collects on its customers to build loyalty and great to using their mobile throughout the day, according customer service. But were that data to be applied to Google/IPSOS’ Mobile Movement Study (April07 /daTa without relevance, or made OVER-relevant, it pushes 2011) – meaning that it has never been easier for past the ever-changing ‘creepy’ boundary. people to gather their own data.08 /augmenTed Competent monitoring of data will soon be an Brands have entered this arena by creating essential ingredient in the recipe for success. A Sybase products, services and software to cater to the09 /money commissioned survey from the University of Texas trend; GE, for example, launched four iPhone apps at Austin, called ‘Measuring the Business Impacts that monitor sleep, weight, pregnancy and mood in10 /haCk CuLTure of Effective Data,’ found that a mere 10% increase in conjunction with online community MedHelp. As data usability for Fortune 1000 companies resulted community members use these tools to track their11 /musiC 2.0 in a $2.01 billion increase in revenue across the 150 own development, MedHelp collects this data in real companies surveyed; a 49% increase in productivity time and aggregates it to produce real-time results on12 / in the retail industry, 20% in food products, 19% invideo symptoms and general norms. With over 11 million automotive. monthly visitors and growing, the content available is13 / constantly evolving. Meanwhile, apps like TicTrac arereTaiL Life tracking / emerging. TicTrac promises a personal dashboard and FaCebook TimeLine /14 / Self-quantification is not new. People have been meta-analytic service that can discern more complexgaming meticulously measuring many aspects of their lives by patterns in users’ lives.15 / painting pictures and recording where they are, whenpubLishing and what they’re eating, and how they’re feeling, for16 / centuries – the basic diary being a common example.design Supported by
  20. most contagious / data / p.20 Ford / Sync measure them against their competitors, creating Ford has unveiled an ambitious string of a more nuanced picture from which to direct partnerships with medical monitoring and creative and strategy. technology companies in order to create ‘the http://bluefinlabs.comchapters / car that cares’. Extensions to its existing in-car01 / Sync technology, which to date has focused on Netflix / House of CardsmovemenTs entertainment and communication, will enable US entertainment streaming company Netflix02 / diabetes sufferers and those with other chronic recently outbid traditional cable channels HBOproJeCTs conditions to monitor themselves from behind and AMC to secure the rights to House of Cards03 / the wheel. By plugging the same wireless blood – a series which hasn’t yet begun production.serviCe sugar monitors used in the home into a Sync The series, a remake of the 1990 BBC political04 / interface, the car would be able to notify the thriller, is slated to be directed by David FinchersoCiaL driver when glucose levels rise or fall, with voice and star Kevin Spacey, and was bought by Netflix recognition software removing the need for any for a reported $100m. It’s the first time Netflix05 /idenTiTy manual interaction. has invested in original programming. Originally06 / http://ford.com/technology a subscription-based distributor of film and TVTeChnoLogy content, the company has expanded to become Bluefin Labs / an on-demand streaming content provider under07 /daTa MIT Media Lab startup Bluefin is matching the Netflix Instant banner. Content is streamed social media chatter to TV to help brands, online and to games consoles such as Xbox 360,08 / TiCTraC / networks and production companies work out Nintendo Wii, or PS3, and devices such as Blu-augmenTed what content viewers are most engaged with. ray players and internet connected HDTVs.09 /money Founded by professors Deb Roy and Michael The company mined vast amounts of subscriber Fleischman in 2008, Bluefin works by scanning viewing data to determine whether its audience10 /haCk CuLTure over three billion social media mentions a would find the combination of political drama, month, and matching visual signatures from an director and stars a compelling one. The same11 /musiC 2.0 archive of over 200,000 TV broadcasts from data which allowed Netflix to decide which series over 50 national broadcast and cable stations. to invest in, will also help the company to promote12 / The two are then married together, to provide House of Cards to subscribers appropriatelyvideo retrospective data about what viewers were using the service’s existing recommendation13 / saying about a show in real-time. system. http://bit.ly/blog_netflixreTaiL This, the company says, will help brands to get14 /gaming a deeper and more accurate understanding of Ford / HOW viewers are watching, rather than simply15 /pubLishing measuring eyeballs. The service will allow brands to check how ads work in different time slots and16 / across different channels and shows, as well asdesign Supported by