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Measuring the Effectiveness of Content

  1. #CMWorld Measuring the Effectiveness of Content Connie Bensen Global Social Content Strategy, Dell How to Plan, Develop & Optimize A Content Marketing Program for Tech
  2. #CMWorld Connie Bensen Defined Community Manager Role – 2006 Social Insights – 2008 Global Social Content Strategy, Dell – 2014 Build community around your intent. @cbensen #SocialBizology
  3. #CMWorld B2B content marketing offers opportunities 70% of marketers don’t have a content strategy Altimeter 60-70% of content is never used Sirius Decisions 60% of customer journey is completed before contacting company HubSpot By 2017 the CMO will spend more on IT than the CIO Gartner
  4. #CMWorld CMO’s realize that internal alignment is required 4
  5. #CMWorld This looks simple enough… Create Content Strategy Plan Campaign Produce Content Publish Measure and Refine
  6. #CMWorld Measurement basics 1.Decide on business objectives 1.The goals define what will be measured 2.Start simple with one to three KPI’s and build on that 2.Benchmark and report on a regular basis 1.Create a scorecard 2.Translate the % change to impact on business 3.Use insights to drive improvements
  7. #CMWorld The question is how to measure the ROI of content across the customer journey? •Influencer relations •Share of voice, reach •Traffic to website •Organic SEO •Leads, Conversions •Improved NPS •Reduced demand on call center •Increased advocacy and WOM •Talent recruitment
  8. #CMWorld Site traffic Web analytics from Omniture, Google Analytics, etc •Visits •Visitors •Page views •Bounce rate •Pages per visit •Traffic from organic search Insights: Vanity metrics can be deceptive - Dig into spikes to determine source Bounce rate indicates whether messaging is appropriate for place in buying cycle Pages viewed shows depth of visit
  9. #CMWorld Site engagement •Repeat visit % •Avg time on site •Content views •Comments •Newsletter signups •RSS subscribers Insights: Are customers returning to your content? What steps should be taken to increase this? What content is being viewed the most? What topics have gaps? Does the content inspire the reader to comment? Is the newsletter bringing people back? Is it a summary or is there opportunity to provide unique value.
  10. #CMWorld Social engagement •Total shares •Referred traffic •% of total traffic •Referrals from Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn •Influencer promotion Insights: How shareable is your content? Does the platform make it easy What traffic is earned vs paid Which channels are driving the most? Are influencers engaging with your content? How can you signal influencers? or, incorporate their opinions and ideas?
  11. #CMWorld Overview of frequently used metrics Site traffic Site engagement Social engagement Impact Visits Repeat visit % Total shares Leads Visitors Avg time on site Referred traffic Revenue Page views Content views % of total traffic Share of voice Bounce rate Comments Referrals from Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn Organic search rank Pages per visit Newsletter signups Influencer promotion Traffic from organic search RSS subscribers
  12. #CMWorld Is your content marketing effective? 59% of senior level business and IT decision makers usually scan marketing materials and throw in trash Forrester Research
  13. #CMWorld Dell publishes to many properties on-domain and off.
  14. #CMWorld Dell is building an infrastructure to support an integrated customer experience and new metrics Business functions Collaboration Customer-centric content alignment
  15. Global Marketing Dell - Internal Use - Confidential Opportunity to evolve as a Social Business Social media links teams across the customer journey –It offers direct access to the customer –Social is not a silo. It encourages and fosters collaboration –Business functions use data-driven insights –Early adopters encourage their teams to revise their processes –Opportunity to connect offline with online (multichannel) 15 [noun] Social Bizologist definition: The person responsible for guiding the business to shift to a customer focused approach and become a social business. Build community around your intent
  16. #CMWorld The opportunity to consolidate content calendars, workflows and content silos. Digital asset manager Extranet Sales Enablement Platform Sharepoint Blog or Digital magazine Corporate CMS(s) Marketing automation Community Platform Social Channels Technology stack •Social publishing, listening and engagement •Content production
  17. #CMWorld Moving beyond the basics and working collaboratively Use of centralized content tool 1.Simplification of workflows 2.Combine many content calendars into one with global visibility 3.Repurpose content that is performing 4.Aggregate content silos 5.Access to all content for localization Business value % productivity gain Reduced asset production time Increased Marketing Qualified Leads and increase conversion rate of Sales Qualified Leads Increased performance in channels Reduced time to find source files
  18. #CMWorld Research study of 8 companies using Kapost for their content marketing operations •133% increase in return visitors to their Website •253% increase in online engagement (downloads, blog reads, etc.) •200% increase in email open rates •75% increase in Web traffic •512% increase in marketing qualified leads •Six-fold revenue lift from content marketing activities •30% reduction in asset production cycle time •24% productivity improvement for content marketing resources
  19. #CMWorld Lessons Learned Lesson 1: Keep KPI’s simple. Don’t try to measure too many data points. Lesson 2: Consolidate content calendars in order to provide a holistic view and facilitate cross-functional workflows and alignment across business functions. Lesson 3: Measure production time and inventory to show business value and increase quality of content. Lesson 4: Report on inventory and usage across customer journey and personas to optimize content available and minimize localization barriers. Lesson 5: Content performance metrics such as engagement and sharing point to content that should be repurposed. Help others recover after failing. (fail fast) Understand, learn, and support (iterate often)
  20. 20 Questions? Connect with me: Resources Slideshare Creating a Culture for Making Business Social It Takes a Village Optimize by Lee Odden, TopRank Marketing Revenue Engine by Steven Woods, CTO Eloqua Rise of the Revenue Marketer by Debbie Qaqish Altimeter Report: Digital Transformation: Why and How Companies are Investing in New Business Models to Lead Digital Customer Experiences