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12 Rules to Make Things Perfect    Author: Mike Le (01/30/2012)    These rules are written for our Management Team, but it...
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12 rules to make things perfect

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12 rules to make things perfect

  1. 1. 12 Rules to Make Things Perfect Author: Mike Le (01/30/2012) These rules are written for our Management Team, but it is good to share.1. Quality is non-negotiable. It simply have to be the best.2. Someone in the company will have to ensure the product is perfect before delivering to clients. Let it be you managers, or that "someone" will be a great Manager and kick you out.3. Staffs can be up or down, inspired or tired, stable or unstable, but the final quality must always stay at its peak. The Manager needs to keep everything in sight and "cover" any possibly weak area to maintain the quality standard.4. Perfection comes from the characteristics, not ability or experience.5. To create great products, first you have to WANT to create great products. If you do not want to, you do not feel need to do so. If you do not feel need to make things perfect, you simply will do nothing.6. Making things perfect should be the habit of everybody in the company.7. Perfection is consistent. Your work tables need to be cleared, office need to stay cleaned, data need to be backed up, each line of code need to be optimized, etc and "no reason".8. Manage yourself to work at your best stably is already tough. Discover the greatness inside other people around and make them work at their best stably is a lot tougher.9. A good manager does not complain about his/her people. You make the most out of them, or fire them.10. The key to discovering the greatness of other people lies in the ability of asking right questions andrespecting people deeply.11. A good manager connects great personalities into a synergized team to create great products.12. Perfection is simple. If you feel difficult doing a job, that usually means something is wrong.