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Inside the Mind of the B2B Buyer 2020

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A look at the state of B2B buying & the decision-makers driving it.

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Inside the Mind of the B2B Buyer 2020

  1. 1. Inside the Mind of the B2B Buyer 2020
  2. 2. The 2020 B2B Decision Environment is… Trust & Quality Access Over- whelmed Industry Peer & Third-Party Clear & Concise Connected Experience Inside the Mind of the B2B Buyer 2020 A peek into the fluid state of the B2B buying process and how decision-makers feel about vendors’ content and experience. Increasingly complex and being reshaped by a diverse group of DECISION-MAKERS, INFLUENCERS & END USERS. A buying center can comprise up 25 people in large organizations 54% of buyers have increased the size of their buying centers WHAT IS A BUYING CENTER? A group of individuals within an organization that make decisions about a substantial purchase or investment. AKA • Buying Committee • DMU (Decision-Making Unit) IDGDemand Gen Business Dictionary
  3. 3. Regardless of company size, there are three main divisions of labor Note: In smaller organizations, the influencer and user can be the same. In larger organizations, there can be several more roles. • Mandates the evaluation • Builds/sells/approve business case • VP, SVP, C-Suite UserInfluencer Decision- Maker • Conducts research; helps build short list • Can be champion, gatekeeper or shadow stakeholder • Sr. Mgr., Director • Most impacted; vets the shortlist • Can kill a deal; can also be a gatekeeper • Lead, End User, IT, Operations 78% have to spend more time researching The consideration phase is grueling Demand Gen
  4. 4. Studies show each year that vendors keep “missing the memo” 62% want sales people to know what content they downloaded during follow-up Content that buyers find helpful for decision-making = content that vendors find difficult to produce. Case Studies Analyst Reports Reviews Industry Specific Time, Cost & Effort ROI IDG
  5. 5. In their own words… Vendor collateral glosses over important details. (Trust Radius) Vendor websites are limited, provide little insights, and are only geared to get your information for a sales call. (Trust Radius) I know the types of information that is put on a website – it’s useful, but I find resources from outside the company to be more trustworthy and honest. (Trust Radius) While, I as an IT Professional, am not the decision-maker, I have two important roles: decision influencer & gatekeeper. If a vendor doesn’t convince me they don’t make it, the decision-maker & I can make or break most IT decisions. (Spiceworks) Don’t make me fill out a form to register with you before I can download a whitepaper that tells me how your solution addresses a problem I am researching. (Spiceworks)
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