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Market stUDyWestern eUropeTechnical services for Turnaroundsin peTrochemical planTs                                       ...
stUDy oBjeCtIves anD BeneFIts                                                                                           Co...
4.5.       service contract typology                        6.         technical service provider business models     8.  ...
Market study “technical services for turnarounds in petrochemical plants“FaX: +49 (0)30 - 88 43 07 30ContaCt Us           ...
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technical services for turnarounds in petrochemical plants in western europe

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Flyer to Market Study about technical services for shutdown and turnaround management in petrochemical plants in western europe

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technical services for turnarounds in petrochemical plants in western europe

  1. 1. Market stUDyWestern eUropeTechnical services for Turnaroundsin peTrochemical planTs Cl e arThis sTudy will answer The following quesTions st to gaIn aFroM› What volume of turnaround services are contracted out by petrochemical plant operators? Be the FIr aDvantage› How will demand and supply for turnaround services evolve in the future? BUsIness Ue InFor MatIon –py› Who provides technical services for turnarounds? thIs UnIq oUr e XClUsIve Co› How will competition between turnaround service providers develop? reserve yrst eDItIon!› What are the most successful organisational and contractual models and why? oF the FI› What strategic opportunities do turnaround service providers have?why read This sTudy?planT operaTors› Access a comprehensive database of contractors for turnarounds, from full service providers to specialists› Identify how economic, competitive and legislative pressures on your suppliers will affect your business› Compare the benefits of adopting different contract strategies and structures, now and in the longer term› Prepare your turnaround contracting strategy based on expert forecasts of the market for contractors› Gain in-depth reports on some of the most significant large and small contractors in EuropeconTracTors› Analyse the current market for your services and how this will change by 2020› Understand and prepare for changes in the competitive landscape, nationally and internationally› Formulate long term business and marketing strategies to survive and thrive in a range of possible forecast scenarios› Anticipate the impact of legislative and regulatory change to gain the best results for your business› Analyse threats from new entrants to your market and identify strategies to counteract them› Access the best available information on the Western European technical services contractor market and your position within it
  2. 2. stUDy oBjeCtIves anD BeneFIts Contentsthe european petrochemical industry is currently facing significant changes in the patterns of demand for 1. executive summaryproducts and an ever increasing competition between regional sites. one critical factor for the success of asite is maintaining the maximum availability of production facilities. Downtime causes significant losses, so 2. objectives and scopethe efficient management of shutdown projects to minimise downtime is extremely important for operators. 2.1. Introduction 2.2. Backgroundthe performance of these projects depends in great part on the management and competencies of externaltechnical service providers. In turn, service providers face challenges driven by reductions in turnaround 2.3. aims and objectivestimes and costs, longer periods between shutdowns and the need to increase their share of integrated 2.4. Methodologyadditional projects. 3. Framework conditionsagainst this background it is surprising that there has been no systematic documentation of the Western 3.1. legislative frameworkeuropean turnaround service market or transparent coverage of service providers for petrochemical 3.1.1. national legislationturnaround projects. this study, part of a series addressing turnaround service provision in major global 3.1.2. EU framework conditionsmarkets, will provide the data and analysis you need to make effective decisions for turnaround strategy 3.1.3. national application of EU frameworkand contracting. 3.2. economic framework 3.2.1. global economyapproaCh 3.2.2. national economies 3.2.3. economic situation for plant operators 3.2.4. economic situation for service providersthe t.a. Cook studies team is undertaking a thorough market study including a substantial unique market 3.3. turnaround scopesurvey among petrochemical plant operators and service providers across Western european countries. 3.3.1. turnaround phasesthis will be supported by relevant database analysis, press analysis and interviews with experts. Industry 3.3.2. special petrochemical industry turnaroundleaders will be invited to a workshop developing turnaround market evolution scenarios and identifying characteristicsthe most effective responses, especially pertaining to turnaround contracting. 4. petrochemical plant operators 4.1. operators 4.1.1. otherst.a. Cook 4.2. 4.2.1. 4.2.2. economic implications of turnarounds economic impact of downtime for operators economic impact of reliability gainsT.A. Cook is a management consulting firm focusing on Asset Performance Management with offices in Berlin, 4.3. Demand for turnaround technical services:Birmingham, London, Raleigh and Rio de Janeiro. status quo and outlook 4.3.1. primary market: demand from plant opera-The core competence of the consulting business is the sustainable implementation of asset, operations and torsservice-oriented excellence. As a change management specialist, the firm delivers measurable value enhancement 4.3.2. secondary market: demand from principaland bottom-line productivity gains. In order to achieve these results T.A. Cook offers a wide range of professional contractorsservices which ensure that all business processes – from strategy definition through management to organisational 4.3.3. future demand outlookdesign – are effective, efficient and sustainable. 4.4. turnaround requirements unique to the petrochemical sectorComplementing the consulting business, the T.A. Cook Academy has become a leading organiser of international 4.4.1. plant knowledgeconferences and seminars relating to Asset Performance Management. Annual events include the MainDays 4.4.2. service quality and safetysummit as well as conferences centred on topics such as Shutdowns & Turnarounds and Capex Management. 4.4.3. deadline reliability 4.4.4. certificationT.A. Cook’s clients are typically businesses, their suppliers and contractors working with significant industrial 4.4.5. staff requirementsassets across multiple sectors. The company has particular expertise in the petrochemicals, plastics, pharmaceutical,transport, mining and food sectors as well as excellent knowledge of the regulated environments occupied bygas, water and electricity utilities.www.tacook.com
  3. 3. 4.5. service contract typology 6. technical service provider business models 8. Future trends, strategies and scenarios4.5.1. arm’s length models and organizational models 8.1. Future trends4.5.1.1. framework contracts 6.1. Unique business demands of turnarounds 8.1.1. industry trends4.5.1.2. lump sum contracts and their implications 8.1.2. service provider trends4.5.2. strategic partnerships 6.1.1. unique features of the turnaround business 8.1.3. maintenance technology trends4.5.3. outsourcing 6.1.2. the demand myth – too much or not enough 8.2. opportunities and risks for technical work service providers5. turnaround services 6.1.3. typical solutions 8.3 strategic options for plant operators5.1. overview of products and services 6.2. organizational structure of the technical 8.3.1. contracting strategies5.2. project services service provider industry 8.3.2. downtime strategies5.2.1. project management 6.2.1. historical development of service providers 8.4. strategic options for tar technical5.2.2. organization 6.2.2. typology of service providers service providers5.2.3. work and time scheduling turnaround oriented service providers 8.4.1. market entry strategies5.2.4. cost scheduling function oriented service providers 8.4.2. internationalization5.2.5. controlling specialized service providers 8.4.3. M&A5.2.6. coordination, management and integrated service providers 8.4.4. specialization vs. full service quality assurance full-service providers 6.2.3. business models 8.5. Future scenario analysis5.3. Mechanical trades5.3.1. machinery and pipe fitting principal contractors5.3.2. pipeline construction sub contractors5.3.3. gadgets independent planning service suppliers5.3.4. scaffolding others sTudy scope5.3.5. isolation 6.3. Marketing and distribution5.3.6. corrosion prevention and surface protection 6.3.1. general5.3.7. welding 6.3.2. regional focus5.3.8. pressure cleaning and disposal 6.3.3. industry focus5.4. electrical services single industry5.4.1. EMR-valves multiple industries5.4.2. safety valves 6.3.4. service segmentation5.4.3. electrical installations 7. Competitive landscape5.5. turnaround safety5.5.1. safety equipment 7.1. Competition between suppliers5.5.2. safety monitoring 7.1.1. competition between full-service suppliers5.5.3. labor safety 7.1.2. competition between principal contractors5.6. Inspection 7.2. Competition dynamics5.6.1. technical inspection 7.2.1. internationalization5.6.2. welding inspection 7.2.2. full-service vs. specialization 7.2.3. comparison of competitors5.7. Infrastructure and logistics 7.2.4. new market entrants5.7.1. plant traffic5.7.2. cleaning 7.3. profiles of selected tar service providers5.7.3. containers5.7.4. lighting5.7.5. crane technologyconTracTor benchmarking serviceThis turnaround market study is generating significant amounts of unique and exclusive data on the market for Interested? For more details, simply fill in your details on the formturnaround contracting. T.A. Cook Research & Studies can use this to supply you with a tailored report, showing you overleaf and tick the appropriate box. Otherwise, why not contacthow you compare to your competition, what threatens your business and which strategies offer the richest returns. us direct at: d.meissner@tacook.com?
  4. 4. Market study “technical services for turnarounds in petrochemical plants“FaX: +49 (0)30 - 88 43 07 30ContaCt Us order study now! Make no commitment In-Depth Workshop Yes I would like to pre-book an electronic copy Interested in the study but not enough to buy yet? A scenario workshop will be held in spring 2010 with of the study at the price of 5.900 EURO plus VAT. No problem. Simply tick here and we will send you leading experts. The workshop will develop scenarios further information once the study is complete. for the market development, bring new insights into stay in touch! organisational and contractual models and regulations For updates, discussion and commentary on Interested in other studies? and prepare recommendations and guidelines. these issues and many more, why not join We will be happy to provide you with information T.A. Cook Research & Studies’ Petrochemical during our ongoing programme of research, Yes I want to participate in the scenario Maintenance Advisory Group on LinkedIn? As including: workshop. Please contact me. well as engaging with relevant subject matter Technical services for petrochemical plant specialists from across the world, you may be turnarounds, market study Germany, Austria, invited to join our exclusive panel of Subject Switzerland Matter Experts. Technical services for petrochemical plant turnarounds, market study Middle East Name, surname Function Department Tel Fax Email Company Industry Street Zip-code / city Alternative billing address Date Signature ContaCt For further information on this study or on T.A. Cook’s Research & Studies group, please contact Dr. Dirk Meissner at: Tel.: +49 (0)30 - 88 43 07 0 | email: d.meissner@tacook.com T.A. Cook & Partner Consultants GmbH | Leipziger Platz 2 | 10117 Berlin | Fax: +49 (0)30 - 88 43 07 30 | www.tacook.com