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Importance of standards & codes based on project5.2

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Importance of standards & codes based on structured cabling projects. The presentation highlights the importance of vetting structured cabling products at each level of the supply chain: manufacturer, distributor, contractor & installer, and end-user & consultant. The presentation given by comCables outlines 3 key tools to use when verifying that your products are meeting and exceeding performance and safety requirements.

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Importance of standards & codes based on project5.2

  1. 1. Importance of Standards & Codes for Project Implementation Tom McAllister- Director of Structured Cabling
  2. 2. Responsible Parties Manufacturers Distributors Contractors End Users/ Consultants
  3. 3. Manufacturers  Quality Control  Prove It ▫ 3rd Party ▫ UL/ETL
  4. 4.  Source Checking  Red Flags Distributors
  5. 5. Contractors  Verify Sources  Test it
  6. 6. End Users/Consultants  Do your Homework  Proof of Compliance
  7. 7. Standards  Project and implementation  ANSI/TIA 568 C.0-4  Varies depending on supply chain Project Safety Issues Codes  Life Safety Issues  NEC & NFPA  CM, CMR, CMP
  8. 8. Tools UL Manufacturer Directory File # or Keyword lookup ETL Verified Mark Directory Company Search CCCA Cable Check Mobile App UL Manufacturer File # or Keyword lookup
  9. 9. Revised Order Manufacturers Distributors Contractors End Users/ Consultants
  10. 10. Key Take Aways  Download comCables- Bid Tool  Downloadable UL tool  Understand your responsibility & why you need to care ▫ CCCA Article- Legal Risks  Do it right the 1st time  Continuing Education  Protect your friends and family
  11. 11. Don’t Get Burned
  12. 12. Follow @comCables Thank you- Questions?