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Software and Spacecraft - Katie Hassell - CodeMill - Sept 2017

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Software and Spacecraft: Not Just for Computer Scientists

Like many engineered products of today (cars, aeroplanes, buildings), spacecraft have complex designs; not made any easier by a lack of access after launch and usually no "repeat" mission to iterate a design over. It will come as no surprise that computational analysis features heavily in the life of a spacecraft engineer.

Katie will introduce the general principles behind spacecraft engineering, including an overview of different roles and uses of software. She will share her experience of being a thermal analyst for spacecraft and a brief history of how software use has changed in the industry, looking at some more recent missions and how software is changing the scope of future space exploration.

Katie Hassell

Originally from Giggleswick in North Yorkshire, Katie studied Physics at The University of Warwick. After a few years in the administrative wilderness, she completed a Masters in Aerospace Engineering, before becoming a Spacecraft Thermal Engineer. Over the last six years she has been lucky enough to work on a whole range of missions, including: EarthCARE, Solar Orbiter, LISA Pathfinder, Biomass and PLATO.


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Software and Spacecraft - Katie Hassell - CodeMill - Sept 2017

  1. 1. Software and Spacecraft Not Just for Computer Scientists
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