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Empowered caregivers

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Now hiring caregivers in the bayarea at www.clubalthea.com . Email motherhealth@gmail.com

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Empowered caregivers

  1. 1. Empowered Caregivers 1. Knows when to call 911, signs of stroke, signs of hospice care-end of life care, signs of UTI, signs of drug related interactions, signs of distress and any sign that needed immediate intensive or non-intensive care that cannot be cared for at home. 2. Knows the following values are important when caring for those with degenerative health issues and for everyone: trust, patience, compassion, respect, privacy, authentic care, and empathy. 3. Have the required skill set to assist young and older adults in daily living at home from bathing, medication management, light housekeeping, dressing/grooming and hygiene, feeding/cooking, physical activities/exercise, and other tasks needed to live a quality life while recovering from ill health. Motherhealth Caregivers are:  independent contractors  with life and medical insurance benefits (after 3months of full time employment)  works in flexible hours  empowered through experience and training on quality standard of care for in home health  paid weekly Requirements for caregiver on-boarding  assessment on phone and quicktest (emailed assessment form)  TB test, CPR and background checks  Driver’s license, application form, Social security card  Watched Youtube videos on HIPPA, proper lifting for wheel-chair bound adults, dressing for bed-bound adults, FAQ (www.clubalthea.com/caregiving tips) and use of proper protection/gloves/etc  Identified availability based on personal schedules and geographic locations within the greater bay area  Smart phone (communication and reporting) and email address  Nursing scrubs/properuniform