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Prova ingles 1 2013

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Prova ingles 1 2013

  1. 1. ENGLISH TEST – 1TH ANO - 1TH BIMESTRIAL ESCOLA _______________________ TEACHER: ____________________ DATE: ____/_____/____ NAME: ____________________________________ NUMBER _____ LEIA O TEXTO COM MUITA ATENÇAÕ E RESPONDA AS QUESTÕES! Dear friends, I am not writing from Washington, I’m writing from London now. It’s a beautiful morning and the sun is shining. It is not reining now. It’s half past eleven and I am standing in front of Buckingham Palace, The Queen’s home in London. There are a lot of tourists here, from all over the world. We are watching the great show. They are changing the guard. The band is playing and the soldiers are marching. I am taking a picture. You are looking at it now! Love, Mary 1- De acordo com o texto, onde está Mary? _____________ 2- De acordo com Mary o sol está _______________ 3- Qual é o grande show que ela está assistindo? _____________ 4- A que horas ela para em frente ao Palácio de Buckingham? ______ 5- Mary tira uma foto do quê? ____________ 6- Que gênero textual é esse? a- ( ) um anúncio b- ( ) uma notícia c- ( ) uma carta 7- Escreva as formas negativa e interrogativa da frase em destaque no texto. N: _________________________ I: ___________________________ 8- Nas imagens abaixo, diga o que as pessoas estão fazendo: a- We/ to sing b- He to surf on the internet a- __________________________ b- ______________________ Nas frases abaixo, marque a opção que está de acordo com a palavra em destaque: 9- The burning of coal, gasoline, and gas adds to air pollution. a- ( ) queima b- ( ) queimado 10- Reading is one of the four linguistic skills. a- ( ) ler b- ( ) ler 11- The boys are running in the park. a- ( ) correndo b- corrida 12- Running shoes are generally more expensive than common shoes. a- ( ) correndo b- ( ) corrida 13- you should always warm up before and after running a- ( ) correr b- ( ) correndo 14- Complete com o sufixo ity e traduza: Curious: ________ T: _____________ Real:__________ T: _____________ National:_____ T: _____________ 15- Complete com o sufixo ly e traduza: Literal: _______ T: _________ Different: ____ T: __________ Real: _______ T: ___________ 16- Complete com o sufixo al e traduza: Organization: ________ T: ________ Education: __________ T: ________ Nation: _____________ T: _______ 17- Os “DISCOURSE MAKERS” em destaque indicam: a- Amyr Klink is in New York, but He isn1t alone. _________________ b- When I was a child, I played ball very well. __________________ c- Carol is goingo to visit your family, where he was born.______________ d- I go from Boa Esperança to Salvador. ______________ e _________ e- It was created by human beings. _______________________ f- On Sunday ______________ g- In July ______________ h- At 18 o'clock i- At the park. ______________ j- In neighborhood______________ k- On Main Street ______________ l- In 2013______________ m- On 2nd May ______________ 18- Complete with SIMPLE PRESENT TENSE: (complete com o presente simples) a- We ______________ the newspaper in class every day. (To read) b- He ______________ in the school. (To work) c- She ______________ in Rio de Janeiro. (To live) d- He _______________ to visit Caracas. (To want) 19- Observe a frase: “Anne likes chocolate cake.” O verbo em destaque está: a- ( ) na primeira pessoa do singular b- na segunda pessoa do plural c- ( ) na terceira pesssoa do plural d- na terceira pessoa do singular. 19- Enumere a 2ª coluna de acordo dom a 1ª(observe a 3ª pessoa do singular): 1- say 2- read 3- try 4- Kiss 5- cry 6- run 7- drive 8- go 9- play 10- mix ( ) mixes ( ) goes ( ) pays ( ) drives ( ) cries ( ) runs ( ) kisses ( ) reads ( ) tries ( ) says