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Sustainable Packaging: Are we missing the big picture

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Ed Roberts, Regional Sustainability Director – EMEA presents at International Convention 2019 in Manchester

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Sustainable Packaging: Are we missing the big picture

  1. 1. Get noticed | Get connected | Get ahead Ed Roberts Regional Sustainability Director – EMEA Sealed Air Sustainable Packaging: Are We Missing the Big Picture?
  2. 2. Get noticed | Get connected | Get ahead “Urgent and Dramatic Action” “The world has already passed one degree of warming as carbon emissions have ballooned since the 1850s… Many low-lying countries may disappear under the sea if the 1.5°C limit is breached… keeping below this limit will require urgent and dramatic action from governments and individuals alike” “Global warming is on track to break the 1.5°C mark by around 2040” Report of the 48th session of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, Incheon, South Korea, 1-5 October 2018
  3. 3. Get noticed | Get connected | Get ahead Ocean Plastics
  4. 4. Get noticed | Get connected | Get ahead What is Ocean Plastics Made of? The Great Pacific Garbage Patch “As it turns out, of the 79,000 metric tons of plastic in the patch, most of it is abandoned fishing gear—not plastic bottles or packaging drawing headlines today. A comprehensive new study… found that fishing nets account for 46 percent of the trash, with the majority of the rest composed of other fishing industry gear… Scientists estimate that 20 percent of the debris is from the 2011 Japanese tsunami.” Laura Parker National Geographic https://news.nationalgeographic.com/2018/03/great-pacific-garbage-patch-plastics- environment/
  5. 5. Get noticed | Get connected | Get ahead Comparing Material Carbon Footprints 12,600 12,800 13,000 13,200 13,400 13,600 13,800 14,000 14,200 14,400 kgCO2e AirCap® E200 AirCap® E100 AirCap® E100 and AirCap® E200 1,041 kgCO2e shipped from Kettering to a distributor 120 km/75 miles away100,000m
  6. 6. Get noticed | Get connected | Get ahead Sustainable Materials Water Energy Waste & Effluent Land Use GHG Emissions Transport. Supply Chain Compliance Design & Operation Health & Wellbeing Inclusion Social Responsibility Stakeholder Satisfaction Sustainability of “what it does” • One positive attribute does not mean sustainable • Often negative consequences associated with the positive attribute • Environmental, social and economic factors • May not address an actual customer need • Negative impacts may be detrimental to customer need • Ignores other customer needs • Recyclable • Recycled • Bio-based • Biodegradable • Compostable • ... Social Environmental Environmental impact of “it” Typical Environmental Attributes
  7. 7. Get noticed | Get connected | Get ahead “What it is” v “What it Does” Paper v Plastic • Paper is heavier and bulkier with less cushioning at equivalent weights • Increased Damage • Waste • Customer dissatisfaction • Energy • Transportation • GHG • Transportation • Dimensional weight • Energy • GHG • Increased H&S Risk • Manual Handling • Inclusion • Manual Handling CFP Paper = 1.49 kgCO2e/kg* CFP LDPE = 2.94 kgCO2e/kg* * Typical European values from independent LCA database
  8. 8. Get noticed | Get connected | Get ahead Units at 25 kgCO2e Each GHG Saving No Packaging Units Sold Damage in Transit 100,000 5% Units Made & Shipped 105,000 Unit GHG 2,625,000 kgCO2e Packaging GHG 0 kgCO2e Transportation GHG 86.1 kgCO2e TOTAL GHG 2,625,086 kgCO2e – Paper 100,000 2% 102,000 2,550,000 kgCO2e 7,650 kgCO2e 290.7 kgCO2e 2,557,941 kgCO2e GHG Saving – 67,145 kgCO2e – Plastic 100,000 2% 102,000 2,550,000 kgCO2e 4,500 kgCO2e 259.0 kgCO2e 2,554,759 kgCO2e 70,327 kgCO2e 3,182 kgCO2e Plastic 100,000 0% 100,000 2,500,000 kgCO2e 4,500 kgCO2e 253.9 kgCO2e 2,504,754 kgCO2e 120,332 kgCO2e 53,187 kgCO2e
  9. 9. Get noticed | Get connected | Get ahead NewAir® IB Case Study NewAir® IB replaced paper in an e-commerce customer… • Throughput velocity improved 10% (economic) • Improved labour efficiency over €360,000 (economic) • Damaged packages reduced by 20% (economic, social, environmental) • Overall improvement in customer experience (social) • Replacement costs reduced by over €2.7 million (economic) • Reduced packaging waste >900,000 kg (environmental) • Reduced greenhouse gas emissions ~10 million kgCO2e (environmental)
  10. 10. Get noticed | Get connected | Get ahead Sustainability Mapping • Identifies key customer needs across 13 environmental and social metrics • Reflects priorities of the CEO and organisation • Facilitates alignment of needs and solution • Facilitates meaningful sustainability discussions • Tells us that sustainability is becoming MORE broad and MORE important, not less • Tells us that customers even within the same market have different needs Priority 1’s Priority 2’s Priority 3’s
  11. 11. Get noticed | Get connected | Get ahead Logistics DHL FedEx UPS XPO Produced from information in the public domain in 2016/7
  12. 12. Get noticed | Get connected | Get ahead Ahold IntermarchéMercadona Produced from information in the public domain in 2016/7 Retail Priority 1 Priority 2 Priority 3
  13. 13. Get noticed | Get connected | Get ahead How Packaging Choice Can Impact Corporate Goals Source: The impact of plastic packaging on life cycle energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions in Europe Executive Summary, July 2011, Denkstatt X3.6 X2.2 X2.7 ALTERNATIVESPLASTICS ALTERNATIVESPLASTICS ALTERNATIVESPLASTICS 18.4 million tonnes p.a. 18.4 million tonnes p.a. 1010 million GJ p.a. 2250 million GJ p.a. 97.4 million tonnes p.a. 36.3 million tonnes p.a. TOTAL MASS FOR THE SAME FUNCTIONAL UNIT ENERGY IN TOTAL LIFE CYCLE CO2 EMISSIONS IN TOTAL LIFE CYCLE
  14. 14. Get noticed | Get connected | Get ahead ed.roberts@sealedair.com Thank you