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Fundraising in a post covid-19 world

  1. Fundraising in a post - COVID 19 world
  2. WHO Vanessa Buvens Senior Consultant Christian Meyer zu Natrup Managing Director WHAT We build better NGOs We help them to be funded better
  3. 3 trends here to stay 1. Fast-track: digital-first (and last) 2. Flexing organisational muscles…and funding 3. Your place in the post-Covid19 ecosystem
  4. 1. DIGITAL - FIRST ● 10 to 20% increase in individual giving between 2020-2021…(yes!) ● Donor fatigue…a myth? Engage and tell a story ● Design for digital first… + infrastructure, talent, training ● Transparency and accountability ● Innovations to watch Jim Collins and Jerry Porras
  5. 2. FLEXING ORGANISATIONAL MUSCLES….AND FUNDING ● Covid19 set a precedent - flexible funding (re)naissance? ● Philanthropy (slow) awakening moment ● SIDA, NORAD, EU…leading the way or piloting programme-based approach for humanitarian work ● Prioritise “FF” friendly donors ● Earn your core funding: be impactful, efficient, transparent. ● Well funded NGOs react faster to change. A well executed fundraising service is now more than “a nice to have”
  6. 3. FIND/ REDEFINE YOUR PLACE POST COVID-19 ● System change and complexity picking up among donors & philanthropy: where do you fit? ● More intentional about: -Funding the frontline -Funding ‘breakthrough’ solutions -Who they do not want to partner with ● Find your tribe! And stick to it for the long-run. ● Be aware of wealth gap = funding gap Jim Collins and Jerry Porras
  7. Thank you! Since early 2020 a lot of NGOs reached out to us asking for support on fundraising Early 2020 We listen! In Spring 2020 we decided to rise to the challenge and design a really helpful, impactful fundraising service for NGOs Spring 2020 Launching soon! 1) 100% digital, global, in 9 languages 2) 100% of funding raised goes to the NGO 3) Everything you need to launch an effective fundraising function a) Strategy and Results Management b) Graphic design and video production c) Social Media, Search and Mail campaign managers d) Crowdfunding, finance, and market analysis experts 11 April 2022 We built! We may have taken our sweet time over it, but we build a fundraising service that generates income at low costs for the long term Late 2020 to early 2022 We need well funded, well managed NGOs to achieve the SDGs. Let’s build them!
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