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The "Why Should You Talk" Talk

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Have you ever wondered why some developers spend days preparing slides, walk on stage for no money, and speak to people they don't know?
At first glance, speaking is an unthankful job. Either everybody laughs at your strong accent or some developing superheroes know more than you have. It takes you days of preparation. Speaking makes you sweat, before the talk, during the talk, and later when you watch yourself on video. Speaking makes you pee much more often than is healthy. But still, conferences are full of unpaid speakers. There are way more reasons to give a talk than not to do it. In this talk, we talk about talking. And more concretely, why you should talk as well. As a bonus, I will tell you about my biggest failures when talking (please remind me).

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The "Why Should You Talk" Talk

  1. 1. The ! “Why should you talk” talk! Christian Grobmeier Twitter: @grobmeier!
  2. 2. Current status:
  3. 3. 5 Reasons 2 Talk
  4. 4. Reason I
  5. 5. 1989
  6. 6. 1996
  7. 7. Reason II
  8. 8. Preparation = Value
  9. 9. Reason III
  10. 10. Stand out.
  11. 11. Reason IV
  12. 12. Reason V
  13. 13. DO YOU TRUST ME?
  14. 14. Focus on your job.
  15. 15. How did speaking help you?
  16. 16. Consultation gigs! Long term contracts! Business leads! Learned through others! Hired people!
  17. 17. Why are you not speaking?
  18. 18. Nothing to tell?
  19. 19. STAGE FRIGHT?
  20. 20. PRACTICE!
  21. 21. One last thing.
  22. 22. Looking glass self
  23. 23. Presentation Zen by Garr Reynolds!
  24. 24. Thanks for all. Reach out Christian Grobmeier http://www.grobmeier.de! Twitter: @grobmeier! LinkedIn: http://j.mp/glinkedin! ! cg@grobmeier.de! Rate my talk: ! joind.in/15225!
  25. 25. Image Credits All images from Unsplash, except personal images and the book cover from Presentation Zen. Study room: Jez Times Statue of Liberty: Anthony DELANOIX Bar: Kevin Curtis Crazy probably dying a horrible death: Alex Wong Worker: Lotte Löhr Women: Alex Harvey Empty room: Johnny Clow Tiger: Edewaa Foster Rehearsal room: Karim Boubker Car: Josh Felise