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Tips for news design

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14 tips for better news and newspaper design. Follow @chrissnider on Twitter.

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Tips for news design

  2. What is design? From Flickr.com’s Designer Wallpaper group http://flickr.com/groups/designerwallpaper/pool/
  4. 1. Good design defined
  5. Good design... • Make it easy to read • Make it easy to find • Make it visually attractive
  6. 2. Give your page hierarchy
  7. Hierarchy • Dominant image • Dominant headline • Things get smaller as you go down the page to draw your eye through the page
  8. 3. Sketch first
  9. 4. Keep it simple
  10. 5. Use white space
  11. 6. Use a grid
  12. Giant pig threatens mankind
  13. Giant pig threatens mankind
  14. 7. Respect the reader’s time
  15. 8. Tell a story through design
  16. Design process • What is the story I am trying to tell? • How do I tell that story through design? • What elements do I have to tell the story?
  17. PAGE: A01MD3MN0420 CMYK Vol. 125, No. 110 ©2003 PR O U D LY S E RVI N G ST. LO U I S F O R 125 YEAR S 1 2 3 4 5 6 ##### GGGG $1.25 ST. CHARLES www.STLtoday.com APRIL 20, 2003 11-PAGE WAR REVIEW IN NEWSWATCH | SECTION B AFTERMATH OF WAR Fence-mending could begin this week in U.N. Security Council “ BY JON SAWYER Post-Dispatch Washington Bureau Chief ON TO FRANCE? President George W. Bush has RUSSIA agreed to visit France when it hosts Late next month President “It would be WASHINGTON — Now that the the summit of industrialized SYRIA RUSSIA George W. Bush travels to military part of the Iraq campaign St. Petersburg to meet in the U.S. is largely done, the administration democracies beginning June 1. High Secretary of State Colin with Russian President on the agenda: Repairing the strains Powell plans to visit national of President George W. Bush is re- from French and German opposition Damascus "soon," he says, Vladimir Putin, with both engaging the world diplomatically, sides reportedly eager to security to the U.S.-led war on Iraq. to press U.S. demands on look beyond their on issues ranging from Iraq’s im- chemical weapons, ex- interest to disagreements on Iraq. mediate neighborhood to the larger Iraqi leaders and Syria's Middle East peace process, North support for anti-Israel IRAN bring U.N. UNITED U.S. is looking for Korea’s nuclear weapons program, KINGDOM POLAND terrorist groups. inspectors and repair of relations between the GERMANY leverage to keep Iran SLOVAKIA UKRAINE KAZAKHSTAN from making mischief into Iraq United States and its allies in west- FRANCE in neighboring Iraq or ern Europe and Russia. ATLANTIC HUNGARY MONGOLIA now, to help In those and related trouble OCEAN ROMANIA Afghanistan, and from NORTH Caspian going nuclear at home. find these spots, according to administration Black Sea GEORGIA Sea KOREA officials and outside experts alike, ITALY Sea of weapons.” Bush’s approach is likely to be SPAIN TURKEY TURKMEN. Japan GREECE more consensual and consultative JAPAN Joseph SOUTH Cirincione, than was apparent in the tough ISRAEL Mediterranean Sea SYRIA AFGHAN. CHINA KOREA TUNISI IRAQ of the Carnegie talk of pre-emptive unilateralism The Bush A IRAN in the run-up to war with Iraq. administration has Endowment for Over the next six weeks the ad- pledged to press PAKISTAN NEPAL NORTH KOREA International ALGERIA ” forward soon, possibly EGYPT The Bush administration Peace ministration is planning a diplomat- LIBYA within the next few has agreed to talks with ic blitz nearly as dramatic — and weeks, on the "road Red INDIA TAIWA Sea SAUDI North Korea in Beijing, as more broad-ranging — than the as- map" to creation of ARABIA early as this week, on steps HONG KONG sault on Baghdad. On the schedule: an independent OMAN Arabian to dismantle North Korea's MALI SUDAN I Direct talks in Beijing with Palestinian state. NIGER CHAD Sea Bay of VIETNA nuclear weapons illegal the North Koreans on their illegal YEMEN Bengal development program. Iraqi police nuclear weapons program, as ear- arrest Sad- ly as this week. NIGERIA I Publication of the long-de- LIFTING U.N. SANCTIONS ON IRAQ dam’s finance The Security Council is likely to layed “road map” for reviving the INDIAN PACIFIC chief. A5 Israeli-Palestinian peace process, take up this issue as soon as OCEAN INDIA–PAKISTAN OCEAN Tuesday, when it also debates Crisis between the two with specific steps leading toward possible renewed U.N. role in ATLANTIC nuclear powers over Pentagon creation of an independent Pales- OCEAN search for weapons of mass tinian state. Kashmir remains at hair- envisions destruction in Iraq. trigger level, with U.S. maintaining I A meeting between Bush and pressing each side to step Russian President Vladimir back from the brink. four military Putin, in St. Petersburg, Russia, at bases in the end of next month. Iraq. A9 See Diplomacy, A10 World watches as U.S. hunts for weapons of mass destruction crushed the government of Saddam administration either flowed from, counterterrorism analyst for the De- U.S. goals, as stated Hussein, one question looms larger or were secondary to, the need to fense Intelligence Agency. Final judgment may hinge each day: Where are the weapons of eliminate Saddam’s stockpiles of Following the coalition’s defeat of before the war mass destruction? weapons, analysts say. Iraq, two facts stand out: on what search yields Iraq’s possession of chemical and “We made weapons of mass de- I Iraq used no weapons of mass I Destroy weapons of mass destruction biological weapons and pursuit of struction the pivot point for our ar- destruction against American and I Change the regime nuclear weapons was the key reason gument, especially given the fact British forces, despite Pentagon BY PHILIP DINE I Eliminate sources of terrorist aid President George W. Bush advanced that he had already proven himself warnings of field commanders being Post-Dispatch Washington Bureau for the invasion. He cited the danger happy to use them,” said Tom supplied with such arms. I Liberate the Iraqi people that the weapons could be used Sanderson, deputy director of the I No evidence of weapons of mass I Enforce U.N. resolutions WASHINGTON — More than a against the United States or given to transnational threats initiative at the destruction in Iraq has yet been month after the U.S.-led coalition at- terrorists. Center for Strategic and Interna- found. I Boost prospect for democracy tacked Iraq and a week after it Other explanations offered by the tional Studies. Sanderson is a former See Weapons, A10 in the Middle East Church choir members rejoice in their role HUMAN GENOME SEQUENCING PROJECT This is especially true on Easter, the most joyful of Christian celebrations, when music can speak to the soul. Scientists say map may lead BY PATRICIA RICE Post-Dispatch Religion Writer Choir at New Sunnymount Mis- sionary Baptist Church in the city’s Walnut Park neighbor- Wanetta Price to new medical frontiers T (center) of his Easter Sunday, mu- hood. St. Louis, sic will reach the hearts While music can move peo- BY TINA HESMAN Just like any set of instruc- of those who worship as ple in any religious service, it’s rehearses Of the Post-Dispatch tions, the next challenge is deci- nothing else can. especially true at Easter, the this month phering the directions. It will calm the hurried as most joyful of all Christian with the Scientists around the world are That’s a formidable job, but the they arrive and help them fo- feasts. choir of New celebrating the publication of a ge- results could be revolutionary. Sci- cus on what many Christians More than 2,800 Christian Sunnymount netic owner’s manual for a human entists say the work could lead to: call the presence of God. churches in the region are ob- Missionary being, an accomplishment that I New ways to treat human People who daydream serving Easter with hallelujahs Baptist could change medicine forever. diseases of all kinds. through a sermon, or are puz- and alleluias Sunday. Eastern Church in The manual, published on the I Better definitions of diseases, zled by language in a Scripture Orthodox Christians will cele- the city’s Internet, diagrams the human such as cancer, so that more effec- reading, can get the gospel brate Easter next weekend, on genome — the entire set of genes tive therapies can be designed. Walnut Park message in repetitive lyrics, April 27. and other mysterious pieces of See DNA, A15 said Priscilla Smith. Smith, 53, Music also ministers. neighbor- DNA that contain instructions is a soprano in the Chancel See Easter, A4 DAVID CARSON / POST-DISPATCH hood. for building a human body. “Unlocking DNA” timeline, A14 EGGSTRAVAGANZA Oakdale, Ill., attracts a crowd of 2,000 WEATHER OUR SUNDAY BEST visitors and young egg hunters for its Sunday 10th annual pre-Easter festival Stormy morning. EVERYDAY, EV1 High 69. Monday Isolated BILL SELF IS GUIDE TO showers. Low 46. High 60. Details, B14 READY TO GO TO KANSAS AMUSEMENT POST-DISPATCH WEATHERBIRD ® STLtoday.com Get Post-Dispatch news updates and the SPORTS, C1 PARKS TRAVEL, T1 five-day forecast at STLtoday.com Business, F1 Classified, G1 Editorial, B2 Everyday, EV1 Metro, D1 Movie times, E6 NewsWatch, B1 Obituaries, D6-7 Sports, C1
  18. 9. Have fun
  19. 10. Look at what others are doing
  20. newspagedesigner.com
  21. newseum.org
  22. visualeditors.com
  23. newsdesigner.com
  24. snd.org
  25. 11. A photo is not always the answer
  26. 12. A “story” is not always the answer
  27. 13. Know your design programs
  28. 14. Plan ahead