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Portable Banner Stands for Trade Shows

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At Banner Bug, we provide stylish and modern banner stands which are affordable for exhibition and trade shows. Here we discussed types of banner stands and their usage which must be helpful to you for your next trade show.

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Portable Banner Stands for Trade Shows

  1. 1. Portable Banner Stands for Trade Shows
  2. 2. Trade Show Banner Trade show banner stands are a cost effective method of delivering promotional messages with eye-catching graphics and interesting content. They are easy to set-up and transport.
  3. 3. Usage These are available in different types. Exhibition banner stands offer visibility, brand awareness, emphasis on key selling points and contact information for promotional purposes.
  4. 4. Types A trade show banner stands are available in different types and configurations like: -  Retractable Banner Stands  L Banner Stands  X Banner Stands  Scrolling Banner Stands
  5. 5. Types Retractable Banner Stands Retractable banner stands come in different shapes and sizes. They could have one or two-sides. L Banner Stands These stands have L-shaped frame. The banner is clipped at the top and the bottom of the larger side of the L.
  6. 6. Types X Banner Stands In these stands the banner frame is in the shape of an X. It comprises of three legs and the banner can be clipped easily on all four sizes. Scrolling Banner Stands These stands are available in floor and ceiling-mount shapes. The loop like graphics are scrolled by motorized mechanism.
  7. 7. Contact Us Address : 2a Mentmore Avenue Rosebery, NSW Phone no : +61296635333 Email id : info@bannerbug.com.au Website : www.bannerbug.com.au