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Unwind - Hoehn Pitch

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If interested, please visit http://tinyurl.com/unwind-hoehn and fill out the form. Thank you!
- Charlie

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Unwind - Hoehn Pitch

  1. H O W T O I M P R O V E A M E R I C A’ S M E N TA L H E A LT H
  2. Here’s The Problem…
  3. Nearly 50% of corporate profits are going towards health care costs
  4. Starbucks spends more on health care…
  5. than they do on coffee
  6. How much money is your company losing?
  7. A lot more than you probably realize…
  8. Stress costs the United States over $200 Billion, every year in lost productivity
  9. Typical cost of replacing ONE burned out employee?
  10. $ 3 , 0 0 0 - 1 5 , 0 0 0
  11. Burned-out workers don’t fizzle out in isolation…
  12. They destroy productivity throughout the entire company
  13. They are at risk of having breakdowns, or worse… Panic attacks Outbursts Quitting Substance abuse Heart attacks Suicide attempts
  14. Meltdowns can hurt branding, morale, and the bottom line
  15. Breakdowns can destroy our communities and erode our culture
  16. We spend more on health care than any other country on the planet
  17. America’s poor health is weakening our global competitiveness
  18. Rather than driving profitability towards our core competencies in the global marketplace…
  19. We spend $2.8 Trillion managing disease
  20. That’s 16% of our GPD
  21. Failing to preserve workers’ mental health is a mistake companies can no longer afford to make
  22. Companies need wellness programs to contain costs and improve employee lifestyles
  23. In order to be productive, creative, and dependable… We must remain happy and healthy
  24. In order to be productive, creative, and dependable… We must remain happy and healthy
  25. What if you could reduce your company’s health care costs?
  26. What if you could cut stress levels and absenteeism in half?
  27. What if you could make your employees happier, more creative, and more reliable… in one month? Would you do it?
  28. You can. And I can help.
  29. My name is Charlie Hoehn. I help workers efficiently improve their health, wellness, and lifestyles.
  30. “Here’s the cure to your stress!” – T O N Y R O B B I N S , # 1 B U S I N E S S A N D L I F E S T R AT E G I S T “For all Type-A driven readers, especially those who struggle with the shut-off switch, this one is for you.” – T I M F E R R I S S , B E S T S E L L I N G A U T H O R O F T H E 4 - H O U R W O R K W E E K A F E W S U P P O R T E R S …
  31. M Y S T O RY For three years, I worked alongside Tim Ferriss, helping him edit and launch The 4-Hour Body. The book hit #1 on the New York Times bestseller list, and sold over a million copies. After that, I co-directed and launched App Empire, an online course that earned $2.6 million in revenue in 10 days. And then… I burned out.
  32. M Y S T O RY For more than a year, I suffered from debilitating anxiety — panic attacks, isolation, depression, constant fear, and total exhaustion. During that period, my confidence was shattered, my productivity was non-existent, and many of my relationships fell apart. Every day felt like torture. After trying everything to get back to normal, I managed to pull myself out of this funk — naturally and affordably.
  33. M Y S T O RY In 2013, I shared my story in a blog post entitled How I Cured My Anxiety. The article was an immediate hit — more than 250,000 people read it, and for the last two years, it’s been the top result on Google for the search “cure anxiety” (right above oprah.com). I decided to extend the post into a full-length book. I released Play It Away: A Workaholic’s Cure for Anxiety in February of 2014. The book showed ambitious readers how to relax and have fun. It launched at #1 in Stress Management on Amazon, and has been downloaded more than 25,000 times. Click to watch my video series on healing anxiety.
  34. M Y W O R K F E AT U R E D O N #1 Search Result for “Cure Anxiety” Featured on Freshly Pressed Over 20,000 Downloads Article Shared 15,000+ times 3-Time National Syndication
  35. S U C C E S S S T O RY # 1 For nearly a year, I was suffering serious anxiety and panic attacks, and at my worst, agoraphobia. My entire life was affected. It was, by far, the most challenging year of my life. I literally have not had a panic attack in four months. I finally feel back to my normal self. I was able to rekindle past friendships, get more work done, have a more meaningful relationship with my girlfriend, put on five pounds of lean muscle, and feel generally more fulfilled in my day-to-day life. This is the best resource I've ever found on the subject, and it changed my life. - Corey W.
  36. S U C C E S S S T O RY # 2 This is a real message I received on
  37. I started my career on Wall Street. The long hours and stress were a badge of honor in corporate culture. Even after leaving the finance industry, I carried with me numerous bad habits, including workaholism. I couldn't understand why I was so stressed out and miserable all the time, either. As a result of your materials, I've found new hobbies, made new friends, and sleep better at night, which I haven't done since grade school. Also, because I've given myself permission to have down time, my business has actually improved. You can't work yourself into the ground and expect to operate at 100% capacity 24/7. You'll stroke out. - Brad L. S U C C E S S S T O RY # 3
  38. I am a guest lecturer for American Dream U, a non-profit organization that empowers active duty military and veterans on how to transition into the workforce. I speak on the topics of entrepreneurship, work-life balance, and mental health. A B O U T T H E A U T H O R
  39. I also speak regularly to tech entrepreneurs, university students, and Montessori school students. A B O U T T H E A U T H O R
  40. My mission is to help 1,000,000 people who suffer with mental health issues. I’ve already shown thousands how to naturally and affordably reduce their stress, recover from burnout, and live happier lives… but there’s a lot more work to be done.
  41. Want to learn how we can work together?
  42. Just fill out this short form (takes one minute): tinyurl.com/unwind- hoehn I’d love to connect, and I’m happy to answer your questions.
  43. Email charhoehn@gmail.com Call scheduleonce.com/ charliehoehn N E E D T O C O N TA C T M E ?
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If interested, please visit http://tinyurl.com/unwind-hoehn and fill out the form. Thank you! - Charlie


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