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Workday New Hire Orientation

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  1. 1. New Hire Orientation Participating in Social Media at Workday Workday Confidential
  2. 2. • People are interested in Workday! • Raise awareness of Workday to your personal and professional networks • Extend the brand experience • Market intelligence Why Participate in Social Media? FY 2016 highlights: • 63,000 likes/shares of Workday content on LinkedIn • 4.8 million views of @Workday tweets • 755,000+ YouTube video views
  3. 3. • Any content published on www.workday.com • Any posts from our official Workday social media accounts • Content posted by official Workday spokespeople ‒ A full spokesperson list is on the Social Media Resource Center Workspace page What Information Can We Share? Workday Confidential Content examples: • Workday blog posts • News & announcements • Product information • Case studies • Job postings
  4. 4. • Take the high road ‒ Nothing good is gained by bashing competitors or engaging in online battles • Protect company, customer, and partner information ‒ No confidential information (product roadmaps, release dates, etc) ‒ Only name customers listed on Workday.com • Stay cool, and of course, follow the law ‒ Always keep a clear, cool head. When voicing opinions, make it clear that they are your own, and not those of Workday ‒ We cannot comment on Workday’s stock price or valuation, or give trading advice about Workday stock Principles of Workday Social Media Workday Confidential
  5. 5. • Consider how your content might impact others at the company • Social Media Guidelines can be found here • Direct all media and analyst inquiries to corporate.communications@workday.com Social Media Guidelines Workday Confidential
  6. 6. • LinkedIn is the most effective B2B social network • Where professionals go to consume and share business content • Follow our Workday company page Workday on LinkedIn Workday Confidential
  7. 7. • Follow and retweet @Workday • In your profile, identify yourself as a Workday employee • Don’t create new Twitter handles for your work area or team. Contact the Social Media team for guidance. Workday on Twitter Workday Confidential
  8. 8. Workday Execs to Follow on Twitter WORKDAY CONFIDENTIAL Workday Executive Title Twitter handle Aneel Bhusri Co-Founder, CEO @aneelb Leighanne Levensaler SVP, Corporate Strategy @leighlevensaler Diana McKenzie CIO @DMcKenzieCIO Christine Cefalo CMO @c_cefalo Chano Fernandez EMEA & APJ President @chanofer Joe Korngiebel SVP, UX/Mobile/Innovation @JoeKorngiebel Karen Minicozzi VP, HCM Products @kminicoz James Cross Director, Corporate Strategy @jamesrcross Betsy Bland VP, Financial Mgmt Products @bbland Dan Beck SVP, Product Mktg & Tech Strategy @DanBeck_LTD Annrai O’Toole EMEA CTO @annrai
  9. 9. • Follow our Facebook and Instagram pages. Like and share Workday content • Facebook and Instagram posts are a great way to experience Workday’s culture, as well as events and company announcements Workday on Facebook and Instagram Workday Confidential
  10. 10. • YouTube ‒ Subscribe to our Workday YouTube page for company videos including:  Product spotlights  Customer case studies  Thought leadership perspectives  Event highlights • Google + ‒ Content is consistent with what we post on other social media channels YouTube and Google+ Workday Confidential
  11. 11. • What is VoiceStorm? ‒ A mobile app for easily sharing Workday-provided content across your social networks • What are the Benefits? ‒ Share relevant content with your prospects quickly & easily ‒ Pre-approved content – you choose what to share ‒ Analytics to measure the impact of your content • Feedback from the Field ‒ “This tool is incredible and helps us soften beaches with future prospects.” ‒ “The fact that Workday supplies us with posts and makes it easy seems like a no-brainer to join.” • Next Steps Employee Advocacy Tool: VoiceStorm (powered by Dynamic Signal)
  12. 12. • Update your social media profiles • Share Workday content ‒ Our official Workday hashtag is #WDAY • Listen and learn • Refer to our social media policy on our Social Media Resource Center on Workspace Final thoughts Workday Confidential