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CF Summit North America 2017 - Technical Keynote

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CF Days 2017 - NYC - Keynote
CF Days 2017 - NYC - Keynote
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CF Summit North America 2017 - Technical Keynote

  1. 1. A Platform for the Enterprise WHERE MATURITY AND INNOVATION INTERSECT
  2. 2. cf push
  3. 3. Cloud Foundry Haiku Onsi Fakhouri “Here is my source code Run it on the cloud for me I do not care how”
  5. 5. cgroups App Armor User Namespaces Seccomp Garden + runC
  6. 6. CredHub Generate Rotate Encrypt Persist Policy Admins Apps Infra
  7. 7. 01. OPERATING SYSTEMS 02. DATABASES, MESSAGE BROKERS, etc… 03. PROGRAMMING LANGUAGES 04. DEVELOPMENT FRAMEWORKS 05. THE PLATFORM ITSELF Vulnerabilities & Resolutions Coordinated Releases Average of 2X a Month
  8. 8. 250,000 Application Instances
  9. 9. 250,000 Realistic Application Instances
  10. 10. Routing Performance 3X Throughput at 5ms Latency
  11. 11. Platform Certification Introduction to Cloud Foundry Cloud Foundry for Developers Authorized Training Partners Cloud Foundry Certified Developer Summit Training
  12. 12. 5,000+ Developers Educated in less than 3 Months
  13. 13. CNCF Storage WG CNCF Container Networking Interface
  14. 14. cf push
  15. 15. cf local run
  16. 16. cf local stage run push pull Services and Images
  17. 17. UniK
  18. 18. Happy 5 Year Birthday to BOSH
  20. 20. Frederic Lardinois KY Srinivasan Eric Johnson

Hinweis der Redaktion

  • Today we are going to talk about Cloud Foundry, but in particular about the intersection of maturity and innovation.

    This is a story of an open source ecosystem with a singular focus on building a complete platform, while constantly innovating and collaborating with other ecosystems as they innovate.
  • Cloud Foundry, at it’s heart, is all about helping you get things done faster and easier

    The command establishes a promise
  • That promise is always best summed up in our Haiku…
  • What does it mean to be “enterprise ready”?
  • For users, it can be easy to think about securing communication to and from the platform as the key to securing the system. While this is critical for users, the internals of the system are just as important.
  • What matters more is what’s happening inside.
    The platform itself.
    But also the user’s apps. How do they communicate with each other? How can we make it easier?
    90% of the way there
  • 4 pillars
    Controlled by policy
    Accessed by ops, infra and apps
  • Imagine you are building your own system from parts… think about all the potential components and sources of vulnerabilities.

    The value of Cloud Foundry is that it’s a complete platform,

    That completeness has an important security implication.
  • Feb 2017 cloud.gov has received a FedRAMP authorization

    comprehensive security and compliance assessment performed by a board of the CIOs and their teams from the General Services Administration, the Department of Defense, and the Department of Homeland Security.

    cloud.gov is the first completely open source service to receive FedRAMP authorization.
  • Just to zoom in to one component of the platform

    In just one example release, back in Feb

    3X throughput at 5ms latency: 1K req/s to +3K req/s

    Every release automatically tests and reports to the world
  • This is a fun picture for me… but more so for the community that worked so hard to ensure that we had a smooth transition. They had this fun countdown timer, just waiting to pull the lever.

    To explain: the ecosystem has completed a massive transition of the underlying architecture of CF
    Our older DEA architecture officially in the attic now

    That the transition was effective, and that an open source community offered over 12 months of transition time, is a true indication of the maturity of this community.
  • In 2015, we had the goal of making applications and skills portable across distributions.
    We started with getting consistence for the downstream distros

  • 2017 platform cert now: Diego only and release is 6 months

    OSBAPI – service portability
    --- OSBAPI release

    Dev Cert – skill portability
  • Platform certification let’s us build a common multi-vendor training experience

    Summit training partners
    Stark and Wayne
    EngineerBetter and Resilient Scale
    Item Writers, Biarca, SwissCom, and LF
  • Hardened at the core… stable platform that evolves rationally and carefully
    Lots of extension points for experimentation
    Interaction with other open source communities
    Commercial software integrations
  • Over the last few years, we have had plenty of news around Cloud Foundry’s runtime layer working with Dot Net.

    This year, the runtime officially added dot net core as a linux-based buildpack to the upstream core buildpacks.

    {CLICK} But also this year, managing Windows hosts with the power of BOSH became a reality.
  • Let’s go back…

    There’s a gap… the local feedback loop
  • Share cflocal
    Stephen Levine – Buildpacks PM
  • Uses Docker locally
    Allows you to stage and run locally, service bindings
    Push and pull from full CF
  • Also supporting the experimentations in completely different deployment models, unikernels.
    Project Unik, created at Dell EMC, has been proposed to enter the CFF.
  • Bosh is 5 years old
    Long journey, lots of changes. Esp the features colloquially known as “BOSH 2.0”
    Today, BOSH is doing so much more than just deploying the runtime
  • You heard abby talk about Kubo
  • BOSH is the most important embodiment of the CF multi-cloud story
    We have continued to add new Cloud Provider Interfaces
  • Most importantly, they are being created and maintained by the providers themselves
    More than just CPIs
    Identity Providers