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Digitally curious? YOU can be digitally fabulous!

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Amasa2014 july digital workshop slideshare. Digital is beyond impressions, clicks and CTR. It's about impact, making a difference to your community and building relationships. This presentation aims to give you the background on some statistics, the channels and questions to ask so that you can start being remarkable and less average.

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Digitally curious? YOU can be digitally fabulous!

  1. 1. BE digital Digitally curious? YOU can be digitally fabulous! Cherylann Smith | Digital Innovator @mylifescape #AMASAWorkshop #AMASA2014 July  2014  #AMASAJoburg        @WeCollaborateSA  
  2. 2. Digital  DNA  
  3. 3. 63% checking their phones at least once every 30 mins 42% conceding they check it at least once every 10 mins 61% say they browse the Internet at least few times a week (this is up from 27% five years ago) Almost double the global figure, 43% of SA’s motorists use their devices while driving (compared to 26% globally) 57% of online South Africans have read an ad on their mobile phone 53% have recommended a brand they “like” or follow on a social network 29% of people open emails from retailers on their mobile phones Source:  South  African  Stats:  ITWeb,  23  August  2012  &  Synovate,  28  August  2013  
  4. 4. Perspective
  5. 5. 1792ish: Post
  6. 6. 1930ish: Broadcast
  7. 7. 1988: Life in black & white
  8. 8. Image  source  unknown   1990’s Mobile phones & internet connection
  9. 9. 9   South African Stats Internet subscribers Forecast 32.3 million mobile internet subscribers in SA by 2017
  10. 10. 8,010,000 South Africans Access social networks via computers or mobile devices 10  Source: AdToro: South African Stats Connectivity
  11. 11. 1998: Google search
  12. 12. 2004: TheFacebook
  13. 13. 1,605,000 South Africans watch video’s on their mobile devices 13  South African Stats Access
  14. 14. Mxit, Whatsapp, WeChat and BBM MXit, the market leader, has remained stable at a little more than 6-million users New comers in instant messaging services like WhatsApp and 2Go, as well as from the growth of social networking on phones. Whatsapp: 64 billions messages in one day globally Global information
  15. 15. So what? Our audience is more connected, have easier access to digital and are fickle.
  16. 16. Digital media is far past the experimentation and “shiny new object” phase.
  17. 17. Multi-task. Multi-screens.
  18. 18. Twitter is a complementary tool for broadcasters to engage their audience, drive conversation about their programming, and increase tune-in TV tune-in for a program and the Twitter conversation around that program. Two-way causal influence Global Stats
  19. 19. Hashtag #LoveYou
  20. 20. YouTube YouTube is the most popular video site in South Africa, attracting views every month from more than 4.5 million users or 36% of our online population. Out of 2,000 people surveyed (U.S. respondents over 18 who own a television, smartphone and personal computer), 68% of viewers said they consume video content from YouTube, 51% consume video from live television and 49% consume content from Netflix.. http://mashable.com/2014/07/03/youtube-beats-tv/ 20 South African Stats Global Stats
  21. 21. New kids on the block: Vine & SnapChat An app for the creation of images, text or videos to be shared for a controlled period of time, to a selected contact group. An app, owned by Twitter, for creating and sharing six second video clips. 21General information
  22. 22. So what? Consumer behaviour has changed the way we need to think about our planning.
  23. 23. Adex (Jan-Dec 2013) R1,022,867,245 2.76% Doesn’t  include  Social  or  Search,  and  not  all  publishers  are  submiIng  numbers   23   South African Stats Media spend Internet advertising revenues will grow at a CAGR of 25.4% in the next five years.
  24. 24. South African Stats Digital ad spend R3.6 billion by 2017
  25. 25. QUESTION What is the role of digital in the media mix
  26. 26. Connecting in a disconnected world
  27. 27. I SHARE THEREFORE I AM Teenagers send 3339 texts per month, unless it’s a girl, then its closer to 4000 – N.Lubin A shift from audience
  28. 28. QUESTION What is the role of social?
  29. 29. Give people stuff to share
  30. 30. /Social by design Social is all about the story. Not the channel.
  31. 31. QUESTION What is the role of mobile?
  32. 32. QUESTION What is digital all about in a nutshell?
  33. 33. It’s all about relationships
  34. 34. Building social communities online and moderating How do we create communities? “Communities already exist. Instead, think about how you can help that community do what it wants to do” Mark Zuckerberg
  35. 35. Connection is survival Online is meaningless without Offline
  36. 36. Cherylann Smith Digital Innovator & Specialist I am a passionate, innovative big picture thinker who can connect digital and social to all other aspects of the client business to drive growth opportunities THANK YOU cherylann@wecollaborate.co.za za.linkedin.com/in/cherylannsmith contact 0741031803 @mylifescape Adopt Adapt and Flourish DIGITAL COMMUNICATION SPECIALISTS   WeCollaborate specialises in consulting, strategy, training and communication. We are driven by integration and innovation with a strategic mindset, bringing ideas to life. You have an objective, and we will meet your brief by developing tailor made solutions, with the right people, to transform your business.   We believe that purposeful communication, with an integrated approach is powerful in delivering the right experience.
  37. 37. Collaborate with us Follow us @WeCollaborateSA Friends us on Facebook.com/ WeCollaborateSA Drop us a line: talk2us@wecollaborate.co.za   To find out more about how we can make a difference to your business, enquire about pricing or request training,  talk to us now by emailing mike@wecollaborate.co.za and cherylann@wecollaborate.co.za
  38. 38. @AMASAJoburg Facebook/AMASAJoburg Cherylann Smith | Digital Innovator @mylifescape #AMASAWorkshop #AMASA2014
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