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Camera angles and sound essay hw

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Camera angles and sound essay hw

  1. 1. 06/12/16 Charlie-Ray Mitchell Camera angles and sound essay. In this essay, I will break down a scene from a movie into sound, camera angles and how it affects the audience and why it has been used. The film that I have chosen to examine is ‘Skyfall’ and I have chosen to use the opening sequence as my specific scene (You can find this scene at: https://youtu.be/tHRLX8jRjq8 on YouTube). Example of Diegeticsound: Diegeticsoundissoundthatoriginatesfromthe real worldwithin the footagegathered. Examplesof thisthatcan be seenwithin‘Skyfall’wouldbe;people screaminginpanic,sound of vehicles,glasssmashingandgunshots(eventhough the gunshotwouldhave beenadded lateron duringediting,becauseit’sinthatworld,itisdiegetic).The reasoningforusing diegeticsoundinmoviesistoensure the filmisasrealisticaspossible inordertocapture the audiencesinthe movie (e.g.tomake themforgetwhere theyare andmake themfeel like they are the camera as if theyare there insteadof justwatchingthe footage ona screen). Example of non-Diegeticsound: Non-diegeticsoundissoundthatisn’t apart of the footage capturedbutisaddedlateron via editing. Examplesof thisthatcan be seenwithin‘Skyfall’wouldbe;Backgroundmusicand voice-overs.Withoutthiskeyaspectinthe movie,thenthe movie will become dull.The reasonwhynon-diegeticsoundisusedistoenhance scenesistochange the vibe of the movie (inthisscene itis usedtobuilduptensionbetweenthe characters. Thisisuseda quite a lotinactionsas theyrequire alotof editinginorderforitto be affective andplease audiencesactionpackedaddiction. Examplesof cameraangles: Cameraangles are the positioningof the camera,whichcan be usedfordifferentpurposes ina piece of footage.Examplesof thisthatcan be seenwithin‘Skyfall’wouldbe;close ups, middle shots,longshot,extreme longshot,low angles,highangles,trackingshotandP.O.V shots. Close upsare usedto see a characters facial expressionandtheiremotions.Middle shotsare usedto putfocus ona character.Long shot andextreme longshotare bothused to showthe characters positioninginthe environment(e.g.whereare theygoing, where theyare andwho’saroundthem).Low anglesare usedto make a givencharacter fell empoweredwhilstalowangle isusedto make othercharacters belittled.Trackingshotsin thisscenarioisto showthe characters movement(asit’sanactionthisis vital).Finally,P.O.V shotsare usedto showa givencharactersperspective onevents.
  2. 2. 06/12/16 Charlie-Ray Mitchell