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Simmons Leadership Conf - Charlene Li

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Simmons Leadership Conf - Charlene Li

  1. Winning in a World Transformed by Social Media Charlene Li, Founder & Analyst, Altimeter Group @charleneli | charlene@altimetergroup.com April 2, 2013 | Simmons Leadership Conference
  2. 2
  3. Social is About RELATIONSHIPS Not Technology
  5. Why Most Social Strategies Fail No Clear Business Impact
  6. Strategy Requires Planning
  7. Six Phases of Social Business Maturity
  8. 1 Planning “Listen to Learn” 8
  9. Red Cross monitors social channels during disasters to direct relief efforts During disasters, the Red Cross is able to find out about specific incidents, spot trends, and anticipate public needs. Red Cross representatives can use the command center to quickly match disaster victims with aid relief. 9
  10. 2 Presence “Stake Our Claim.” 10
  11. Shell Tracks Reputation Impact…Daily
  12. Have The Courage to Take the Leap © 2011 Altimeter Group
  13. 3 Engagement “Dialog Deepens Relationships” 13
  14. 14 Develop rules for engagement Source: “Social Media Strategy Secret Sauce: How Intel Makes Data-driven Decisions,” Allen Stephens, Keith Molesworth, and Tiffany Peery, March 21, 2011
  15. 4 Formalized “Organize For Scale” 15
  16. Ebay’s Global CoE coordinates across functions, properties, and geographies • Responsible for social strategy • Alignment of roadmaps and plans • Analytics and reporting infrastructure • Monthly Social Media Council meetings, with knowledge sharing initiatives Source: http://www.slideshare.net/influencepeoples/ali-croft-monitoring-social-media-ebay
  17. 5 Strategic “Become a Social Business” 17
  18. Sephora integrates social + digital in communities as well as in stores. Goal: Understand their “superfans” customer spending who spend 10X. average customer 2.5x community user superfan 10x
  19. 6 Transformation “Business is social.” 19
  20. 20 ARAMARK must contend with separate businesses and differing goals and objectives ARAMARK’s challenges: 1. Over 255K employees 2. Organized into separate businesses by industry 3. 1000s of client locations 4. Different client goals and objectives 5. Ingredient brand
  21. 21 It’s equipped and enabled over 400+ locations to manage social media – within parameters  Rebranded for social engagement, around voice, purpose, and image.  Previously siloed, now creating new processes that result in improved customer satisfaction and sales across the value chain
  22. STRATEGY ORGANIZATION PREPARE © 2011 Altimeter Group
  23. (re)Organize Marketing for Agility and Resilience Rigid Organizations Adaptive Organizations
  24. Success Factors of A Social Business
  25. Strategy is What You Decide To Do And What You Decide NOT To Do
  26. Social Business Initiatives Framework • Learn: What can be learned from customers and community Dialog • Dialog: The nature of our interactions with customers Advocate • Advocate: How to build advocacy among customers Learn and community Support • Support: How to provide support via social channels • Innovate: Using customer and Innovate community to drive innovation
  27. Plan out what will happen over time Year One Year Two Year Three MONTHS 1-6 MONTHS 7-12 MONTHS 1-6 MONTHS 7-12 MONTHS 1-6 MONTHS 7-12
  28. Example: Social Business Initiatives, organized 28 by Goals into a 3 Year Roadmap Now – 6 6-12 12-18 18-24 24-30 30-36 Category Initiative months months months months months months Create greater loyalty to drive sales Advocate Initiative Support Initiative Advocate Initiative Advocate Initiative Advocate Initiative Increase share in SMB market Learn Initiative Dialog Initiative Dialog Initiative Advocate Initiative Create four new products Innovate Initiative Innovate Initiative Learn Initiative Reduce customer service costs Learn Initiative Dialog Initiative Support Initiative Support Initiative Support Initiative
  29. Most companies organize as Hub & Spoke, but are moving toward Multiple Hub & Spoke 9.4% 29.1% 35.4% 23.6% 2.4%
  30. 30 Create Discipline In Engagement Source: “H&R Block’s Response Process” David Armano, Edelman 2010
  31. Social Media Training is About Developing Judgment -- and the Confidence to Use It What you What you Judgment is needed in between should do shouldn’t do
  32. STRATEGY ORGANIZATION PREPARE © 2011 Altimeter Group
  33. #1 Align Executives With Clear Business Goals
  34. #2 Ask the Right Questions 34 About Value “We tend to overvalue the things we can measure, and undervalue the things we cannot.” - John Hayes, CMO of American Express © 2011 Altimeter Group
  35. 35 #3 Create a Culture of Sharing
  36. 36 #4 Master the Art of Failure No relationships are perfect Google’s mantra: “Fail fast, fail smart” © 2011 Altimeter Group
  37. #5 Determine Your Personal Social Strategy
  38. Warrior engages colleagues and friends through both work…
  39. 39 …and personal passions
  40. Social is About RELATIONSHIPS Not Technology
  41. © 2012 Altimeter Group

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  • http://www.slideshare.net/zenaweist/hrblockresponseprocess
  • http://www.sncr.org/node/445#.ULahXdPjmXgThe SolutionA self-contained online training module was selected as the ideal means for delivering training to North American employees. (PepsiCo recognized that this would limit presentation of the training to employees with access to the MyPepsiCo portal, but plans were set in motion to incorporate social media policy training into the annual face-to-face Code of Conduct training all of these employees receive.)The online module would contain a mix of text, graphics, audio and video, leveraging each based on its strengths, combining to offer a compelling and entertaining training module that employees could complete in no more than 45 minutes.The training concludes with a quiz that tests employees on their understanding of the issues presented in the training module. Upon successful completion of the quiz, employees are directed to an online survey where they are able to share their thoughts about the effectiveness of the training.Articulate, a Learning Management System (LMS)-compliant training software package, was selected as the platform for the training. Articulate is presented as a Flash element on a web page and requires no special add-ons or software (other than a web browser and Flash) for employees to use it.
  • http://socialmediatoday.com/briansolis/497006/they-all-laughed-road-becoming-social-enterprisehttp://www.spredfast.com/social-media-resources/webinars/
  • http://www.spredfast.com/social-media-resources/webinars/
  • Transition: Here are your instructions …This is an example of what you’ll end up with … Your initiative cards placed on a 3-year roadmap for when you will implement.Draw this framework on your Post-it Note Pads to plot your initiatives. You each have a chart on the wall to use.Year 3 is HARD. Go back to the vision and focus on the client relationships you want … push yourselves. Could be wild ideas, but helpful to be proactively getting ready for it now. Yes, things will change, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take your best stab at planning now. You can always revise the plan.
  • http://www.slideshare.net/zenaweist/hrblockresponseprocess
  • http://newsroom.cisco.com/padmasree-warrior?articleId=34150https://twitter.com/Padmasree
  • http://newsroom.cisco.com/padmasree-warrior?articleId=34150https://twitter.com/Padmasree
  • http://newsroom.cisco.com/padmasree-warrior?articleId=34150https://twitter.com/Padmasree