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Google+ How Can It Help Enhance Your Personal Learning Network.

  1. How Can It Help Enhance Your Personal Learning Network?
  2. @cmairn
  3. Personal Learning Networks
  4. R.I.P.
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  6. Google + has … Circles Streams Profiles Photos Hangouts Messenger Sparks Mobile +1 button
  7. Robert Scoble’s Google + Tips Summarized: • Create a manageable set of circles (e.g., Friends, Family, Tech Geeks, Co- workers) • Learn how to distribute content to circles. (Talking Tech circle) • Create a “home circle" and add people you want to see everyday. Or create a “Noise” circle to help eliminate people who post a lot. • If a post is getting a lot of comments (resembling a discussion forum) then mute it. • Turn off e-mail notifications and use SMS or filter them in Gmail. • A good list of Google Chrome extensions: • When re-sharing, think about who you are sharing with. Try to eliminate duplication. • Update/clean your Google Profile ( Source:
  8. Manage Your G+ Profile
  9. Manage Your Other Profiles
  10. View Your Profile
  11. View Your Profile as “Anyone on the web …”
  12. Set Your Security Settings
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  14. Live Demonstration
  15. Hangouts work on some phones now!
  16. Quick FYI: Google Dashboard helps you answer the question: 'What information does Google have about me?'
  17. E-mail vs. SMS Notifications
  18. Creating a Vanity URL 1. Visit 2. 3. Done!
  19. What will happen to the Web when the Google+ API is used to its full potential?
  20. A lot!
  21. What will happen to the Web when the Google+ API is used to its full potential? Hangouts On Air will allow people to broadcast and record their video to a wider audience. In Hangouts, we can now collaborate with Screenshare, Sketchpad, YouTube, and Google Docs. This is huge for group discovery and learning! And once the API is opened further you’ll see even more app integration! This will all help us to become an integral part of people’s Personal Learning Networks! Follow people like +Mohamed Mansour (created Stream+ and other apps) and +Vic Gundotra (Senior Vice President of Engineering at Google) and others. Add comments to their posts. Who knows, you may inspire a programmer to add one of your ideas to Google+.
  22. Collaboration
  23. Some Google+ Chrome Extensions • Move2Picasa exports all your Facebook photos to Picasa. • RSS Share for Google Plus & Google Reader integrates Google+ and Google Reader by adding a ‘Share on Google+' button within Google Reader and includes Google Reader within Google+. • My Hangouts for Google Plus provides a quick view of all the active hangouts in your stream. • Extended Share for Google Plus will extend Google+ to share to Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and many more.
  24. Be careful when installing extensions that aren’t in the Chrome’s Web app store!
  25. Let’s Hangout!