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Building the Fastest WooCommerce Store Ever

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If you want to build the fastest WooCommerce store ever, then here is a checklist that you can review as you get started. It's the slide deck for my presentation in Grand Rapids this weekend.

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Building the Fastest WooCommerce Store Ever

  1. 1. Building the Fastest WooCommerce Store Ever CHRIS LEMA, LIQUID WEB
  2. 2. What’s the mistake we all make? We forget that The point of all This is conversions.
  3. 3. Measuring Performance GTMETRIX is your friend
  4. 4. Looking for some quick hits? These are easy Things to do
  5. 5. Optimize all your images Jetpack TinyPNG Imagify
  6. 6. Check Image Sizes Don’t force a Client browser To do sizing work
  7. 7. Optimize your CSS Autoptimize Does this For you
  8. 8. Clear out your Database WP-Optimize Is a plugin that Does it for you
  9. 9. Disable ajax cart fragments WP Disable Does this for you
  10. 10. Limit Woo to Woo Pages WP Disable Does this for you
  11. 11. Kill revisions WP Disable Does this for you
  12. 12. Use a CDN Get started With Cloudflare & 3 rules for Woo
  13. 13. These may have more impact But this will Take more time And effort
  14. 14. Limit External Calls Poor performance Can come from The outside
  15. 15. Fix Warnings & errors Each has a Performance impact
  16. 16. Get rid of plugins You likely don’t Need every single One of them
  17. 17. Change your theme Not all themes Are coded equal
  18. 18. Change your host Re-Evaluate Your decision Every 2 years
  19. 19. WHAT about caching? Make sure you Understand all Of what’s going On first.
  20. 20. CHRIS LEMA LIQUID WEB @chrislema