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Browsers in the actuality.
Browsers in the actuality.
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Web browsers

  1. 1. WEB BROWSERS <br />Carlos A. R.<br />
  2. 2. ASSIGNMENT <br /><ul><li>In yourcomputers, make a presentationaboutthefollowing Web Browsers, including:
  3. 3. Logo
  4. 4. Screenshot
  5. 5. Description of the browser (including date of release, version, speed, ease of use, secutrity, etc)
  6. 6. The browsers are: Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, Safari, Maxthon, Flock, Avant, Deepnet, Phaseout, Camino, Seamonkey, Netsurf (Slideshare.net)</li></li></ul><li>Internet Explorer <br /><ul><li>Windows Internet Explorer (formerly Microsoft Internet Explorer), commonly known as IE, is a web browser developed by Microsoft for the Microsoft Windows operating system since 1995. Has been the most widely used web browser Internet from 1999 to present, with a peak utilization rate of 95% between 2002 and 2003. However, that market share has declined steadily over the years due to renewed competition from other browsers, reaching approximately 40% and 62% by the end of February 2011, depending on the source of overall measurement.
  7. 7. Speed very slow
  8. 8. Proprietary software development model; Shared Source
  9. 9. Latest stable version 9.0 (info)
  10. 10. March 14, 2011, for 21 days (03/14/2011)
  11. 11. Gender Web Browser
  12. 12. Aggregator
  13. 13. FTP Client
  14. 14. Microsoft Windows OperatingSystem
  15. 15. LicenseFreeware / Microsoft EULA (EULA)</li></li></ul><li>Mozilla Firefox<br />Mozilla Firefox is a free web browser, open source, in which development can help anyone who wants it. Is a descendant of Mozilla Application Suite and is developed by the Mozilla Foundation. Mozilla Firefox is the second most used Internet browser, with a market share of 21.74% in late February 2011, the company said Net Applications . Other sources put the total measuring Firefox usage between 19% and 31%.<br /><ul><li>Security strong
  16. 16. Speed fast
  17. 17. Free Software developmentmodel
  18. 18. Designedby Mozilla Corporation
  19. 19. InitialreleaseNovember 9, 2004
  20. 20. Lateststableversion 4.0
  21. 21. March 22, 2011, for 13 days (03/22/2011)
  22. 22. Latestevidence-Minefield 4.2 Alpha 1 Pre
  23. 23. March 24, 2011, for 11 days (03/24/2011)
  24. 24. Gender Web Browser
  25. 25. Aggregator
  26. 26. FTP Client
  27. 27. Gopher client</li></li></ul><li>Google Chrome<br />Google Chrome is a web browser developed by Google and compiled based on open source components like WebKit rendering engine and application development framework (framework). [2] Google Chrome is the third most used browser on the Internet with market share of 11.57% at the end of March 2011 and has over 120 million users, stands out for its accessibility. is available for free under specific service conditions. browser name derives from the term used for the framework of graphical user interface ("chrome")<br /><ul><li>Speed a faster browser
  28. 28. Initial release September 2, 2008
  29. 29. Latest stable version 10.0.648.204
  30. 30. March 24, 2011, for 11 days (03/24/2011)
  31. 31. Beta test version last: 11.0.696.16March 23, 2011, 12 days ago (03/23/2011)
  32. 32. Gender: Web Browser
  33. 33. Microsoft Windows OperatingSystem</li></li></ul><li>Opera <br />Opera is a web browser and Internet suite developed by the Norwegian company Opera Software, able to perform multiple tasks such as browsing websites, manage email, contacts, web feeds, chat via irc and / or be a bittorrent client. Opera has been a pioneer in incorporating many features that today can be seen in other web browsers, such as tabs, integrated search, zoom. <br /><ul><li>Proprietary software developmentmodel of open sourcecomponents
  34. 34. InitialreleaseDecember 9, 1996
  35. 35. Lateststableversion 11.01 (Build 1190) January 27, 2011, 2 monthsago (01/27/2011)
  36. 36. Last 11.10 Beta test version (Build 2060) March 25, 2011, 10 daysago (03/25/2011)
  37. 37. Gender Web browser, Internet suiteWritten in C + +
  38. 38. FreeBSDOperatingSystem- GNU / Linux- Mac OS X- Microsoft Windows- Solaris (through v. 10.1)
  39. 39. FreewareLicens</li></li></ul><li>SAFARI <br />Safari is a closed source web browser developed by Apple Inc. It is available for Mac OS X, Ios (the system used by the iPhone, iPod Touch and the IPAD) and Microsoft Windows.Includes tabbed browsing, spell checker, incremental find, view of history in CoverFlow, download manager and integrated search system.<br /><ul><li>InitialreleaseJanuary 7, 2003
  40. 40. Lateststableversion 5.0.4 (7533.19.4)March 9, 2011, for 26 days (09/03/2011)
  41. 41. Gender Web Browser- Mac OS X operatingsystem- Microsoft Windows
  42. 42. iOSLicenseOwner. Renderingengineunder LGPL</li></li></ul><li>Maxthon<br />Since late July 2010 is available a stable version of Maxthon 3. In this version, the browser used in preference to the WebKit rendering engine, but also includes the Internet Explorer's Trident engine, so it automatically switches between them to able to correctly display the old pages to be designed only with Internet Explorer. The new version is given a score of 100/100 in the test Acid3 standards compliance.<br /><ul><li>Latest stable version 10, 2010
  43. 43. Gender Web Browser
  44. 44. Windows Operating System
  45. 45. Freeware License</li></li></ul><li>FLOCK<br />Flock is a social browser based open source technology from Mozilla, soon happen to webkit in version, is scheduled around the Gecko engine. Flock has tools for managing blogs, feeds (RSS, Atom), favorite sites del.icio.us and integrated into the possibility of sharing photos on Flickr, among others.The Flock browser has nothing to do with the flock function C programming language, which is used to lock and unlock descriptors.<br /><ul><li>Lateststableversion 3.50, 2010
  46. 46. Gender Web Browser
  47. 47. OS Multiplataform
  48. 48. Tri-license MPL, MPL / GPL / LGPL</li></li></ul><li>AVANT<br />Was developed and maintained by Avant Force Company, based in the British Virgin Islands. Avant Browser is a freeware application, ie it is closed source but is free to use. As extra features compared to Windows Internet Explorer, tabbed browsing features for years, which includes only Windows Internet Explorer since version 7, the possibility of a "black list" of pages that are not open in the browser interface fully customizable and adjustable by skins or furs and faster performance.Currently only available for Windows operating systems also require the system be installed on Internet Explorer to function properly.<br /><ul><li>Developers Avant Force
  49. 49. Security poor
  50. 50. Speed medium
  51. 51. Initial release 2004, 6-7 years ago </li></li></ul><li>dEEPNET<br />Deepnet Explorer is a web browser created by Deepnet Security for the Microsoft Windows platform. The most recent version is 1.5.3 (BETA 3) which was Released October 19, 2006. Developed in Britain, Deepnet Explorer gained early recognition both for its use of anti-phishing tools and the inclusion of a peer-to-peer facility for file sharing, based on the Gnutella network.The anti-phishing feature, in combination with other additions, led the developers to claim that it had a higher level of security than either Firefox or Internet Explorer—however, as the underlying rendering engine was still the same as that employed in Internet Explorer, it was suggested that the improved security would fail to address the vulnerabilities found in the rendering engine<br /><ul><li>Developers Deepnet Sec.
  52. 52. Initial release 2004, 6-7 years ago
  53. 53. Security Strong </li></li></ul><li>PHASEOUT<br />Phaseout is a Web browser with masks based on Flash technology, which includes all the latest protection systems, fraud protection, popup blocker and cleaning tools with extended options, all integrated with a powerful search bar and a system of tabbed windows (tabs). Its interface is very attractive and functional.Features:<br /><ul><li> Web browser- Masks system based on Flash technology.- Anti fraud.- Pop-Up Blocker.- Cleaning tools.- Tabbed windows (tabs).- Floating Preview.- History in sidebar.- Real full screen mode.- Attractive and functional interface.
  54. 54. Versions 11
  55. 55. Requires:- Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0 or higher- Flash Plug-In</li></li></ul><li>CAMINO<br />is a free web browser, open source, graphical user interface based on the Gecko rendering engine of Mozilla, and specifically designed for Mac OS X. Instead of the user interface based on XUL used by most Mozilla-based applications, Camino uses native Cocoa API on Mac, but does not use native text boxes.<br /><ul><li>Speed medium
  56. 56. Lateststableversion 2.0.2 February 23, 2010
  57. 57. Gender Web Browser
  58. 58. Written in Objective-C Cocoa- Mac OS X operatingsystem- MPL, GPL, LGPL</li></li></ul><li>Seamonkey<br />Is a suite consisting of a web browser, email client, address book, web page editor (Composer) and an IRC client (Chatzilla). In essence, is a project that continues the development of Mozilla Application Suite, with the development made and controlled entirely by its community of developers and users through The SeaMonkey Council, an organization supported mainly in terms of technical resources by the Mozilla Foundation.<br /><ul><li>Lateststableversion 2.0.12 March 2, 2011
  59. 59. Genere Internet SuiteLinux
  60. 60. Operatingsystem, Mac OS X, OS / 2, Solaris,
  61. 61. WindowsMPL, GPL, LGPL</li></li></ul><li>Netsurf<br />Is an open source web browser which runs on a variety of platforms including RISC OS, AmigaOS and Unix-like systems. NetSurf has features that include tabbed browsing, text selection and PDF export. Running on other platforms is also possible by building from source, with the developers intending to add further binaries when time can be found to do so.<br /><ul><li>Developer(s) TheNetSurfDevelopers
  62. 62. Stablerelease 2.6 (September 21, 2010; 6 monthsago (2010-09-21)) [+/−]
  63. 63. PreviewreleasePublicAutobuilder (n/a) [+/−]
  64. 64. Development status Active
  65. 65. Written in ANSI C
  66. 66. OperatingsystemAmigaOS, AmigaOS 4, Atari OS, BeOS/Haiku, Mac OS X, MorphOS, RISC OS, Unix-like
  67. 67. Size 2.5 MB (RISC OS)
  68. 68. 4.6 MB (AmigaOS)
  69. 69. Type Web browser
  70. 70. License GNU GPL </li>