quarter 1 21st century education 21st century teacher seameo innotech guro21 deped literature seameo grade 8 english 8 module 3 speech graphic organizers english philippines unesco united nations reading readiness human resources grievances mikael michael dodongan rheina lhynn literary interpretation formalist approach moralist approach marxist approach feminist approach guy de maupassant the necklace the diamond necklace recommended activities english remediation reading remediation for frustration english reading reading activities rebus auditory verbal visual modified language experience paper-based multimodal text digital multimodal text live multimodal text multisensory texts visual graphics multimodal text rights children marginalized university developing economies unicef rights of the marginalized children educ 4 charter arab egypt arabian literature egyptian literature literature of arab literature of egypt introduction to american literature colonial period american literature american colonial period literature ldm portfolio learning delivery modality ldm course 2 ldm2 revalida action plan end of course action plan course 1 pllp matrix personal lifelong learning plan pllp professional and personal development matrix personal plan professional purpose pdp professional development plan guro21 course 1 modal verbs modals modal noting context clues module 1 antonym clue situation clue example clue inference clue definition clue synonym clue connotation dénotation context clues english 10 macroskill intimate style casual style consultative style fixed style frozen style communicative style speaking speaking style communication how to write sentences with condition conditions third conditional second conditional first conditional zero conditional conditionals if sentence conditional sentences timeline flowchart fishbone technique sandwich technique venn diagram concept map textual organizers visual aids textual aids module 2 grade 10 5-7-5-7-7 poem 5-7-5 poem japan japanese poetry poetry poem tanka haiku non-fiction fiction storytelling literary genre genre contemporary literature department of budget and management dbm fiscal governance in the philippines fiscal management financial management spend allowable government expenditures education leadership human resources management process of grievance complaints personnel management leadership development relevant laws on philippine education governing laws educational system philippine education ched commission on higher education department of education programs and projects in education laws on education republic acts on education principles of performance management performance appraisal performance management performance educational management education philippine basic education equitable basic education efa pilipinas education for all efa goals efa performance in reading reading process process of reading reading development developmental reading refinement and use of reading as a study tool rapid and expanding reading growth beginning reading personnel employee dissatisfaction complaining principal skills testing evaluation educational planning education technology measurement russel aporbo rose mae entero janette balagot
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