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Digital transformation with Odoo platform

Digital transformations is a demand for IT today, but how will you start ad which platform that you will put everything is a big question. The slide gives you a look how it work.

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Digital transformation with Odoo platform

  1. 1. BESCO Consulting Digital Transformation with Odoo Platform Odoo Tour Hanoi, 22/03/2019
  2. 2. 2 “Digital transformation is the use of technology to make resourceful enhancements to an organization. It is more than a simple technology initiative and is instead a plan to completely renovate an organization’s business model”
  3. 3. BESCO – Empower Your Business 3 The evolution of management information systems Paper-based system: data recording and reporting Computerized system: MRP, MRP II, ERP, ERP II IoT, Big data, AI, Machine Learning Most businesses are here
  4. 4. BESCO – Empower Your Business 4 Multiple Single-Purpose Software. Silos approach. Each line represents a time consuming connector. Current state of management system in enterprises Too many apps!!!
  5. 5. BESCO – Empower Your Business 5 Single platform. All-in-one Solution to simplify the business operations. Today business expectations
  6. 6. Odoo digital core platform Odoo Apps Connect to customers (Email Gateway / Chat / Portal / SMS) Connect basic services (Payment / eInvoice / Bank statements / Carriers / VOIP) Odoo Platform Evolution Cloud-based Platform Accountant Sales Production Plan Purchase Goods Issue Invoice Payment Shipping Goods Receipt Customer Supplier CRM & Marketing AR / AP Marketplace Integration GL PL BS CF Tax Sub Contract Business services (Lead Generations / Artificial Intelligence, IoT) Based on Odoo digital core platform here is your business renovate.
  7. 7. 7 OperationsWebsites • Website builder • eCommerce • Blogs • Forums • Slides • Live Chat Productivity Odoo Application Suite Odoo is a comprehensive suite of business applications Sales • Sales • CRM • Invoicing • Point of Sale • Subscriptions • Purchase • Inventory • Project • Manufacturing • Accounting • Project • Human Resources • Helpdesk • Communication • Timesheet • Email Marketing • Event • Survey • Appointments • Marketing Automation • Document • Sign
  8. 8. BESCO – Empower Your Business Benefits of Odoo Platform Light infrastructure No hidden costs Seamless integration An app for every business need Scale your software at any time Always accessible Multi-device compatible Instant access to new software Short implementations Quick adoption by every employee Odoo guaranteed SLA: 99.99% Automated security upgrades Tailor fields, views and processes Technical flexibility Control and Reduce Your Cost Fully Featured and Integrated Easy-to-Use Interface Customizable Faster Implementation Secure
  9. 9. CUSTOMER On-demand customizations Internal processes and knowledge 9 Collaboration to success ODOO PLATFORM World proven framework & technologies Best practice processes Strong community BESCO CONSULTING Professional services Strong industry know-how Full localization
  10. 10. 10 BESCO’s Clients Clients have get involved in the transformation process.
  11. 11. BESCO – Empower Your Business Solution ● Odoo ERP open platform ● Order to cash with flexible price list and promotion setup ● Odoo Purchase and Inventory for Operation ● Odoo Accounting to cater for finance matters ● Odoo inter-companies 11 The story of how BESCO has helped JYSK to implement Odoo to streamline business processes JYSK Case Study Problem ● Package solution cannot be extended ● Accounting-based approach ● Unable to adapt to the complexity of sales promotion programs ● No cross company transaction Results ● Powerful Odoo system for business growth, multi-company model ● Flexible sales processes with promotions, price list ● Support Purchase forecasting / Inventory accuracy / Cross companies process / VAS compliance / Analytics accounting ● 8 months of implementation / 4000 products / 140 users / 16 stores
  12. 12. BESCO – Empower Your Business 12 JYSK Testimonial With Odoo ERP, all the business information are integrated, well-adapted sales specific requirement of JYSK, furthermore we can make forecast on supply demand. From CEO of JYSK
  13. 13. 13 Think Digital Transformation Think Odoo !
  14. 14. 14 Odoo helps business run better
  15. 15. BESCO Consulting E : info@besco.vn T : (+84 28) 6281 5988 M : (+84) 916 888 159 W : www.besco.vn Head Office P : Lotus building (5th floor), A : 16 Cuu Long, Ward 2, Tan Binh Dist., Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam