open educational resources (oer) media education open education open education (oe) digital humanties archiving higher education media culture sharing surveillance capitalism dataveillance digitization critical media literacy education industrial complex global education industry competency literacification of everything digital literacy oracy deep listening picturacy mathemacy numeracy literacies literacy educational cultures inclusion and exclusion digitalisierung digitzation mediatization medialization schule 4.0 digital roadmap austria eucational commons ernst von glasersfeld archiv open educational resources radical constructivism ernst von glaserfeld action-oriented learning university reserach academic disciplines media activism educationability empowerment pedagogical antinomies self-empowerment free/libre open source software (floss) composing conferences conference design barcamp unconferences massive open online course (mooc) online media media critique technology oe educational spaces moocs creative commons oer educational philosophy universal education m-learning microlearning mobile learning
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