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Artificial Intelligence for Industries (Made In Wroclaw 2020)

Made in Wroclaw is a celebration of innovations from Wroclaw, Poland. byteLAKE team presented selected solutions for Industry 4.0.

- video: https://youtu.be/4n0VVKqPcfo (full coverage: https://youtu.be/YzOew04BAXs)
- related blog post series: https://www.byteLAKE.com/en/CognitiveServices-toc
- www.byteLAKE.com/en/CognitiveServices
- Podcast (RadioLUZ in Polish): https://bit.ly/3kcsJiV
- Podcast (RadioRAM in Polish): https://www.radioram.pl/articles/view/40257/FutuRAM-Made-In-Wroclaw-2020-PODCAST

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Artificial Intelligence for Industries (Made In Wroclaw 2020)

  1. 1. CONFERENCE LISTEN IN POLISHAI for Industry 4.0. Visual inspection (product quality, process monitoring) Meet Artificial Intelligence for Industries Products and Services
  2. 2. brainello • Documents processing automation • 1800 invoices processed / hour ! • No templates needed. AI powered. • Learning over time
  3. 3. Industry 4.0 Visual Inspection Intelligent Cameras Automated quality and process monitoring in Smart Factory Defects #: 1 Distance: < 2m! AI Model Train Prepare
  4. 4. AI-accelerated CFD Simulations Immediate Results • Traditional workflow • AI for CFD Suite CFD Simulation (Computational Fluid Dynamics) RESULTS Visualization Modeling RESULTS Visualization Hours, weeks Modeling AI for CFD Suite (byteLAKE) Seconds, minutes CFD Suite Collection of innovative AI Models for computational fluid dynamics. byteLAKE.com/en/CFDSuite
  5. 5. welcome@byteLAKE.com Contact us: byteLAKE.com Cognitive Services Blog post series
  6. 6. AI Model Cognitive Services AI for Industry 4.0
  7. 7. Artificial Intelligence for Industries Cognitive AutomationEdge AI Services HPC Products CFD Suite Fluid Dynamics Acceleration Brainello AI OCR for invoices, no templates (Document Processing) Ewa Guard Large Areas Visual Analytics Cognitive Services Visual Inspection, Big Data (Industry 4.0) Green Computing (HPC) AI for Restaurants Incubation
  8. 8. • Complex tasks automation (automated document processing, extracting information from invoices) • Industry 4.0 automation (intelligent cameras monitoring quality and processes, shapes and anomalies detection in pictures and videos) • Enabling data-driven, proactive operations (finding answers hidden in the data i.e. why something happened? What will likely happen? What are the trends?) Cognitive Automation bespoke RPA solutions, supercharged with AI Custom made solutions with the ability to self-improve over time