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The Connected Consumer and the New Decision-Making Cycle
Marketers must research how customers form and
make decisions and what inspires empathy and
creativity. This research will specifically point to what
Altimeter Group refers to as the dynamic customer
journey (DCJ). What you’ll learn following your research
is everything. Most notably, your business will now
clarify how and where to focus efforts on shaping
decisions and experiences before, during and after the
purchase. Additionally, you’ll learn the specific factors,
people, technologies, communities and resources that
affect every stage of your customer’s journey.
Generation C
weaves an interesting web
Generation C and the
dynamic customer journey
Customers get buy with a
little help from their friends
C change in consumerism:
A new bi-directional approach
is needed
In summary:
The connected marketer 13
Source: Altimeter Group, 2012
The results of studying the DCJ will contribute to a
far more accurate point of view that tailors marketing,
sales, service and loyalty strategies to be more
effective and engaging. But it won’t stop there.
Inspired by McKinsey & Company’s work and my own
research during the writing of The End of Business as
Usual, Altimeter Group reimagined the traditional
funnel into a constant and very public elliptical path
that often repeats itself.

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