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  1. SOcial Selling TIPS to Succeed on LinkedIn & IG Brenda Geiger Senior Product Marketing Manager Sept 28, 2022
  2. Improve profile & show up higher search 01. 02. 03. WIIFU Today Best practices & who to follow Etiquette for selling online Learn How TO
  3. About the speaker Part of GPL Marketing Dept. Master's in Media Communications 10,000 hours of blogging and social media expertise Have 10,000 collective followers on my channels
  4. LinkedIN has more than 830 Million users who generate 8 Million posts a day. Sept. 18, 2022 NY Times
  5. WhY LinkedIN? #1 B2b Channel 6 Million Docs/ nurses 360,000 FM Providers WHY Instagram? Because tHE CEO said so Because it's No lONger 2019 Because there's 63,000 Functional Medicine posts
  6. Great Plains on Linkedin Haley & Megan Get an A for their headline and cover image 2 reps will win a Profile Makeovers today!
  7. Your Profiles is a Sales Funnel Visit for a Cool IG Profile Pic
  8. Profile Pointers What's working here?
  9. L/I & IG Profile Musts Great Photo Searchable name or tag on IG like Functional Medicine Advocate Media (Lindsay Goddard) Regular, Consistent Posting
  10. Profile Checklist Self Made Millennial Checklist Download
  11. Did you know? 40% Your 40% more likely to earn a connection if you have a complete profile.
  12. Did you know? 500+ Having at least 500 connections gives you a search edge and increases the number of clickthroughs to your posts, blogs, website.
  13. Did you know? 40% of salespeople have closed between two and five deals directly related to or because of social media.
  14. 10 minutes searching for prospects 01. 02. 03. 30 Min A Day Watch Video by Natasha Vilaseca 10 minutes requesting connections 10 minutes following up with those who haven't accepted connection
  15. Social Selling Etiquette Be Personable Share Work Passion Share your industry perspective and resources Solve problems Don't Pounce
  16. The compliment 01. 02. 03. Secret sauce Your weekly to-dos to ensure your sales success on LinkedIn. Te work you put in, determines the outcomes. Continue a conversation Relate 04. 05. Mutual Connections Add Value 5 Ways to Connect
  17. Poor Execution
  18. Poor Execution, Cont'd
  19. Good Execution
  20. Good Execution. cont'd
  21. Continue the Conversation
  22. 7-10 touchpoints - trust 01. 02. 03. Secret sauce ON LINKEDIN Sent 50-75 invites p/w Leave 5-7 day gap before after accepted invitation 04. 05. 06. 07. Script 4 emails you can send as a paced series Leave 2 week gap between each email Pull worthy content from GPL or IFM etc. Connect with your top 20 customers
  23. Participate in Groups
  24. Join a Pod 01. 02. 03. Secret sauce ON INSTAGRAM Use emojis Be visual 04. 05. 06. Take video Follow and commen on influencer feeds Don't be spammy
  25. Join PODS An Instagram pod is a group of users who all agree to comment on and like posts created by the other members, with a goal of mutual growth.
  26. 20 Sales Reps to follow on LinkedIn Hannah Ajikawo Will Allred = Cold Emails Belal Batrawy Gabrielle “GB” Blackwell = Social Media Josh Braun Kyle Coleman = Email Outreach Kevin “KD” Dorsey Ashleigh Early Chantel George Morgan J. Ingram = Prospecting (IG) Keenan = Gap Selling 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. See Full List
  27. Natasha Vilaseca ian Brodie Mandy McEwen LinkedIn Rockstars Offering free training videos/downloads
  28. Recommend Reading GAP SELLING Gap Selling declares your job isn't to sell; it's to solve problems. With this mentality everything changes. flips the script and creates salespeople with immense influence at every stage of the buying process, capable of impacting the sales metrics that matter.
  29. Learn from Senuka
  30. Profile Makeover Winners
  31. What to do NEXT? Update your profile(s) Connect with your top 20 customers Join a group or a IG pod Invest 30 minutes connecting, commenting, sharing posts Solve problems 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.
  32. Thank you! Questions? Text me: 816-501-6042 Follow me at: LinkedIn Instagram Twitter Facebook