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Hippo world food day twitter report

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Hippo world food day twitter report

  1. 1. {Objective} To re-establish and increase interaction levels with our twitter audience. 2013 © CREATIVELAND ASIA
  2. 2. {Opportunity} World Food Day (which also happens to be Hippo’s birthday).
  3. 3. {Insight} Hippo has always been about fighting hunger. And, fortunately, Hippo has found space on twitter (and cyberspace in general) to voice his opinions on all things hunger.
  4. 4. {Insight} Other common snacks though, long time fighters of hunger, have never been recognised for their service to Hunger. Hippo figured it was time for these superstar snacks to step forward and take a bow. At least, on cyberspace.
  5. 5. {Idea} What better day to honour the contributions of these superstar snacks than on World Food Day? So Hippo hosted a World’s first, Hunger Fighters Convention (AKA a birthday party) on his twitter page. Hippo, in a day long activity, opened up his twitter account to other foods to talk – Idli, Dhokla, Aloo Paratha, Italian Pizza etc.
  6. 6. Dhokleswara Patel Idliswami
  7. 7. Cakestopher D’souza Pizzaroni Carleone
  8. 8. Sammy Samosa Aloo Singh
  9. 9. Each snack had his own personality.
  10. 10. We kicked of the event with a teaser birthday announcement tweet at 12.00am on World Food Day.
  11. 11. Hippo started tweeting around 9:30 by replying to late night tweets and building up to the launch of the activity
  12. 12. Hippo then announced The Hunger Fighters’ Convention.
  13. 13. Speakers were invited for hour long sessions on twitter.
  14. 14. Starting with our first speaker Idliswami…
  15. 15. Idli spoke back to them…
  16. 16. Other speakers followed…
  17. 17. Aloo ‘Singh’ Paratha..
  18. 18. Pizzaroni Carleone…
  19. 19. Hippo came for a bit, to tweet about his birthday party lunch…
  20. 20. The convention concluded at 8pm, with Dhoklaeshwar Patel…
  21. 21. Dhokla then interacted with Hippo’s followers and tweeted about his opinions and then closed off the convention.
  22. 22. Hippo then came back and concluded the Hunger Fighters Convention by thanking everyone
  23. 23. Our followers on twitter were absolutely in love with convention…
  24. 24. We gained over 50 new followers throughout the day.
  25. 25. And reached over 50,000 people through our interactions with top influencers.
  26. 26. As a follow up to the convention, Hippo posted an album with the best tweets of the speakers and pictures from the after party on Facebook.
  27. 27. In the end, Hippo achieved what he set out to achieve – meaningful conversations with his twitter followers and spreading the word on Hippo’s Hunger Fighting Mission.