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Best Practices to Drive Mobile Growth Across Organic and Paid Channels

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From practically every standpoint, the mobile app market is increasingly in the world’s spotlight. 2017 carried an astounding $77 billion in projected mobile app revenue, with 197 billion mobile app downloads (compared to 2016’s 149 billion). Join Branch’s Mada Seghete and experts from ZipRecruiter and IMVU for an exploration of tips, tricks, and best practices for optimizing mobile user acquisition in 2018.
In this webinar, we’ll cover:
-Why mobile user acquisition is so difficult
-Why investing in paid acquisition is necessary and how to leverage it
-Effective strategies to to drive user growth organically
-Examples of successful campaigns from Ziprecruiter and IMVU on driving mobile growth on paid and organic channels

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Best Practices to Drive Mobile Growth Across Organic and Paid Channels

  1. 1. Best Practices to Drive Mobile Growth Across Organic and Paid Channels
  2. 2. Meet our speakers... Akio Bandle Senior Mobile Product Manager Mada Seghete Head of Growth & Co-founder Lomit Patel Vice President, Growth
  3. 3. Branch Unifies Experience and Measurement Marketing Unified User Experience Unified AttributionUsers
  4. 4. Universal Ads March 7, 10-10:45 AM PST RSVP: https://branch.app.link/Mar7_WBR Upcoming Webinars
  5. 5. Acquisition Activation ReferralEngagement 1 2 3 4 Are you targeting your users in the optimal way for your app? Find out with the words of our mobile experts. You’ve targeted, sent out campaigns, and brought users into your app. Now it’s time to engage your users the right way. Learn how to best facilitate your most engaged users’ contributions to your mobile growth plan. Start your users off on the right foot with our helpful tips for optimized onboarding.
  6. 6. ORGANIC Acquisition: Organic vs. Paid PAID Content SEO & ASO Instant Apps Word of Mouth Email Press Coverage Social Media Social Media Native Apps Apple Search Ads Events Influencers Acquisition of new users
  7. 7. Content could be the answer to all your mobile acquisition woes. These days, content is utilized in a variety of forms to ultimately entertain, educate, persuade, and convert. Distilled has prepared the nifty content matrix to the right. It’s important to understand the proposed role of content prior to writing and distributing it, so as to optimize conversion and ROI. Organic Acquisition: Content
  8. 8. The 7 High-Arousal Emotions That Make Your Content Contagious 1. Awe 3. Anxiety2. Anger 4. Fear
  9. 9. The 7 High-Arousal Emotions That Make Your Content Contagious 5. Joy 6. Lust 7. Surprise
  10. 10. What makes good content? Useful SEO driven Drives emotion Humans crave the opportunity to give advice and offer tips. Why does advocate marketing work? Your best customers love to help out, but especially if they offer practical value. Writing content with SEO in mind, based on search trends and search volume + opportunity to make it to the first page can help your content drive more organic traffic to your website. Positive emotions make people share (the happier the post, the more likely it is to be shared). Negative emotions drive more clicks. High arousing emotions drive more shares.
  11. 11. TIP “What you publish via social media, what press releases you push, and what eBooks and webinars you develop all fall under the umbrella of content creation. In order to keep all of your content organized, you need to work with calendars. “That could mean a Google Docs spreadsheet with tabs for social media, PR, and content marketing. It could mean a big dry erase calendar hanging on your office wall. It doesn’t matter what your calendar looks like. It just matters that you have one. Use content calendars to plan your release dates, manage your authors, manage your deadlines, assign keywords, monitor promotion strategies—whatever makes sense for you.” Create user-driven content calendars. Shanelle Mullin Kissmetrics Blog “How to Master Social Customer Acquisition”
  12. 12. TIP Leverage content marketing to connect to your users. “Focus on writing something that’s of interest to your audience. It doesn’t necessarily have to be about your product. The purpose of content marketing is producing something of value, not showcasing your product.”
  13. 13. TIP Leverage content marketing to connect to your users. No existing community for the industry? No problem—sometimes, you may also need to create an optimal channel for your users to receive the content you produce. For instance, we founded the Mobile Growth Community so mobile growth experts could connect, network, and advance. With free meetups spread around the world and all throughout the year, we’re committed to not only providing quality content for mobile growth professionals, but also providing a channel for them to access it.
  14. 14. While no longer a strategic sole focus for mobile growth, exploring methods of App Store Optimization can contribute to mobile growth. Organic Acquisition: App Store Optimization
  15. 15. TIP Boost your web traffic to boost your App Store search results placement. Higher App Store ranks for websites with higher Alexa (web traffic) ranks is logical, but it’s also proved by our data. Improving your website traffic can only boost your app’s search results spot in the App Store.
  16. 16. With the redesign of the App Store and the thousands of apps published every day, the App Store and Play Store can no longer be the primary channels for organic discovery. Repeatedly, we’ve seen developers try to use an App Indexing product, but find that content never appears in search. And don’t even get us started on that pesky unattributed direct referral traffic. Organic Acquisition: Search Engine Optimization
  17. 17. Organic Content and SEO The Walled Garden of Google Search Results
  18. 18. Organic Content and SEO There’s a science behind every single Google search—not every Google search is ranked organically. Below is a slide portraying a rotated Google search for DreamWorks’ “The Boss Baby”. Notice the limited space for organic content.
  19. 19. Organic Content and SEO When applied to the finding that 75% of users never scroll past the first page of search results, this creates a potentially challenging ecosystem for mobile growth professionals.
  20. 20. TIP Checklist for Improving mWeb SEO. Pass Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test Improve Mobile Usability Prepare for Mobile Indexing ● Assess Mobile Site Architecture ● Assess Content Parity Leverage Schema Markup (Especially in High-Interest Verticals) Improve Performance (through PageSpeed) ● AMP ● PWAs 1 2 3 4 5
  21. 21. TIP Integrate smart banners into your mobile website. of app purchase revenue from smart banner-referred app user sessions (which are only 8% of sessions). 70% Smart banners make good mobile strategies great. 2.6x 20% higher in-app purchase rate for users originally installing the app from a smart banner, compared to general app users. higher in-app purchase rate for users entering the app directly from a smart banner, compared to general app users.
  22. 22. TIP One of the more controversial mobile tactics is the full page takeover screen, often referred to as an interstitial because it stands between a user and the mobile web version of the content. The purpose of the interstitial is simple: to drive as many people to your native app as possible. Far and away, it is the most effective technique to drive pure volume of installs. As it should, every single person who visits your site is presented with the call-to-action to install the app. If your goal is total installs, this is the choice for you. Consider integrating interstitials into your mobile website.
  23. 23. Organic Acquisition: Instant Apps Instant Apps is a new technology built by the Android team at Google that allows you to segment portions of an Android app to load immediately when a link is clicked. The user will still need to install the full native app to engage with the rest of the experience. Therefore, you need to design your user experience so that users can engage with a portion of your app experience, all the while compelling them to get the full native app.
  24. 24. Organic Acquisition: Instant Apps If the full app is installed, the full Android app will load instead. In a sense, an Instant App is a replacement for a mobile website, only loading if the full Android app is not installed when a link is clicked. This is significant because 53% of mobile websites are abandoned if it load time is greater than 3 seconds. Your App Instant App Instant App
  25. 25. Organic Acquisition: Email Email may not be the most exciting new technology that a marketer can use to drive mobile user acquisition, but it remains a key component of any mobile marketer’s arsenal.
  26. 26. TIP Deep Links point directly to content inside of an app. Deep linked emails are essential for a positive user experience on mobile, and can drive users to a specific piece of content inside of a mobile app. Optimize email marketing performance with deep linking. Our research shows $3,000 in revenue is lost for every 1 million emails sent without deep linking. Users want to travel to your app directly. With deep linking, they can.
  27. 27. Email App Promo’s The Power of Text-based Emails Overview To drive more app downloads, we decided to test a new email format. We eschewed traditional marketing tactics (sales-y copy, polished images) in place of something more personalized. Results ● 500% improvement in app downloads Key Learnings ● Demonstrate urgency in your email subject line ● Make it personalized ● Users glaze over marketing copy / images
  28. 28. “Get the App” Pill Button Be Persistent. Don’t get hurt by Google. Overview Since we have large mobile web traffic, we’re always testing new ways to drive downloads from the web. The “Get the App” Pill button was one of our biggest wins. Results ● Doubled app downloads from mobile web Key Learnings ● Large interstitials will hurt your SEO ● Be persistent but do not cover most of the page ● Make sure to track bounce % and your click- to-download conversion %
  29. 29. Organic Acquisition: Press Coverage Press coverage from a high-profile outlet can work wonders to drive awareness and installs for your app, especially for consumer- facing apps. But before you reach out to a reporter at a tech news site, make sure there’s a fit between what your app does and what they cover.
  30. 30. TIP Diana Spechler & Jim O’Grady Entrepreneur “7 Ways to Get the Press Coverage You Want” Weave a narrative into your press materials. “‘My hangover-prevention pill keeps you from getting a hangover!’ is not a story— it's an advertisement. As such, it's not interesting to a journalist (unless said journalist happens to be heading to Vegas for a bachelor party). Stories have a beginning, middle and end. They have tension. They have a personal element.” Think of the press as your audience and as a market. Just as you tailor your message to reach different segments of your customer base, you need to customize your story to appeal to each publication you pitch.
  31. 31. TIP Make press materials timely & relevant. “When we pitch a story to a publication, the editor always wants to know, ‘Why this? Why now?’ Help us answer those questions. “In other words, a new headhunting company probably isn't worthy of a story. But what if it's a headhunting company that works only with people who have been laid off, inspired by the bleak rate of unemployment?” Diana Spechler & Jim O’Grady Entrepreneur “7 Ways to Get the Press Coverage You Want”
  32. 32. TIP Cast a wide, strategic press net. Here are a few app review sites to get you started: ● Product Hunt ● 148apps ● App Store Apps ● AppReviews
  33. 33. Organic Acquisition: Social Media “People are talking about your brand on social media, whether you’re listening and engaging or not—but your customers really do want you to listen. “Nearly half of customers expect customer service via Facebook alone, but only 23% of brands provide it. The cost of not being involved with social media is rising.” Shanelle Mullin Kissmetrics Blog “How to Master Social Customer Acquisition”
  34. 34. TIP Leverage user-generated content. Big brands have seen heightened user engagement on social when featuring user generated content. Brands like Qatar, Red Bull and BMW repost user generated content over 60% of the time.
  35. 35. Paid Acquisition “It’s hard to understand the value you're getting from any organic channel. Paid is very, very consistent.” Paid is the channel you can depend on. As long as you optimize it, you can acquire high-quality users at dependable volume. Billy Shipp Co-Founder @ Reach Mob, Inc.
  36. 36. The mobile ecosystem is fragmented, and social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter are doing everything they can to build walls around their ecosystems. You can promote and promote and promote your social campaigns all quarter, but linking users across the various OS’s, devices, mediums, and platforms—and into your app—is incredibly difficult and complex. Paid Acquisition: Social Media
  37. 37. TIP Watermark your social media ads with your brand. “We once worked with a company who saw little lift after spending $250,000 on a campaign, realizing only after that they only had their brand name at the end of the fifteen-second video ad trailer. When advertising on social media, you need to have your brand watermarked throughout the entire video so the brand is immediately recognized, and so the brand is driving awareness even when it’s not clicked.” Hans Malzar Global Marketing Solutions & Partnerships Manager @ Facebook
  38. 38. TIP Facebook Dynamic Ads are highly effective retargeting ads, with personalized dynamic ad creatives shown to a targeted, granular audience. Hootsuite’s AdEspresso reports a 20% increase in click-through rates for Shutterfly, a 20% increase in conversions for Target, and a simultaneous 34% increase in click-through rates and 38% reduction in cost per purchase for The Honest Company—all from Facebook’s Dynamic Ads. Optimize Facebook ad performance with Dynamic Ads.
  39. 39. TIP Optimize Instagram ad performance with relevant calls to action. Based on data collected from over 10 million installs, Instagram is the optimal social channel in terms of click to install rate. Particularly if you’re after app installs, cementing a solid plan for mobile growth via Instagram could be the answer. To optimize Instagram ads, it’s important to create a call to action (CTA) that resonates with your objective. For example, a CTA of “Install Now” will target install rate, while a CTA of “Open App” or “Use App” will target engagement rate.
  40. 40. TIP Social Media Toolbox Buffer is the best way to drive traffic, increase fan engagement and save time on social media. We’ve got a few final tools to help you sharpen your app’s social media performance. Socedo’s mission is to bring social leads to every business in the world. They’ve developed a demand gen system that empowers B2B marketers to discover, engage, and qualify prospects through social media to increase revenue at scale.
  41. 41. FACEBOOK GROWTH Cracking The Creative Code on Facebook Overview We started seeing diminishing returns on scaling up our prospecting campaign. We ran creative tests around audiences to help improve results during Q4. Results ● New Payers Growth - 56% ● ROAS Growth - 25% ● CPA Improvement - 45% Key Learnings ● Demo. relevant UGC assets matter using audience insights ● Regular creative refreshes pertinent ● Lookalike audiences performed best
  42. 42. GOOGLE GROWTH Shedding Light on the UAC black-box Overview Transitioning over to UAC initially had a negative impact on performance. We tested creatives formats and in-app CPA goals to get the UAC to work for us. Results ● New Payers Growth - 67% ● ROAS Growth - 18% ● CPA Improvement - 56% Key Learnings ● UAC need enough data to optimize ● Videos outperformed banner assets - portrait outperformed landscape ● Purchase optimization worked best
  43. 43. “Functioning in cohesion with natural mobile content, native ads provide reach, branding, and value. They not only register an 18% lift in purchase intent when compared to banner ads, but they are also viewed 52% more frequently than banner ads.” Paid Acquisition: Native Ads Exploring native ads for your app could be your next stroke of acquisition genius. “If banner ads are the ‘old school’ of app user acquisition, native ads are the youngsters on the scene. Taking advantage of the natural form and function of the surrounding user experience, native ads offer distinct advantages from banner ads. Digital Turbine Blog “User Acquisition in 2017: A Holistic Approach” Anthony McQueen
  44. 44. Paid Acquisition: Events “Acquisition isn’t limited to the digital space—in-person events can play a big role in your overall marketing strategy. You’re able to make an impact by making a memorable experience, which improves the chances that you’ll build traction via word-of-mouth.” Elizabeth Kinsey Director of Community & Events @ Branch
  45. 45. Apple Search Ads display at the top of App Store search results, and can give your app an awareness boost to accelerate its user acquisition rate. Apple prides itself on Search Ads’ flexibility, with no minimum spend and no long-term commitment. Essentially, Apple will bring top-bidding apps into the light at the precise moment users are looking to install—for a price. Paid Acquisition: Apple Search Ads
  46. 46. TIP Checklist for optimizing Apple Search Ads performance. Build strong campaign strategy involving branded, competing, and general keywords. Design ad group and keyword structure including broad and exact matches, as well as negative keywords. Enable Search Match to target users specifically searching for apps like yours, and cover keywords you might be missing. Set up bidding price, keeping in mind the Search Ads auction is a second price auction based on a cost-per-tap model. Segment and target users based on gender and age. Segment and target new users vs. existing users. 1 2 3 4 5 6 PPC Hero “Apple Search Ads: What You Need to Know to Improve Performance” JD Prater
  47. 47. Paying big industry influencers or affiliates to share your app with their followings could ignite your app’s growth. Whether early-stage or far along, this tactic can provide significant return on investment if executed optimally. Paid Acquisition: Influencers
  48. 48. TIP Find the Right Influencers. Engagement Is this influencer getting a high engagement rate relative to followers? Relevancy Does this influencer create content in my niche? Demographics Would the audience that follows this influencer buy my product? Cost What would the rate be for partnering with this influencer? Sponsored Posts Has this influencer worked with brands before? Authenticity Do they appear to be authentic in their posts? Professionalism Is working with this influencer easy? Are they open to feedback? When choosing influencers, it’s helpful to consider the following:
  49. 49. TIP Consider both objective and search when choosing an influencer. Industry Influencers Brand Advocates Brand Fans Brand Ambassadors Bloggers & Affiliates Brand Influencers Engagement with Brand Low High Medium Medium Low High Social Influence High High-Low Low High Medium High Finding Them Neoreach, Moz, Apptentive Social media engagement Apptentive, Localytics, Mixpanel Fans, students, job posts Affiliate networks, research Branch Influencer Tab
  50. 50. infographic
  51. 51. Just Keep Building. Q&A webinars@branch.io