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Technology and officiating

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OAOA Summer Leadership Workshop

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Technology and officiating

  1. 1. Technology and OfficiatingOAOA Summer WorkshopJune 22, 2013Bend, Oregon
  2. 2. Hawk Eye
  3. 3. QuesTec – Trax Technology
  4. 4. Scully Quote"The future belongs to those who seepossibilities before they becomeobvious."John Scully
  5. 5. Technology VisionEvery local association will incorporate availabletechnologies to recruit, administrate, and traintheir membership.
  6. 6. CiscoGraph
  7. 7. Social Media Quiz
  8. 8. 90110012150170555Twitter Google+ LinkedIn Pinterest Instagram Facebook
  9. 9. Recruitment
  10. 10. Globe
  11. 11. Social Globe
  12. 12. To Tweet or Not to Tweet• Is a “public” web presence important enoughthat all locals should have one?• How can we better use social media applicationsto help recruit more officials?• How can we better use social media applicationsto train officials?• Who creates the vision and oversees itsimplementation?• Who is going to pay for it?
  13. 13. Administration
  14. 14. Admin Graphics
  15. 15. Which Admin Tool are you using?• Does it allow online access to members?• Can you send and receive notifications onconnected devices?• Can you upload various forms of media for useby the membership?• Does it allow you invoice and pay electronically?• Can schools access game assignmentinformation from connected devices?
  16. 16. Training
  17. 17. Training Graphics
  18. 18. Instructional Materials and Delivery• Online meetings• Video – the backbone• Platform is critical• A problem with sharing• Development of “video libraries”• Requiring and tracking• Meeting in a box
  19. 19. Final Thoughts..• Taking time to attend the workshopdemonstrates that you are committed and weappreciate it.• Your hard work has resulted in better officiating• Special thanks to Jack and Clark