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Braces by Henry - Patient Stories

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Reviews & Testimonials of Braces by Henry, orthodontist in San Diego - Poway, CA.


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Braces by Henry - Patient Stories

  1. 1. Braces by Henry Patient Stories
  2. 2. 5Star Review Dr. Henry’s office is wonderful!Their entire staff are very friendly. Both my boys and myself have been treated by Dr. Henry. It’s always a joy to see the staff and catch up with each other. Dr. Henry is very funny and easy to talk to. He makes a point to get to know the person as a whole, not just their treatment. Highly recommend them to anyone! – Nathan
  3. 3. 5Star Review Dr. Henry and his fantastic staff continue to deliver outstanding care and treatment in a very friendly and professional environment. – Privately Submitted Review
  4. 4. 5Star Review I love Dr. Henry and his staff! My kids were both told by other dentists/orthodontists they would need braces so when we started seeing Dr. Henry in 2008, I was prepared for the same news. I appreciate Dr. Henry not rushing to get braces on either of my children but suggesting alternatives such as retainers and pulling a few baby teeth. Now 5 years later they have straighter teeth and still no braces. Recently, I was most impressed with Dr. Henry when my daughter’s retainer broke at school. I called and the office was closed but Dr. Henry came in on his day off to fix my daughter’s retainer! First class treatment, the staff is wonderful, very accommodating, we never wait more than a few minutes, we are always in/out for checkups and easy to schedule appointments with. I recommend Dr. Henry to everyone! – Privately Submitted Review
  5. 5. 5Star Review Awesome and professional staff! Friendly and welcoming environment for client. Excellent service and treatment. Rewarding results,Thank you – Privately Submitted Review
  6. 6. 5Star Review My daughter came to Dr. Henry on a referral for a 12 molar that was coming in sideways.While we were there, Dr. Henry identified a prominent tongue issue that was causing problems with her teeth. He referred us to an excellent orofacial myologist.We will back to for braces to pull up the molar and correct her smile. Great office! – Shelby B.
  7. 7. ThankYou! www.bracesbyhenry.com | info@bracesbyhenry.com 858.487.0173 |15525 Pomerado Rd, Ste. C4, Poway, CA 92064