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Getting Past Your Impasse

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Mediation tips on how to get past an impasse.

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Getting Past Your Impasse

  1. 1. { Getting Past your Impasse Alex Boatman, Deborah Johnson, Kyle Mertz, & Amy Vincze
  2. 2. Introduction to Impasses
  3. 3. Definitions of Impasse: An obstacle that impedes progress in a mediation Or A situation in which progress is blocked; an insurmountable difficulty; stalemate; deadlock
  4. 4.  Inflated perceptions of power  Anger and verbal hostility  Different interpretations of the facts (events) or responsibility  Fear of losing face  Pushing a personal value  Getting stuck  Giving up Beliefs and Behaviours that Contribute to an Impasse
  5. 5.  Take a break/breath  Temporarily set impasse issue aside and move on to something that is easier for parties to agree to  Describe fears/concerns  Brainstorm possible options  Review progress  Ask “in a year where would you like to be/see?” Getting Past an Impasse
  6. 6.  Trial period  Offer a suggestions that is ‘almost too outrageous’ in order to generate possibilities/options that are feasible  Other person’s shoes  Reality checking  If all else fails suggest ending the mediation Getting Past an Impasse Continued…
  7. 7. Incorrect Impasse #1
  8. 8. Correct Impasse #1
  9. 9. Incorrect Impasse #2
  10. 10. Correct Impasse #2
  11. 11. Conclusion