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North American Business Development for Consultants and Coaches

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Every consultant or coach we've ever worked with tells us "if I can just get in front of the right clients, I know I can sell them". However, for most consultants and coaches, business development is painful and time consuming. This program solves that, enabling boutique and independent consultants and coaches to easily get in front of CEO's who are interested in taking their businesses to the next level.

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North American Business Development for Consultants and Coaches

  1. 1. Outsource Business Development North American Business for Corporate Customers Development for Consultants and Coaches
  2. 2. Background This business development program is built for every consultant we’ve ever worked with… • “If I can just get in front of the right clients I know I can sell them.” • “Even when we HAD to make client cold-calls we didn’t do it.” • “We’ve wasted thousands of dollars on networking and other marketing that didn’t work.”
  3. 3. Testimonials • “Your business development person is fantastic. She reached me!” CEO, Fortune 100 Company • “Let’s take a break. We have enough meetings and enough work”. CEO, Strategy Consulting • “There’s nothing I could have invested in that would have given me more business development traction.” Independent Consultant
  4. 4. Business Development Program Program Pricing Set-up* $150 Refundable 8 hours BD time* $600** Booked Meetings* $750 *invoiced and paid prior to execution. E-transfer, PayPal, Credit Card ** charged only if BD effort does not result in booked meetings; otherwise, applied to booked meeting cost
  5. 5. Optional Marketing, Other Programs Program Pricing Web Profile on Boardroom Metrics Site* $100/month Blog, Other Written Content Editing, Posting* $100/content piece Video Posting* $200/video Social Media Support (Twitter**, Facebook) $50/content piece Consulting Support $200/hour *The Boardroom Metrics website is highly optimized for web search visibility **@boardroommtrcs has over 45,000 followers
  6. 6. Comparison vs. Other Common BD Approaches Used by Consultants Referrals Website Social Media Networking Boardroom Metrics Description A current or past client recommends you to a new client. Develop an optimized WordPress site to attract clients Steady flow of prepared content published on Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. 6 networking events year Outsource BD cold-calling and meeting with CEO’s Consultant BD Hours 10 – 20 Hours/project 10 – 500 hours/websit e 8 – 48 hours/month 25 hours/year 20 hours/month Dollars Free $2,000 - $10,000 $0 - $5,000/mont h $50 - $1,000/year $3,000/mont h # C-Level Meetings/Yr. 5 6 6 2 48 Cost/Meeting $0 $333 - $1,666 $0 - $10,000 $25 - $500 $750
  7. 7. More Information For more information on customizing a business development program for your North American consulting business: Phone: Jim Crocker or Karen McElroy at 905- 709-4031, or Email: jcrocker@boardroommetrics.com or kmcelroy@boardroommetrics.com