The "Men in Black" and Conspiracy America

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Encounters of the "Fourth Kind"

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A History of Flying Saucers

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Consequences and Memory of the Civil War

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Shades of Death Road and the "Haunted Roadway"

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Gettysburg and the "Haunted Battlefield"

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The Myrtles Plantation and the "Haunted South"

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Haunted Civic Spaces: Prisons, Asylums, and "Churchyards"

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Salem, MA and the "Haunted House"

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McClellan, Lee, and the War in the West

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Antietam Creek and a Proclamation

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A New Birth of Freedom

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The War Moves North

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The War Begins

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The Union is in Peril

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The Outbreak of Civil War

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Bigfoot and other Hairy Bipeds

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The Nation on the Eve of War

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Bleeding Kansas

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D-Day and Liberation

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