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Public Affairs - The Do's and Don'ts of elections season

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The electoral period requires a series of specific rules that involve the whole society, and especially the way companies operate. Thus, it is common for doubts to arise regarding the period before the elections.

Faced with this demand, the Burson-Marsteller Public Affairs Team prepared an infographic with the main rules of action for companies and citizens.

We hope that this material complements your activities and assists the action in the coming months!

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Public Affairs - The Do's and Don'ts of elections season

  1. 1. 2018 ELECTIONS THE "DOs AND DON'Ts" OF ELECTIONS SEASON The Electoral Law (9504/1997) has undergone through several changes over the years. Below are the main rules of conduct and campaign donations for the 2018 elections. MAIN CHANGES IN ELECTORAL CAMPAIGNS COMPANIES The following actions are prohibited to companies: �The Federal Superior Court has ruled that the financing of companies for election campaigns and parties is UNCONSTITUTIONAL. Printing of advertising material (except by formal contract) Any kinds of donations Participation in crowdfunding Participation as legal entity of any event held by candidates during the campaign Linking the company brand to any candidate during the campaign ... to hold meetings with authorities, as long as it does not result in privileges for the company ... the candidate's participation at the inauguration of private works, even if they are subsidized with public resources In the election period, it is allowed... ... the attendance of the candidate at events linked to the campaign outside of working hours The public agents who are candidates must show in their official public sites the agenda of the events that they will attend It is prohibited to advertise in public property as public streetlights and walkways, and also in private buildings of collective use, such as business centres The printing and releasing of materials with the government brand or slogans are prohibited. The following donations are allowed to be done by citizens: CITIZENS �For any donation, the issuance of an electoral receipt is mandatory. For candidates and / or parties at a maximum of 10% of the gross income of the year prior to the election. Through crowdfunding made by companies previously registered by the Electoral Court. Material developed by the Burson-Marsteller Public Affairs team