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Agile Pmi 102108 Final

  1. Lean Agile Scrum Business Value Development and Delivery using Agility Brenden McGlinchey Software Done Right, Inc. [email_address]
  2. Projects can be… challenging “ Fast - cheap - good - you can have any two.” “ A user will tell you anything you ask, but nothing more.” “ The bitterness of poor quality lasts long after the sweetness of making a date is forgotten.” “ Anything that can be changed will be changed until there is no time left to change anything.” “ The nice thing about not planning is that failure comes as a complete surprise rather than being preceded by a period of worry and depression.”
  3. Categorization of complexity in development projects Requirements Technology
  4. Complex Adaptive System *Agile Management for Software Engineering, David J. Anderson [7]
  5. Product Manager Board
  6. Roadmap to Business Value (Epics) Epics: High-level capability statements (White Cards) Prioritized by Business Value (which can change!) Tightly Coupled w/ Vision Unfold into 1 or more stories Epic: Jim Advisor can create a new financial scenario for Joe Customer that will allow for clarity in investment decisions
  7. Agile Requirements Frontburner - Work committed to in current iteration (Sprint)
  8. Real-time View of Business Value Delivery Stories Tasks
  9. Agile-V Provides Real-time View of Sprint
  10. Contact Information Brenden McGlinchey [email_address]