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  3. Housekeeping We will share the slides and recording of this session with you via email later today. Dial in audio access: +1 669 900 6833 Any questions we are not able to answer live or in the Q&A will be addressed after the session via a follow-up. If you need further assistance, please reach out to Our support team is amazing!
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  5. Diana Otero Diana Otero is the Product Marketing Manager at Bloomerang. She served on the board of the Nantahala Hiking Club, one of the 31 trail maintaining clubs of the Appalachian Trail Conservancy, a nonprofit driven and powered by volunteers. Manager, Product Marketing
  6. Donations and Pledges Part 2
  7. What will we cover today? ● Review: Pledge vs Recurring Donation ● Rapid Gift Entry ● Split Payments ● Refund and Delete Transactions ● Transaction Reports ● Transaction Letters
  8. Pledge vs Recurring Donation Pledge Recurring Donation Total Amount Recurring Amount Timeframe Frequency Fulfilled when payments equal pledge amount Open-ended, continues until the donor requests to stop Payment methods may vary Typically auto-processed
  9. Resources Bloomerang Knowledgebase and Support Portal
  10. Resources Knowledgebase Donations and Pledges Rapid Gift Entry Create or Edit Split Payments
  11. What topic would you like to hear more about: ● Split payments ● Soft Credits ● Tribute entry ● Pledge entry ● Other Poll
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