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PGP Email Encryption for BlackBerry

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Secure your blackberry with Blackberry PGP, an excellent security feature that supports encryption & decryption methods to protect your confidential information when send or receive over network.

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PGP Email Encryption for BlackBerry

  1. 1. Buy PGP Encryption Service from BlackberrySecure.com
  2. 2. Encryption Service for Mobile Devices BlackberrySecure.com is a leading supplier of the Blackberry secure mobile handsets that use the latest PGP encryption technology. As a firm that specializes in the PGP technology, they offer this service and the devices that work on this technology as two separate entities. Their customers can simply order a service or order a device that works using this service at affordable prices. They have a robust network of dealers and retail businesses in countries including the UK, USA, Spain, Netherlands, Canada, Russia, Portugal, Thailand and Mexico. They aim to provide their customers with the safe PGP for Blackberry with a guarantee that their mobile text would not be intercepted by any third party. Their excellent customer service and round the clock technical support adds to their popularity. They also offer the provision to add customizable features with the PGP technology to meet the special and unique needs of the clients.
  3. 3. They offer special and group rates on orders above eight units at a time. They ensure delivery in 3 business days through FedEx Priority service, anywhere in the world. Moreover, to get a quote online, one can visit their website. Their services are mainly used by the security concerned individuals and businesses alike. They also offer free blackberry handset wiping, compatibility and no spam features, tailor made IT policies and consolidated billing. For orders and queries, call on (519) - 9972322 or send an email to: sales@blackberrysecure.com. In case of support related queries, contact support@blackberrysecure.com.