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Create a modern(ish) BAM portal in (roughly) one hour!

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Business Activity Monitoring (BAM) can provide real value to an organisation but is often not implemented as part of a BizTalk solution. This session will demonstrate how to develop and deploy a BAM activity and tracking profile. The focus will then move onto development of a custom web portal to provide a consolidated view of data from BAM, Exceptions and Payload Archive databases.

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Create a modern(ish) BAM portal in (roughly) one hour!

  1. 1. Sponsored & Brought to you by Create a modern(ish) BAM portal in (roughly) one hour! Rob Bowman https://www.linkedin.com/in/robbowman147
  2. 2. Create a modern(ish) BAM portal in (roughly) one hour! Rob Bowman BizTalkers Ltd www.biztalkers.com
  3. 3. Ever heard of this Thing they call “The Force”?
  4. 4. Single technology I’ve found adds most value given the effort required?
  5. 5. Reasons BAM doesn’t get used • Activity monitoring not seen as essential for Go-Live of a project • It’s a new skill to learn – sometimes developers turn to a technology they already have experience of such as Log4Net • The stock BAM Portal doesn’t give the functionality expected
  6. 6. Why Developers Should Implement BAM With the right portal in place, the business users can find answers themselves rather than having to ask the development or support teams. Q: Why hasn’t the warehouse received the Purchase Order A: Take a look on the BAM Portal
  7. 7. So why build a custom BAM portal? • The stock portal provides view over BAM Primary Import db only • It doesn’t show data from ESB Exceptions database • It doesn’t provide a view of message payload • Additional functionality • A BAM Portal is a convenient site to add additional functionality such as: • task management – tickets raised for exceptions etc. • UI for maintaining cross reference data
  8. 8. A Consolidated View Rcv Pipeline MsgArchive Source Data Source Data Map Rcv Pipeline Msg Body BAM Timestamp & Key Data from Msg Body MsgBox Canonical Data Exception Db Send Pipeline Canonical Data Send Pipeline Map Msg Body Timestamp & Key Data Source System Target System Target Data Target Data BAM Portal View The custom BAM Portal provides a consolidated view of a message from source to target system
  9. 9. Aim of the Custom Portal • View summary of messages received and sent • Ability to drill-down to message payload • Link to the Exceptions database of the ESB Toolkit • Easy AD authentication • Potential for addition of useful admin type functionality such as: • Resubmit a previously received message into BizTalk • Trigger BizTalk process e.g. rather than wait for scheduled task adapter • Provide a friendly UI over cross reference database • Basic task management workflow functionality e.g. tasks created on ESB exception
  10. 10. Demo – Create the BAM Activity and Profile • Demo Existing “Simple” file type • Create new BAM Activity definition • Create new BAM Tracking Profile
  11. 11. How the Views Access / Display the Data
  12. 12. Example Razor View When Using MVC Pattern Notice:ViewModel returned here
  13. 13. Example Razor View When Using MVVM Pattern Notice:ViewModel not returned here
  14. 14. Demo Adding New Process (Votes) to be Monitored • Would expect more code reuse (generics) but for purpose of demo – LOTS of COPY & PASTE!
  15. 15. Acknowledgments • BizTalk Message Archive Component • Randy Aldrich Pualo • http://biztalkarchiving.codeplex.com/ • KO Grid • Eric M. Barnard, Tim Sweet, Jonathan Ricaurte, Alan Souza • https://github.com/Knockout-Contrib/KoGrid • Datatellblog.wordpress.com • Ross? • Great advice on using KoGrid